Section 5 Knowledge Check
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Law 11 - Offside is in effect for: *
1 point
What criteria should a referee consider to determine if a free kick should be awarded to the opposing team for an offence against an opponent? (select all that apply) *
1 point
What disciplinary sanctions are appropriate the following manner of offences: *
3 points
No sanction
Caution (Yellow)
Ejection (Red)
Offence committed in a careless manner
Offence committed in a reckless manner
Offence committed with excessive force
For each play format select whether a direct free kick (DFK) or an indirect free kick (IFK) is awarded for the following offences committed in a manner considered by the referee to be careless, reckless or with excessive force: *
12 points
6v6 DFK
6v6 IFD
4v4 DFK
4v4 IFK
Kicking or tripping an opponent
Plays in a dangerous manner
Jumping at or charging an opponent
Strikes, pushes or tackles an opponet
Handles the ball
Intentionally strikes the ball with the head
Impedes an opponent with contact
Goalkeeper handles ball outside penalty area (6v6 only)
Commits a goal area violation (4v4 only)
Goalkeeper illegally handles the ball inside the penalty area (6v6 only)
Impedes an opponent without contact
Slides to tackle the ball from an opponent (4v4 only)
Every time the ball makes contact with a player's hand or arm a hand ball offence should be called: *
1 point
In a 6v6 game a player deliberately passes the ball to his goalkeeper, who then handles the ball in the penalty area. What is the call? *
0 points
For the 6v6 Format, the goalkeeper is considered to be in control of the ball when: *
1 point
A player jumps at a ball to hit it deliberately with her head. Contact is made and the ball goes to one of her teammates. What do you do? *
1 point
In a 4v4 game the attacking team is approaching the goal area with the ball; a player on the attacking team enters the goal area to kick the ball into the goal. This play is legal when: (select all that apply) *
1 point
In a 4v4 game the attacking team is approaching the goal area and a defending player enters the goal area to guard the goal before the ball enters the goal area. What do you do? *
1 point
Sliding to tackle the ball from an opponent is prohibited in the 4v4 Format.
1 point
Clear selection
What sanction is given for the following types of player misconduct? *
13 points
Caution (yellow card)
Sending off (red card)
Serious foul play (excessive force)
Unsporting behavior
Dissent by word or action
Persistent offences
Receiving a 2nd yellow card in a game
Failure to respect the required distance
Committing an offence in a reckless manner
Violent conduct
Biting or spitting at someone
Delaying the restart of play
Denying an opponent an obvious goal scoring opportunity (DOGSO)
Using offensive or abusive language or gestures
Entering or leaving the field of play without referee permission
Select the appropriate sanction for the following coach misconduct: *
10 points
Verbal Warning
Caution (Yellow Card)
Sending Off (Red Card)
Clearly/persistently failing to respect the confines of the technical area
Expressing infrequent, low-level disagreement with a decision
Expressing dissent by deliberately throwing or kicking an object onto the field of play
Using obscene, offensive, insulting or abusive language or gestures
Failing to cooperate with an instruction from a match official
Continued dissent after receiving a verbal warning
Receiving a second yellow card
Failing to make an effort to control the team's spectators
Entering the field of play in a non-confrontational manner without referee permission
Deliberately delaying the restart of play by the opposing team
For the 4v4 Format all free kicks are indirect except the penalty kick. *
0 points
For the 4v4 Format where are free kicks taken from? (select all that apply) *
1 point
What is the required distance that defending players must observe on any free kick? *
2 points
4 yards
6 yards
8 yards
10 yards
4v4 Format
6v6 Format
Under what circumstances/conditions can the referee award a penalty kick for the 4v4 Format? (select all that apply) *
1 point
For the 4v4 Format which of the following are true for the penalty kick procedure: (select all that apply) *
1 point
When is a penalty kick awarded in the 6v6 Format?
1 point
Clear selection
In a 6v6 game Player A takes a penalty kick that hits the crossbar and bounces back to Player A, who then kicks it into the goal. What do you do? *
1 point
What is the best way to ensure that you receive favorable game assignments? *
1 point
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