2015 USSSA Umpire Test - Part 1
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1) Youth batters are required to wear NOCSAE approved batting helmets with chinstraps *
2) Subsequent violations of removal of batting helmet includes coach ejection *
3) Coach wristbands are legal for pitchers only *
4) Stud earrings covered with tape are legal *
5) A bat must have any of the USSSA BPF 1.20 markings to be legal *
6) Optic yellow manufacturer's logo on the pitcher's glove is legal *
7) Use of an altered bat by a Youth player can lead to suspension of the parents. *
8) It is legal to warm up with a bat with a donut securely attached *
9) The batter is out if discovered in the batter's box with an illegal bat *
10) With a 3 ball - 2 strike count Cathy hits a foul ground ball. The next pitch is a ball. Before Cathy reaches first base it is discovered that Cathy used an illegal bat. Cathy is awarded first base. *
It is not a catch when...
11) ...the ball first touches the player's uniform *
12) ...the player has one foot on the out of play line *
13) ...the ball first hits an umpire *
14) ...the player collides with a teammate and loses possession *
15) ...the player is standing on a fence that is lying on the ground *
A ball is fair if...
16) ...it stops on home plate *
17) ...it hits in fair territory, bounces over third base and lands in foul territory *
18) ...it touches first base and rolls back into foul territory *
19) ...the batter(in the batter's box) hits the ball a second time and the ball rolls into fair territory *
20) ...the fielder's feet are in fair territory when a fly ball is first touched *
A fielder can not be charged with obstructing a runner...
21) ...if the act is accidental *
22) ...if they are fielding a batted ball *
23) ...if they have possession of the ball *
24) ...if they are about to receive a thrown ball *
25) ...unless contact occurs *
Lines of the playing field - straddle (be on both sides of)
26)The pitcher can land straddling the 24 inch length of the pitcher's plate *
27) The catcher can start straddling the lines of the catcher's box. *
28) Prior to the pitch, the batter may be straddling the lines of the batter's box *
29) The batter can hit the ball with their foot straddling the lines of the batter's box *
30) The pitcher is in the pitching circle if their feet are straddling the lines of the circle *
31) The batter/runner may not be straddling the 3-foot running lane when a play is being made at first base *
32) The out of play line is in play *
33) A fly ball that first hits past 3rd base on the left side of the foul line is fair *
34) A caught fly ball is fair or foul depending on the position of the fielder's feet *
35) A caught fly ball is live or dead depending on the position of the fielder's feet *
36) The DP and FLEX are listed in the same spot on your line up card *
37) If the FLEX player has re-entered and is out of the game again, the FLEX positions can not be re-established *
38) The DP must be listed as one of the offensive players and is out of the game if not playing on offense *
39) The DP and FLEX may not play defense at the same time *
40) The FLEX may run for a player other than the DP if the player is injured and there are no available substitutes *
It is an illegal pitch if the pitcher...
41) ...starts with only one foot in contact with the pitcher's plate *
42) ...takes a signal from the dugout *
43) ...slides their foot on the pitcher's plate *
44) ...steps backward once the pitch begins *
45) ...continues to windup after the ball is released *
46) ...the ball slips out of the hand during the back swing *
47) ...a runner leaves base early *
48) ...the pitcher quick pitches *
49) ...the catcher is outside the catcher's box when the pitch is released *
50) The effect of a "No Pitch" is the ball is dead and no further action *
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