Hamilton Grammar S1-S6 Participation
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Your answer
Do you participate in sport and/or physical activity?
If yes, what activities do you participate in?
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Where and when do you participate in these activities?
e.g Badminton and after school
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How many hours per week are you active?
How confident do you feel playing sport and/or physical activity?
Not so confident
Very Confident
How much do you enjoy being physically active?
Not so much
I love it
Why do you take part in sport?
You can choose more than one
Do you feel you have many opportunities to participate in sport within school? (Not including P.E)
Not many opportunities
A lot of opportunities
Do you know the current school sports clubs you can join?
e.g Badminton on Tuesday after school
Your answer
How do you find out about sports clubs in school?
You can choose more than one
What sports would you like to see the school run as a club?
e.g Badminton club
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Would you prefer lunchtime or after school sports clubs at school?
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