The perfect lifecounter
Research for the next generation of Lifecounter, a free open source application for android. The previous one is developed by Nicolas Klein and designed by Marie Schweiz
How long do you play Magic *
Which style do you play *
Do you own a dice? Which one?
What do you like about it?
How often do you Play MTG
What is your favorite MTG app
How did you learned to create and design a deck? *
Do you test your decks? and how? *
Who are you playing with *
How much Players are you? *
Do you keep track of your gamestats? *
How do you keep your life in mind?
Do you track any other data during a game?
Which color / combination do you like to play most
What is your favorite deck?
Are you already using an app or your PC for tracking your games? *
If Yes, why do you like it?
Do you wrap your cards in sleeves?
Which color do they have?
Do you own a Gamepad? How does it look like?
Do your Gamepad and dices fit together?
What would be your super feature for the next life counter? *
How important is a simple design for you
Simple graphics
Impressive graphics
Thank your for your time!
Anything you like to add?
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