2019-20 Eagle's Nest Family Participation Contract
Eagle's Nest provides before and after care options for NAPLS families and students. By signing below, you consent to the following policies and procedures as outlined in our Eagle's Nest Handbook:

My child has permission to participate in all activities associated with the Eagle's Nest including indoor and outdoor activities, swimming, PG and G rated movies, field trips, and special assemblies or programs organized by Eagle's Nest.

It is the family's responsibility to contact Eagle's Nest directly by 1 p.m. to report all absences or changes in pickup routines.

I understand that pickup persons will be asked to present ID.

I will update my child's GoSignMeUp and PowerSchool accounts when needed or requested.

I understand that my child is ineligible to ride the NAPLS school bus for the portion of the day for which s/he is registered for Eagle's Nest, and bus transportation is not available for temporary changes in schedule according to NAPLS transportation policy.

My child will attend Eagle's Nest during designated hours only and will be signed in and out daily by the drop-off or pick-up person no earlier than 6:30 a.m. and no later than 6:00 p.m.

My student will remain in the care and custody of Eagle's Nest staff unless written permission is provided in advance to attend other activities. My family is responsible for making pick-up and drop-off arrangements for students attending activities outside Eagle's Nest.

I understand that email is the primary method of communicating with families and will verify a current email address in PowerSchool in order to receive notifications for newsletters and other correspondences. I understand that opting out of the district's Blackboard notifications may prevent me from receiving time-sensitive Eagle's Nest information.

My child may bring personal items such as toys or games to Eagle's Nest at the family's own risk; Eagle's Nest assumes no responsibility for lost or damaged items.

My family will abide by the Eagle's Nest technology use policy. My child will only use district-provided or Eagle's Nest- provided technology while at Eagle's Nest; no personal electronic devices will be used, and Eagle's Nest is not responsible for loss, theft, or damage to personal electronic items. I understand that if my child violates Eagle's Nest technology policy my child may lose technology privileges during his/her time at Eagle's Nest.

If an emergency arises requiring immediate medical attention, I will be contacted. Eagle's Nest has permission to arrange for transport by ambulance to the nearest medical facility with verbal permission given by a family member or emergency contact person.
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