History of the Flint River - GREEN Program
Asynchronous: Work at your own pace to complete some or all of this 5 hour PD.

Designed for use with students in part or whole, this self-paced online module is a virtual adventure that begins with the geological formation of the watershed and propels the learner through time to modern day. This interactive slide show notebook is built as a resource for teachers to later use to engage students in the river’s history through multiple modes of learning.

Once registered, you will receive a link to your own copy of the Student Flint River History digital notebook (in Google Slides) to complete. After you have completed the notebook (in part or whole), send your copy back to receive the Teacher Resource which includes answer keys, additional related classroom resource links, and detailed background information on each slide section.

NOTE: This PD is intentionally packed with information realizing that each teacher may find concentrated interest in certain sections and perhaps not the entire resource. We expect that if you later use it with students you will edit it to meet your needs and classroom objectives.
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