Camp Weekaneatit Camper Behavior Form 2020

1. Camp is a place to make friends, have, and learn, so it is mandatory to have a GOOD TIME!

2. Since camp is a place to make new friends, foul language and verbal abuse toward another person is unacceptable.

3. So campers will not be confused with trees or woodland animals, all campers must wear their name tags at all times. All campers are required to wear name tags to be served at meal times.

4. During the "Rest time" portion of the schedule. all campers must rest quietly in their rooms.

5. All campers must be accompanied by a counselor or staff member at ALL times.

6. Everyone must be on time for meals.

7. Campers are NOT permitted to bring cell phone to camp. Please leave radio-controlled vehicles, video games and other electronics at home. Under no circumstances are weapons or other potentially dangerous items to be brought onto the campsite by any campers or camp staff members. If found, these items will be confiscated AND campers may possibly be sent home.

8. We ask that any and all valuable items be left at home, or the camper will be responsible for them.

9. Do not wear clothing with obscene messages, foul language, alcohol, or cigarette advertisements. Campers are asked to wear revealing clothing. Please keep bathing suits modest.

10. Camp is a place where everyone can feel accepted. Bullying of campers is not acceptable and will not be tolerated.

11. No camper and/or volunteer shall be permitted to post, share or otherwise distribute photographs of any camper without the written consent of the Georgia Celiac Foundation. Any images obtained during the week of camp are deemed private and are never to be included as a part of any social networking (Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, etc.) or public forum.

12. Occasionally, a camper' s behavior may become so inappropriate that his/her parent(s) or guardian(s) may need to be contacted to resolve the situation which may result in the camper leaving camp before the designated last day. It is the responsibility of the parent to pick up your camper immediately is requested. The following are a list of some of those behaviors (this will be solely up to the discretion and final decision of the Camp Director):

* Non-compliance with medical procedures
* Continued foul/abusive language or misconduct.
* Endangering his/her health or the health/well being of another individual.
* Fighting and/or bullying
* Possession or use of weapons or any other illegal items.

13. Most importantly, a camper should smile, relax, and have a great time!

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