Raiders of the Lost Ark
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The following clip shows the famous opening scene of the movie Raiders of the Lost Ark. At the beginning of the clip, Indiana Jones is replacing the golden statue with a bag of sand. The platform on which the statue is placed is designed to detect the mass of the statue so if the bag of sand has a different mass than the statue then a mechanism triggers the spectacular destruction of the cave.
a. The density of gold is about 19.32 g/cm3 (at room temperature at sea level). The density of sand can vary but a good estimate is 2.5 g/cm3. Assuming the statue is solid gold, can the bag of sand and the gold statue have the same mass? Explain. (*Hint - We have to estimate the volume of the bag of sand and statue. Based off of their sizes in relation to Harrison Ford’s hand, safe estimates for the volumes would be 2000 cubic centimeters for the bag of sand and 1400 cubic centimeters for the statue.) *
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b. Assuming the statue is about 1000 cm3 in volume, what would its mass be if it were solid gold? Is this consistent with the way the statue is handled and tossed around in the video clip? *
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