Alphaa AI Data Expert (Grade I) Test
Yay! you have completed LIVE Data Track Course. Welcome to our data warrior team. But wait!
Just one last step, let's review if you were actually paying attention before we can issue Data Expert Certificates.

We suggest you take 15 mins aside to attempt this exam. It's a multiple choice exam, where you can choose one answer for each of the following questions and submit once complete. We will share an email of your response for you record. If you complete it and qualify before 31st August 2020, you will receive your Alphaa AI Data Expert Certificate in your Inbox in 7 days.

May force be with you, warriors!🥁
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Anna is British, kind, friendly, smart, and loves animals. She is a business consultant. In college, she studied business and finance. She likes going for long walks and lives near several hiking trails. *
2 points
What are OLTP and OLAP? *
2 points
Which of the following is primarily used for storing raw and unstructured data, in raw format? *
2 points
Row and Column storage are way to store data in *
2 points
You learned about good, bad and ugly data visualizations, which one of the following is an example of a "good visualization"? *
2 points
While designing a dashboard, which of the following factors should be considered? *
2 points
Let's talk SQL. Which of the following is not a SQL Clause *
2 points
We learned that different clauses serve different functions. Which one of the following is a "filter condition"? *
1 point
Which of the following in MS Excel is the closet concept to "JOIN " in SQL? *
1 point
Which of the following is not a subset of Natural Language Processing (NLP)? *
2 points
"I lost my Credit Card, can you block it for me?", NLP Chatbot interprets user question in 'Entity' and 'Intents'. Which one of the following is the intent in the above question?
2 points
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Well done! You have completed the questionnaire 🎉
There is much more to learn but you are already ahead of the ones who are waiting for the opportunity to be taught. Not just ahead in knowledge but also in the mindset that wants you to grow. That's the win you had today.
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