Birmingham Bike Foundry x Vulcan Bicycle Works
Over the last six months we've been working with Vulcan Bicycle Works to develop our first prototype custom bike - hand-built here in Birmingham. We've designed three bike packages with lots of customisable extras and now we'd like to know what people think of them.

The answers you give will help us develop this part of our business. In return, you'll be entered into a prize draw to win one of three £20 gift vouchers for use in the shop. Thanks for taking part!
Do you currently own a bicycle? *
What do you mainly use your bicycle(s) for (tick all that apply) *
If you were to own another bicycle - what would you like its main function to be? (eg. mountain bike, commuter bike, road bike, touring bike, utilitarian bike, cargo bike) *
What would be the maximum you might ever spend on a new mass-produced bicycle, from brands such as; Specialized, Trek, Cannondale or Surly *
Have you ever owned, or do you currently own a custom bicycle (meaning the frame and perhaps fork have been designed and manufactured to meet your requirements)? *
What would be the maximum you might ever spend on a bicycle custom built to meet your requirements? *
Assuming you were buying a custom built bicycle, what would be the three most important features you would hope for? *
We are planning to offer three main bike packages, with lots of options for customisation. Our Adventure build will be a versatile, sporty bike for adventures on and off road, complete with 1x groupset, hydraulic disc brakes and durable high-quality parts. Our Utility build will be fully equipped with rack, mudguards and internal gear hub for work in all weathers. Finally, our Race build will feature high-performance parts such as carbon forks and rims for weight and aerodynamic savings when competing in ultradistance races. Out of these three packages, which appeals to you the most? (images are for illustration purposes only) You can read more information about the three builds here: *
These three custom bicycles start at £3,500 - £4,500. Would you say this is *
Overall, how likely would you be to purchase one of these custom bicycles in the next 12 months? *
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