CCA Family Application 2021 to 2022
Applying with CCA does not guarantee admittance. This form is intended to gather information to help consider whether CCA would be a good fit for your family. After receiving your application, we will check references and call to schedule an interview. Once admitted, you will then begin registration.

*As homeschooling in middle TN is growing, we have had an unusually high number of families applying to CCA. Regarding the upcoming school year, we ask that new family applicants be referred by a current CCA family, or a family who recently left CCA in good standing. (We have several families who enjoyed attending, but decided to opt out of tutorial for the current school school year due to the coronavirus. A reference from one of those families would still be valued.)*

Registrations for the 21-2022 school year will not be reviewed until February - March, 2021. Please understand that once your application is submitted, we will have your information in our database and will contact you some time in the new year.
Email address *
Has your family ever attended CCA in the past? To be clear, currently enrolled families need not apply! If you did not attend CCA in the 2020-21 school year, we will need a new application from you, just to be sure we have your current contact info. Upon registration, we will register current families first; we will contact previously enrolled families next; and new families will register last, in the order of their application date. *
Additional Email Address - If there is more than one email address you'd like us to use in order to reach out to you, please list the additional email address here.
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