Building a collective case against ENCE Marketing group.
Hi Everyone i was contracted mid this year by Eminence Events Pte Ltd for an event and they have not paid me till date. Was shocked when I delved deeper and found out they commonly do not pay people. There are many victims, and even formal employees affected. Despite many people suing them, they are still operating. I hope we can help put a stop to this which in my opinion is daylight robbery and white collar crime. I think maybe people are waiting for Justice to happen. Lets make it happen.
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Which of ence marketing group of companies contracted you *
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Please indicate your name and contact number or a way to contact you such as email. *
Who did you liase with? Please Key in person's details in this format: Name , Email ,Mobile number. *
What other administrators or persons you had to direct your correspondences to , in order to try to get paid? please indicate their Full names and job position if you have
Have you tried to contacted their finance lady *
Has finance rozana ever replied your email? *
Did they give you empty promises of payments/cheques? *
When were you contracted for your services .Kindly indicate the date where the confirmed your service. *
When did you deliver your services? ie Date of your event. *
What services did you provide them? *
Do you have any other proof such as photos, videos that you delivered your services? it may be helpful . Please indicate what evidences you may have. *
Did they say they are not paying as they were not satisfied with your services ? [one of their common excuses] *
Did they say they can't pay you because their client hasn't paid them? *
How much do they owe you? *
Did you issue them a quotation back then? *
Did you issue them an invoice? *
Do you have email or written proof to show they agreed to your services showing time and date of the event whereby they required your services? *
Do you have whatsapp or email proof to show they dragged payment, were non-responsive etc *
Do you have other details that you think will aid this case ?
Would you want to be part of this collective case and share in the legal cost? It will cost about $200 per person. A no is ok too, we can still use your information as evidence. *
For those who are keen, start collating your key evidences in pdf format or printed format so we can get the ball rolling by end october 2018. Remember to leave your contact information. You can perhaps setup a dropbox of googledrive and put all the details in and share with me when ready. I will get in touch soon.If you need to contact me you can do so at
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