Motion Capturing through Apps
Evaluation for my master thesis | Jannis Jahr
Purpose of the evaluation
Animation techniques are developing. Starting with stop motion (for example star wars), proceeding with laborious keyframing (Toy Story) until motion capturing. Motion Capturing is also developing: Techniques and Quality of the data are changing. At current state, motion capturing suits are needed to capture with high quality. But maybe in the future, a smartphone will be sufficient to capture motion data quickly. That is the topic of this thesis.

In this evaluation, there will be a visual quality check of the data. At the end there will be some general survey.

Regarding the technique: For analysis "XNECT" was used, the data was partly cleaned using the "Butterworth"-Filter
Regarding Data Privacy
On the following pages we want to ask you some questions about motion capturing using AI. Goal of this survey is to check the quality of the data and to gain some more insights on the topic

At the end of the survey we are going to ask you about your age. You can also give your e-mail-address to get the chance to win an amazon coupon.

You don't have to specify name or mail address to complete the survey
You don't need to register to complete the survey
Win an amazon coupon
You have the chance to win an amazon coupon with a value of 20€. At the end of the survey you will be asked for your mail address. The address is voluntary. The winner will be notified via mail.
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