BANANO CoinEx Voter Bounty Claims
Claims Form for BANANO Voter Bounty Program.

Current Voter Bounty : 1000 BANANOs for first 700 voters, 700 BANANOs thereafter (limited to first 1000 voters)

1. CoinEx User Name *
2. CoinEx Voter Number *
Example: 400.
3. Proof of Vote Screenshots with CoinEx Email ID Visible in Top Right Corner *
You may upload multiple files. A second screenshot of your asset history for CET or explanation is required if the vote count in your screenshot does not match your voter number. See samples below.
Mandatory Screenshot Sample
Secondary Screenshot Sample (only required if screenshot vote count does not match your voter number)
4. BANANO Wallet Address (for receiving payment) *
Example: ban_3memes8wexhbzuce34ez9e9xdgwmb636wa14idbodhp1fahrqa9fao5msbtw
5. Discord ID (For BANANO Discord Server Members) *
Please enter you discord ID if you are a member of the BANANO discord server ( otherwise write "none". Example: @Team Junglo VilettaNu 🇨🇦#1819
6. Terms and Conditions *
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