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Feedback – Earthquake Engineering Practice
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2. Our aim is to have 6 articles per issue. The number of articles is *
3. The number of pages per issue is kept around 120. This number is *
4. The quality of the articles selected is *
5. While selecting articles, more stress should be given on which of the following categories? *
6. Have you come across other journals/ periodicals which contain good articles and should be considered for inclusion in EEP? *
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7. If this periodical is made a priced publication, would you still like to continue to subscribe to it? *
If yes, what do you think is the each issue of our publication worth to you?
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8. The periodical is made available to libraries/ institutional organisations at a nominal yearly subscription. Would you like to have your organisation subscribe to it?
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If yes, what do you think would be a suitable annual rate for the same?
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9. Any other suggestions
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