Social Art and Culture Board of Directors Candidate Application

After 14 years, Social Art and Culture is expanding our Board of Directors!  Please visit to learn more.

We hold board meetings quarterly during our for members which includes the executive board – president, secretary and treasurer. We work hard to ensure that being a member of the board of directors will be a rewarding experience. The voluntary position is runs April 2024- March 2026. Prior governance, board or committee experience is required.

Candidate Application closes on February 29, 2024. 

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Creativity is an Economy
We have established three commitment areas for each member of our board. Those board expectations are explained below:

#1: Treasure: Treasure should come in two forms using the give and get model: a personal contribution in the form of a financial donation (this is the giving part of the model); and fundraising efforts in the form of securing a financial donation for the organization (this is the get part of the model). Many grant applications are setting board contributions as one of the criteria for application acceptance. While all three Ts are important in their own right, nonprofit organizations are constantly fighting for funding and therefore we have prioritized Treasure as the #1 T for a board member. Minimum individual give $1,000 [due by the end of the fiscal year] and willingness to solicit additional donations from within the organization's network and one's personal network.

#2: Talent: Talent is also valued by us. A talented board of directors is simply a bunch of individually skilled people working to achieve the organization’s mission. The end goal is to limit financial procurement of talent by putting board talent to use. Therefore, we expect all board members to benefit the organization with their talent.

#3: Time: Commitment of time is not the least valuable by being last of the three Ts. Time can be interpreted in a variety of ways. We define Time as 80% attendance at board meetings, fundraising events, and signing off on governance issues. Time also includes lending your expertise toward a pending issue.

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