CTIS - Breakfast Club
Breakfast club starts at 8 am. Please drop your child off before 8.15 am at the latest, at the main school office where they will be registered and taken down to the hall by a member of staff.

Please arrive on time or your child will not be able to attend breakfast club.
Pupil Full Name: *
Column 1
1A (Rujina)
1B (Fatima)
1C (Andrew)
2A (Shehan)
2B (Liz)
2C (Sandy)
RA (Mohammed)
RB (Nicki)
RC (Seema)
Please indicate on which days this week you would like your child to attend Breakfast Club:
Column 1
Monday 14th Dec
Tuesday 15th Dec
Wednesday 16th Dec
Thursday 17th Dec
Friday 18th Dec
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