Contractor Escort Request Form
This form is intended for contractors who do not have a TWIC card and are working on a project at one of the ports we serve. If you are a truck driver or seafarer, please visit our website to select the correct form. If there are any changes after this form is submitted, call (912) 226-5945. 
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Please provide the name and phone number of the person completing this form if you are not the contractor.
Which date will the escort be needed? *
Which port does the contractor need to access? *
What is their estimated time of arrival? *
What is the name of the contractor's company? *
Please provide a brief description of the vehicle being driven. *
How many contractors will need to be escorted? (If there are additional contractors, a member of the Crown Dispatch team will be calling to obtain their drivers license details) *
What is the vehicle license plate number? *
What is the best phone number for the escort to contact the main contractor? *
What is the main contractors name as it appears on their drivers license? *
What is their drivers license number? *
What state is their drivers license from? *
What type of work is being completed on the port? *
How will the company cover the escort fee? *
What is the best email address for the receipt once the payment is processed? *
Will the contractor require Crown TWIC to safely store any contraband including (weapons, drugs, alcohol, etc.) *
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