Feedback - COMBINE Symposium 2014
Thanks for joining us for the COMBINE Symposium 2014. To help us improve for next time, please tell us about your experience. This questionnaire should take about 10 minutes (or longer if you have lots of opinions!). All the questions are optional.

When: Friday, 28th November, 2014
Where: Monash University Parkville campus

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Feedback for the 2014 COMBINE Symposium
Did you attend the 2014 COMBINE Symposium?
(if you didn't attend, feel free to skip any irrelevant questions)
Would you like to attend the COMBINE Symposium next year?
Would you recommend the COMBINE Symposium to others?
What did you think of the range of topics covered in the talks?
Any comments about the range or talks or any topics you would have liked to hear?
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Do you have any comments about the food or venue?
The venue was Cossar hall, Monash University Parkville campus
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Where would you like the COMBINE Symposium to be held in 2015? And why?
Which Australian city, or specific University?
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Would you attend the COMBINE Symposium if it were outside Victoria?
e.g. Sydney, Canberra
Would you be more likely to attend the COMBINE Symposium if it were held in conjunction with another conference?
e.g. if the Symposium were held just before or just after the Australian Bioinformatics Conference, or the Australasian Genome Technology Association Conference
Do you have any comments about holding the COMBINE Symposium in conjunction with another conference?
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Would you be less likely to attend the COMBINE Symposium if it cost $50?
Any comments about the cost of the Symposium?
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Are there any particular types of events that you would like COMBINE to organise in the future?
e.g. Workshops, seminars, social events. What specific topics would you like to hear about?
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Do you have any other comments?
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Thanks for your feedback!
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