Society for Dialectical Theology
"Dialectical theology is the consistent and systematic development of the missionary (i.e., hermeneutical) insight that forms the condition of possibility for modern theology. . . . Dialectical theology thinks within historical consciousness without reducing faith to history, that is, without reducing kerygma to culture. . . . Dialectical theology is essentially an anticonstantinian theology of mission." (Congdon 2015, xxvi, xxviii)

The purpose of this form is to gather names, email addresses, and other useful information for those interested in joining us in forming the Society for Dialectical Theology. This will be an organization committed to discussing and learning more about dialectical theology, and organizing the efforts of those of us who - in our various contexts - are working to articulate a fresh dialectical theology for today. We hope you'll join us!

In Solidarity,

David W. Congdon
W. Travis McMaken
Shannon Smythe
(SDT executive committee)

P.S. If you have not yet seen it, you may enjoy the "Introducing Dialectical Theology" video that we recorded to help introduce people to the SDT:

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