Travel Information
Please fill this out asap and reach out to your Crew Boss or Supervisor if you have any questions.

Normally, planters hitch hike or hop on planes and trains to get to their first contract, but things are different this year! Given our current situation, the safest options are flying and carpooling within your crew. Both options present risks, however with a solid plan, we can mitigate a lot of the risk associated with a large workforce traveling across the country.

We need to determine if we can safely get all planters to Smithers (or the location of your first contract), ideally only flying and carpooling within your crew. If we aren't able to do that, we will look into other options within the camps.

The more information we have, the more we can help everyone get out here for the season.
As always, thank you for your understanding and for your patience as we navigate the uncharted waters of our current health crisis!

Your Full Name *
What crew are you on? (Cooks, Support and Supervisors, please select N/A) *
What date will you be ready to mobilize (ex. April 25, or I am ready now!)
Where are you or where will you be for the time leading up to the season - Town/City and Province please. *
Do you have a way of safely getting to a central point/the Trans-Canada Hwy . Ex. "I am in Whistler but can get to Vancouver or Cache Creek" or "I'm in Saint John NB but can get to Moncton" get the point! *
Do you have your full licence? *no restrictions (ex. G in Ontario, class 5 in BC) *
If you are driving, are you bringing your vehicle to Smithers for storage, or bringing it along for the season? *
If you are driving, how many people can safely travel with gear in your vehicle? *
If you are a driver, who is already in your vehicle?
Are you already planning on carpooling with someone on your crew? Please put the Driver's name here (ex. Carl would put Sarah Peacock as the answer). If you don't have a plan right now, that's okay, please let us know, and we will help make a plan!
Are you planning on flying? Please write the airline you are travelling with, the date of your flight, your departure and arrival, and your flight number (ex, Air Canada, flight 123 from Calgary to Prince George, May 11th) If you have not booked a flight, but plan on it, please let us know the planned flight information.
If you are flying - have you confirmed that your flight (or any of the connecting flights) is still scheduled? Many routes have been reduced or cancelled because of travel restrictions!
Clear selection
Is there anything else that we should know that will help us get a travel plan together?
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