Life Examined
In 399 bce, Socrates was tried for impiety and corrupting the youth of Athens. He was convicted and sentenced to death. Reluctant to send the prominent intellectual to his grave, his compatriots devised a scheme to spare his life via exile. Socrates declined, declaring that “an unexamined life is not worth living.”

For centuries prior to this drama, potentates throughout the Mediterranean Sea would travel to Delphi loaded with tribute, seeking sage counsel from the renowned Oracle. Inscribed on the pronaos of the Temple of Apollo were the words, 'Gnothi Seauton' - Know Thyself.

The following questions represent a research initiative to track where this noble quest stands in the 21st century. Your responses are greatly appreciated. Options for interested readers are described at the end.

The quest for self-knowledge and insight is an important personal priority for me.
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