Request for Special Ally Training at SIUE
What date would you like to have the special training? *
In general, we need 4-6 weeks advance notice. Trainers may not be available for your first choice of date, although we do our best to accommodate requests.
What time of day are you requesting training? Please keep in mind that a typical training session takes 2.5 hours, with break. *
Where will training take place? Please list equipment that you have available for use; at a minimum a computer and projector is needed. *
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How many people do you expect to attend the training? *
We would like to know how many people are coming and what their role is at SIUE (i.e., faculty, staff etc.). We keep attendance lists for record-keeping and reporting numbers to the Office of Institutional Diversity and Inclusion. It also allows us to know how many copies of various materials to bring.
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Are there specific topics you would like training to focus on? *
This helps us select appropriate activities. We are able to tailor the training somewhat to meet your needs.
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Contact Person *
Please list a contact person for this training that can answer any follow up questions.
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Please provide your SIUE email.
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