NerdFaire 2020 exhibitor application
Thank you for your interest in our 2nd annual NerdFaire! Please submit the form below to be considered for admission. If accepted, you will be sent a paypal invoice. Completing this application does not guarantee acceptance to be an exhibitor at the event. Applications are not first come first served. This event is curated and Juried. Exhibitors can expect to see acceptances via paypal invoice no later than July 2019, possibly sooner depending on how many applications come in and how quickly.

MLM applications will be accepted and considered, however will not be processed until July and products will need to be Nerdy or marketable to Nerds/Geekys.

*Here are our policies and procedures regarding our event! Please read carefully.*

THERE IS A $5 NON REFUNDABLE APPLICATION FEE. If exhibitor is approved this fee will be applied toward your total cost for the event. Exhibitors will not be considered until after application is submitted and fee is paid. No reminder notices will be sent regarding this application fee.

Event booth fee is due within 72 hours of being accepted as an exhibitor. All requests for refunds must be in writing, and must be received by NerdFaire 60 days prior to the event. Cancellations within 31-60 days of the event will be eligible for a refund of 50% the amount paid. No refunds will be issued for cancellations made on or after 30 days prior to the event.

Exhibitors will be notified via email invoice through paypal if their application has been accepted. Accepted exhibitors have 72 hours to pay booth fee. If booth fees are not paid within 72 hours, space is subject to cancellation and filled with another exhibitor.

Event date/time:
Saturday, February 1st 10am-8pm (Show floors close at 6pm)

Event Information:

Lynnwood Convention Center

*Friday January 31st 2pm to 8pm
Saturday February 1st 7am-9:45am.
Plan your set up accordingly. Come early to insure you are unloaded on time. You must be unloaded and vehicle moved by 7:30pm on Friday and 9am on Saturday. You will not be allowed to unload if you arrive after 9am on Saturday.
Loading and unloading are only allowed through the loading dock. DO NOT load/unload anything through the front or side doors of the Convention Center. Upper and lower concourse (5x8 booths) must be set up by 9am so we can start letting the public in. Upper and lower show floors must be finished setting up by 9:45am.

Clear aisles and pathways must be maintained on show floors. As such, exhibits must stay within the booth space and should not bleed into the aisles or other public spaces.

The Lynnwood Convention Center has no facilities for the storage of exhibitor or show management freight. During show day(s), empty cases and crates must either be stored offsite or kept inside your booth space, and are subject to Fire Regulations. Cases, crates and boxes cannot be stored on the loading dock.

Pipe and Drape are NOT included. You can request these from the Lynnwood Convetion Center for $95 (8' and two 3' pipe and drape set ups) or $8 per ft. Please let NerdFaire know if you require pipe and drape.

Electrical outlets (120v 5amp) are available for an additional charge ($60 each) and must be coordinated through the venue No later than January 18th 2020. If you require power you will be sent a link for an order form.

ALL vendors need to park across the street at the Alderwood community church for the day of the event. The parking lot is around the back of the church past the front lot that says "no convention parking." It is about a 5 minute walk back to the convention center. This is to allow our and your customers to park closer.

The following decor items are permitted within a booth:
• Latex Balloons – If balloons escape into the ceiling, a removal fee will be charged.
• Candles inside a vase or within a hurricane cover. The top of the candlewick must be at least 1 inch below the top of the vase or hurricane.
• Centerpieces Materials: including flowers, feathers, picture frames, chargers, bottles, etc.
• Specialty Linen

The following décor items are prohibited within a booth:
• Mylar Balloons
• Fire/Free Standing Candles
• Glitter/Confetti
• Pop-up Tents/Free standing structures with ceilings
• Dirt
• Hay
• Chalk
• Smoke/haze machines

If you have any questions about a specific item, contact

**Tear down times:**
You may not start tearing down your booth before 6pm. You may not break down early under any circumstances. All Exhibitors must be out of the convention center by 9:45pm, leaving their booth space and surrounding area in as good if not better condition than the way they found it. Please tear down your booth completely before bringing your car into the loading dock.

This event requires all in attendance to have a Staff, Exhibitor, Talent, or General Admission Pass. No Pass No Entry. Only those with Exhibitor, Talent, or Staff passes will be allowed in before the start of the event.

Booth Fees:
10x10 booth share spaces are $200 (Comes with up to 4 Exhibitor passes, one 6' skirted table, 2 chairs, and free secured wifi.)
10x10 Spaces are $175 Each (Comes with up to 3 Exhibitor passes, one 6' skirted table, 2 chairs, and free secured wifi.)
5x8 Spaces are $100 Each. (These spaces are limited) (Comes with up to 2 Exhibitor passes, one 6' skirted table, 2 chairs, and free secured wifi.)
If you reserve multiple spaces you will need to pay for each space (for example: 1 space will cost $175, 2 will cost $350.) Other than what is provided with your booth, you are responsible for supplying all display materials, supplies, or equipment that you require for.

Booth sharing IS ok, you may only display, sell, and represent the products you register with. Both parties need to fill out an application, pay the application fee, and indicate who you are sharing with. Booth sharing is for 10x10 spaces only.

10x10 corner booths will be given to Sponsors first, followed by booth shares. If you prefer a corner booth, please indicate why below and we will do our best, but cannot guarantee them.

The venue is located inside in a heated and plumbed building. Canopy frames are ok for 10x10 spaces as long as they do not have a cover on them.

Per the venue: you may not attach, adhere, or hang anything to/from the walls or any surrounding fixtures. No outside food or beverage is allowed into the convention center. There will be a food and beverage concession cart available all day with items available for purchase. We will take a food survey once exhibitors have been accepted so we can customize the menu more per your needs.

The Lynnwood Convention Center is the exclusive food and beverage provider within the venue. Outside food and beverage is strictly prohibited. Exceptions in the case of tradeshow exhibitors can be made for distribution of food and beverage samples upon written authorization. The Authorization Request Form must be submitted a minimum of five (5) business days prior to the event date(s).
• No selling of food or beverage is permitted.

Your space must be attended at all times during the event (with the exception of the inevitable bathroom break!)

There is no central checkout at this event. Exhibitors are responsible for cashiering their own space and must provide their own cash and/or credit card processing abilities. Exhibitors are responsible for collecting and paying any and all city and state sales tax.

Word of mouth is the best advertising! Attendance and sales are not guaranteed. Refunds will not be given because of poor turn out or lack of sales. There will be advertising done for this event, but each Exhibitor is also responsible for spreading the word. An event will be created that all Exhibitors can share and invite their Facebook contacts to attend. Our combined success depends on us all working together.
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We need the below information to better market you. Having a website, Instagram, and Facebook business page are recommended so it is easier to tag you in posts and for customers to find you.
Instagram and Facebook are compatible. You can post on Instagram and have it automatically post to Facebook for you without ever having to really visit Facebook.
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If you are an MLM or Direct Sales you agree to not do any recruiting during the event for your team in any way, shape, or form. That includes Verbal or Written *
Do you carry Stock on hand? *
Will you be sampling any food or beverages *
How is your product Nerdy or Geeky? What fandom(s) does it appeal to? *
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What category or type of products do you sell (i.e. makeup, skincare, comic books, art, hand crafts, homemade, clothing, etc?) *
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Have you exhibited with NerdFaire in the past? *
Do you need power? ($60 billed by convention center) *
Community booth
Do you run a con or event that you would like to give us a table at in exchange for one at NerdFaire?
Tell us what event or con you would be swapping us for a table at and when it is. *
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Sponsorship Package
$500: 3 Exhibitor badges, 1 10x10 booth space (booth near the show floor entrance), and Featured on all of our marketing for the event. Your business name and/or logo will be featured on our Facebook page, website, Badges (Staff, Exhibitor, and General Admission), Flyers, and Show Floor Maps. Booth Spaces include 3 exhibitor passes, 6' skirted table, 2 chairs, and free secured wifi.
No Sponsorship
Package w/ 1 10x10 $500
Package w/ 2 10x10 $650
Package w/ 3 10x10 $825
Package w/ 4 10x10 $1000
Package w/ 5 10x10 $1175
Package w/ 6 10x10 $1350
Sponsorship Package
10x10 Booth Spaces for booth sharing (given corner booth where possible) *
0 10x10 shared booth spaces $0
1 10x10 shared booth space $200
10x10 $200 Booth. Shared Spaces include 4 exhibitor passes total. 6' skirted table, 2 chairs, and secured free secured wifi.
Who are you booth sharing with? (they must also fill out an application) *
Your answer
10x10 Booth Spaces *
0 10x10 booth spaces $0
1 10x10 booth space $175
2 10x10 booth spaces $350
3 10x10 booth spaces $525
4 10x10 booth spaces $700
10x10 $175 Booth Spaces include 3 exhibitor passes, 6' skirted table, 2 chairs, and free secured wifi.
5x8 Booth Spaces **FULL** *
0 5x8 booth spaces $0
1 5x8 booth space $100 **FULL**
5x8 $100 Booth Spaces include 2 exhibitor passes, 6' skirted table, 2 chairs, and free secured wifi.
If 5x8 booths are full? *
How many Exhibitor Passes do you need? *
Pipe and Drape is available for an additional charge through the convention center. *
I have read and agree to the above terms of this application. *
I certify that the information I have provided is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge *
Send $5 application fee to:
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