ISTA Level 1 Switzerland (14 - 20 October 2019): Participant Registration Form
Thank you for your interest in the ISTA SSSex Level 1 Training in Switzerland.

The first step of your transformational journey begins with this registration form. All information provided is completely confidential and will only be shared between ISTA Organisers & Faculty.

Please answer all questions so we can best cater to you and your needs.

Thank you for taking the time and we look forward to connecting with you soon.

With love,

Name of Organiser: Georgina Peard
Contact Details:

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Relationship boundaries and agreements
If you are currently in a relationship/partnership, we strongly recommend that you agree upon your relationship boundaries before arriving to the training, regardless of whether your partner is attending the training with you or not.
These would include boundaries around intimacy, intimate touch, sexual engagement, safer sex practices etc.
ISTA field encourages transparency, open communication and authentic expression of desires with integrity.
Is this your first ISTA training? *
If you have already attended an ISTA training, which level(s), when and who were the facilitators?
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Please finish this sentence: “ If you really knew me, you would know that I have chosen to attend this training because… *
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What, if any, experience of giving and/or receiving sexual healing work have you had ? Note: none required. *
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Briefly, what relevant professional experience /trainings /personal development have you been undertaking? Note: none required.
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Are there any significant life events in the past or currently that you feel are important for us to know about (deaths, illnesses, addictions, abuse...) ? *
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Do you have any medical conditions or take any medications ? *
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Dietary Requirements, allergies and intolerances (if any) - all meals will be vegetarian
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Accommodation requests? e.g. do you wish to share with a particular person? Please note that making a request does not imply that the request will be fulfilled. Thank you for understanding.
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EARLY BIRD: CHF 1890 (first 13 participants)
REPEAT PARTICIPANTS & YOUTH: CHF 1550 (very limited availability)

Note: All Costs Shown Are Per Person
To secure your spot in the training, please provide CHF 700 as deposit.
Depending on the date you pay your deposit, and the number of participants confirmed by that date, you will be informed of the relevant training cost, i.e. Early Bird or Regular or Repeat.

Cancellation Policy
For cancellation 8 weeks or more in advance: CHF 200 is retained as an admin fee and you will be refunded the rest of your deposit within 10 working days. For cancellation less than 8 weeks in advance: the full deposit will be retained. By paying the deposit for the training you indicate your agreement to these cancellation terms.

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