National Honor Society Interest Form
Forms must be completed by February 26 at 3:15 p.m. Forms are date/time stamped when submitted. No late forms will be accepted.
Introduction and Basic Requirements (Scholarship)
Thank you for your interest in the Memorial High School, Mary Hall Chapter of the National Honor Society. Second semester juniors meeting the basic requirement (5.900 GPA based on five semesters’ work at MHS) are invited to complete an interest form and be considered for membership.

Please note that students who do not meet the basic GPA requirement will not be considered per the stipulations of our charter. Students who do not meet the basic requirements should not complete and submit the interest form. GPAs do not round. If a student has a 4.9 GPA, that number does not round up to a 5.0.
Character, Leadership, and Service
Please note that all candidates must meet the GPA minimum requirement; however character, leadership, and service are further defining factors by which candidates are considered. Students whose behaviors, attitudes, and actions contradict the four NHS pillars may not be offered an invitation.
The Role of the Faculty Council
The NHS Faculty Council, consisting of five faculty members appointed by the principal, reviews the list of candidates, seeks feedback from the faculty and administration, and screens academic, attendance, and disciplinary records to determine who will be offered an invitation to join the NHS.

Based on the feedback gained, the Faculty Council deliberates upon and offers invitations to those students who best exemplify the NHS core values.The slate of candidates is then presented to the head principal, and the results are discussed and explained. Finally, the individual students are notified and invited to join the chapter.

The Invitation
Although the National Honor Society is inclusive in its approach, a student with a questionable academic, attendance, and/ or disciplinary record may not receive an invitation. Please note that invitation to the NHS is not a “right” of any particular student; instead, it is an honor bestowed by the faculty and staff of the school.

According to the Constitution of the National Honor Society, the Faculty Council's decision is final may not be reviewed or changed by the Faculty Sponsor ( who is not a voting member of the council) or by the school's principal.

Students will be informed of why an invitation was deferred so that he/she may continue to work on those particular areas before reapplying. Students deferred in the spring semester of their 11th grade year may reapply for membership in the early fall of their 12th grade year. Students seeking application as a senior will receive the same benefits and honors as those recognized the previous year.
Electronic Submission

The application process is conducted electronically: there are no packets to pick up nor any papers to return; instead, all information will be transmitted and collected through this google form.
Background Information
Student ID Number
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Last Name
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First Name
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Nickname or Alternate Name (if First Name is not Used by Student)
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SBISD email address
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Name of Parent or Guardian
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Student Declarations
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The Four Pillars of NHS
NHS Candidates are known for four (4) qualities or characteristics. In the space below, list the four pillars of the NHS. Don't know them? Look back at the introduction to this document.
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NHS members serve as role models to other students. Other than scholarship, which NHS pillar do you best exemplify?
In the space below, please give one specific example of how your character, leadership, or service is exemplified on our campus. Use details to elaborate upon a specific event. Please limit your response to 150 words.
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In the space below, please elaborate upon one specific example of how your character, leadership, or service is exemplified in the surrounding community. Please limit your response to 150 words.
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NHS members are actively involved in problem solving. Please name one problem that exists on our campus and describe how NHS could be an active part of the solution. Be specific in your description of the problem and solution. Please limit your response to 150 words.
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NHS members are actively involved in the design and implementation of community-based service projects. Please describe a service project that you could foresee the NHS involvement. Please limit your response to 150 words.
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NHS members also serve as academic models to other students. If another student was observing your habits, attitudes, and/or practices as guide for achieving success, what would he or she note? In other words, what practices do you employ to achieve success? Be specific in your response. Please limit your response to 150 words.
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Leadership takes on many different forms. What word or words best describe your style of leadership?
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Please describe a time you displayed leadership without acting in an official leadership position. Please limit your response to 150 words.
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Your teachers will be asked to comment upon your classroom practices and behaviors. What word or words would your "favorite" teacher use to describe your presence in his/her classroom?
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How do you spend your class time? If there were " a fly on the wall," what would he observe about your standard classroom practices?
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Which teacher is your best advocate on this campus? An advocate is one who would speak positively and proactively on your behalf.
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NHS members are known for fostering positive relationships with faculty and administrators; however, NHS members are not perfect. With that in mind, are there any teachers and/or administrators with whom you need to make amends? If so, who are they? Are there any teachers and/or administrators who will question your membership in this organization? Be honest: remember that all faculty members will have the opportunity to comment upon your fitness as an NHS member.
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Keeping in mind that all of your teachers, past and present, will have the opportunity to comment on your fitness as an NHS member, what is the likelihood that you would seek out and make amends with the teacher or teachers noted above?
No way: the past is the past, and what is done is done.
Yes, I will do that: I'd like my teachers to see how I've matured.
Discipline and Attendance
The Faculty Council will review each member's attendance and discipline records. In terms of discipline, have you ever
On an average, how many days are you absent per month? *
If we analyzed your attendance, would we note a pattern of absences? Do you miss a particular period? Do you miss the days on which tests and quizzes are administered? Is there a particular teacher or administrator that would say that one or more of these characteristics is true? *
Final Thoughts
Please review all of your answers before submitting your final form. Forms are due by 3:15 on February 26, 2020. It will take the Faculty Council about four weeks to process all the applications and make their decisions. Invitations will be sent to each applicant's SBISD email address on or about the first week of April. Please click the box below to affirm that your form is complete and ready to submit. *
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