The Untold Stories of Trans Identity
Thank you for your interest in our project. We are a transgender writer (A Hunter Sunrise) and a queer photographer (Marico Fayer) team, based in Portland, Oregon and New York City (we both work globally), who are hard at work on a new collaboration to bring forward the untold stories of the trans and gender-nonconforming communities through a documentary photo narrative project that highlights the relationships with the significant parental/familial figures in (y)our lives.

In short, we are working toward expanding the conversation outward to the circle of parent, grandparent, aunt/uncle, elder sibling, religious or scholastic mentor, older generation, who was impacted most directly by your 'coming out' as transgender or gender-nonconforming. We are hoping to bring to them the opportunity for a conversation: an exploration, alongside you, so we can delve into (with a goal to better understand) the personal reckoning that comes with a drastic change in the identity of a person they love--and to honor the interrelationship inherent in how we identify ourselves opposite those we love most in the world.

We understand these conversations will cover a diversity of experiences: from fully and easily accepting to still in the infantile stages of working themselves out. Our desire is to honor the full spectrum of these relationships and to approach our work with grace, kindness, openness, and honesty at every turn. We are sensitive to the nature of trust around this topic and strive only to bring neutrality and willingness to listen to our exchange.

If you are among those willing to share your story, please reach out. At this time we are looking toward both people in the dynamic as participants (the family member and the transgender or gender-nonconforming person). The nuts and bolts as such are these (at this time, subject to change):

1. This is both a photographic and written project, subjects must be willing and able to share their stories in-person, in the place they live, work, or visit, and in a verbal or written capacity (or with a translator).

2. Subjects should be available for an initial conversation by phone/email. We are scheduling on-location shoots and interview dates by region, based on participant locations and response.

4. At this time, this is a self-funded passion project without compensation, however, we will be seeking future funding and will supply any participant with: A. a copy of creative materials generated by us B. a copy of the 'finished' project (book) C. invitation to any public events where materials will be shown.

Thank you for your consideration, time, and generosity. We truly believe this project has the power to change hearts and minds.

Finally, a quick word about anonymity: Feel free to send an email or complete the form below for us to be in touch and share more about the project. Your information will be kept anonymous during every part of this process unless you explicitly wish to share it.

To get in contact directly, we can be reached at: THANK YOU SO MUCH.

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