Sustainable Development in Action 2021 - Social Impact Assessment
2-DAYS ZOOM ONLINE LEARNING for introducing Social Impact Assessment in May 2021.

This workshop takes into consideration a practical approach globally used for Social Impact Assessment. This approach is applicable for large and SME companies, start ups, governmental organizations and NGOs for a variety of programmes and initiatives.

Date: 24th May, 2020 [Monday]
25th May, 2021 [Tuesday]

Time: 07:00 pm to 09:30 pm (06:45p.m. Registration)

Quota: 16

Venue: Zoom Live Online

Fee: HKD1,600 (Early Bird: register and pay before 19th May, 2021)
HKD1,800 (Regular Price)


1) Introduction of Social Impact Assessment (SIA)
-Definition and Objectives
-Logic model, theory of change and outcome mapping
-SIA Case Studies
-SROI Analysis: Using and Embedding

2) "Measuring your Social Impact"
-Application of Impact Map
-Practical Tips for SIA Evaluation and Reporting
-Conclusion: Key Learning and Insights

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