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***FREE For Youth Filmmakers, grades 7-12 only***

Do you want to create an exciting sci-fi epic, but you don't have a spaceship? Or maybe a ghost story but you don't own a haunted, old mansion?

Join Location Manager & Scout Nicki Newburger as she takes you on a walking tour of homes, offices, & restaurants to show you the why's and how's of choosing a location for your next film shoot, as well as how to creatively use these environments to turn them into something magical and new!

Location scouting is a vital process in the pre-production stage of filmmaking. Once a director has decided what kind of scenery they require, the search for appropriate locations begins!

Nicki Newburger is a filmmaker and film educator with over a decade experience consulting youth on video projects and photography, providing guidance from concept to completion. Projects she has contributed to have broadcast on BBC, Discovery, A&E, History Channel, National Geographic, Cinemax, HBO, BET, CMT, ESPN and other cable networks and online outlets. She has worked with well-known performers as varied as Cyndi Lauper, Justin Timberlake, & Drake. A guiding force in developing the award winning narrative “Free in Deed” she has been a go-to-gal for many films shot in Memphis and creates promo videos for organizations and companies. She is currently co-producing a feature documentary with director Augusta Palmer and recently prepping locations for Tom Shadyac's upcoming film "The Brian Banks Story". Collaborating on films is Nicki’s preferred team sport!

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