Spring 2021 Discovery Group Sign-Up
Thank you for your interest in signing up for a Discovery Group class. Classes will meet weekly via zoom, from 11:00 - 12:15 on Sundays, beginning January 10th and running through the end of April. You will receive an email soon with class login information.

The classes offered this term are:

(1) "Reading the Bible for All Its Worth" - Although we know that God's Word is crucial for our walk with Him, many of us struggle to read and fully understand the Bible. Thankfully, God intends the Scriptures to be accessible to everyone, not just the gifted and the scholarly. Join us as we learn how to accurately understand the different genres of the Bible not only in the context of ancient audiences but also for our lives today. We will be using the Fee and Stuart book, How To Read the Bible for All Its Worth, as our guide. (Teachers: Ben Yang, Pastor Gaylord, Tina Tsuei)

(2) "A Nation Divided" (Bible track) - Last semester, we finished studying the reign of Solomon, seeing Israel both at its height and at the beginning of its division and ultimate downfall.  This semester, we will be digging into selected passages from Kings, Chronicles and some of the prophetic books. We will examine the ever present faithfulness, justice, mercy, and hope of our God despite Israel's political and spiritual decay, and learn how we can rest in His steadfastness even during uncertain and difficult times in our own lives. (Teachers: Joshua Chang, Lucy Hsu, Tao Huang)

Note: If you have any problems with this form, please send an email to english.adulteducation@austinchinesechurch.org.

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