NTM Development - Appeals
Welcome to the Appeals Form.

You can use this form to submit an appeal if you were falsely banned from using any NTM Development products. You will be able to find the reason of ban from the Discord Client (either by running a command or from your Direct Messages). Make sure your Direct Messages are open.

Please write appeals in English. Please be calm and polite in your form submission. Us Staff Members will review all of these so be Patient.

The appeal must only be submitted by the user banned or a Parent/Guardian of the user.
What is your Discord Username with ID? *
Example: NTM Nathan#0001 (ID: 341527559382499329)
What is the Punishment Type? *
What is the Punishment Reason? *
Paste in the box below the Ban Reason shows.
Why is the punishment false? *
Be detailed as possible as it helps us understand.
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