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Welcome to Evolving Artists Dance Studio online registration! Our NEW Classes begin on January 3rd and end with our recital mid-June. Some classes do not perform in our recital, which is noted with the class name. Dancers may take as many classes as they would like! The more classes you take... the less each class costs! We also offer an unlimited rate for each age group (NEW!)
Tuition can be found here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1SRmLZK_--YrCoUOrQ0InMLE-GnLgWXaywbfLJrzvcp0/edit?usp=sharing

You will be emailed your tuition amount with your confirmation email.
10% Discount for families with 2 children
15% Discount for families with 3+ Children
Please fill out separate forms for each child

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How to Register:
Step 1: Fill out the contact info & then choose your dancer's level. Still not sure? Email or Facebook msg us with questions!
Step 2: Check mark the classes in which you would like to register based on that level
Step 3: Look for a confirmation email (Will take at least 48 hours)
Step 4: Pay Registration fee to hold spot in class(es) (Link provided in confirmation email)
Step 5: Start Classes the week of September 10th & bring tuition the first week!
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Class Descriptions
Creative Movement: Our beginning class that teaches the basics of dance in a fun & creative way while enhancing their coordination and motor skills.
Ballet: The foundation of dance & technique behind all forms of dance. Usually performed to classical music. Works on flexibility, strength, and fluidity. Ballet Technique does not perform in the recital.
Jazz: Fast & Funky! Usually performed to upbeat, peppy songs. Must take ballet to take this class.
Tap: Create rhythms and sounds using their feet!
Acro: Focuses on control and flexibility to learn new tricks and skills. Must take ballet to take this class.
Hip Hop: Uses street styles and popular music/dances to perform a fun, exciting routine.
Musical Theater: A fun class where dancers learn the basics of theatrics & acting, and perform a routine from a musical or movie! A great class to help students break out of their shell! Must take ballet to take this class.
Leaps & Turns: A technique class where they focus on the tricks that are used in other dance classes. Cardio, conditioning, and building strength are a part of this class as well. Doesn’t perform in the recital.
Tumbling: Focuses on teaching gymnastics floor tricks with emphasis on proper form and conditioning. Highly recommended for cheerleaders, gymnasts, and dancers. Does not perform in recital
Please choose classes based on the level above
Bubbles (Ages 2.5-3)
Dew Drops (Ages 4-5)
Rain Drop (All dancers age 6-7; Beginners age 8)
"Flurries" (Dancers with experience ages 8-9; Beginners ages 10 & up)
By submitting this form, I agree to pay tuition for the classes chosen above from September through June, costume fees, recital fees, and any other fees outlined in the EADS Handbook, unless I withdraw in writing by January 31st.
Registration fees must be paid to hold your dancer's spot in class. $25 Registration Fee $50 Family Max
You will receive a statement with payment instructions & a confirmation from EADS!
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