COVID-19 Impacts on Early-Career Researchers
The purpose of this survey is to assess the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on early-career researchers in the Antarctic science community. We welcome all responses from all career stages, regardless of whether or not you plan to attend the WAIS Workshop. Results from this survey will be shared at and used to inform planning for a synchronous session on COVID-19 impacts on early-career researchers at the virtual 2020 West Antarctic Ice Sheet Workshop. We hope that gathering information can inform a more effective community response that follows from that sessions.

We recognize that this survey is US-centric in design; we are happy to work with non-US-based colleagues who are interested in developing partner-surveys to solicit more relevant feedback for their funding entities. We are especially interested in assessing impacts on early-career researchers, but we also would like to know how community members in general are impacted by COVID-19 and what individuals and institutions are doing to mitigate these impacts.
What is your primary position?
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Has your funding or position been impacted?
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If any, what financial resources would help mitigate impacts to your funding or position?
Have you been impacted by any of the following logistical issues?
Please summarize these impacts and changes in plans that have resulted from these unforeseen issues with fieldwork and access to resources.
Have your educational or research objectives and/or timelines changed as a result of the pandemic?
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Please give examples of these changes to educational or research objectives.
If any, what changes as a result of the pandemic have been broadly beneficial (i.e., virtual conferences, more flexible working arrangements, new education) and should be retained on a permanent basis?
If any, what issues particular to underrepresented identities (e.g., race, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation) are impacting early-career researchers?
If any, what issues regarding existing or novel physical and/or mental health concerns are impacting early-career researchers in the time of COVID-19?
If any, what specific actions have you taken to mitigate impacts of the pandemic on early-career researchers?
If any, what other comments, observations, thoughts, or experiences do you have regarding impacts of the pandemic on early-career researchers?
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