Digital National Leadership Seminar
Investing a few hours a day to prepare yourself for eternal harvesting for life!
o Be inspired, equipped and motivated!
o Be partners of God to fulfill “His last command Our first concern” to end the Gospel poverty.
o Experience the interactive and participatory learning process with our competent and “walk the talk” facilitators.

About us:
The Haggai Alumni Association Malaysia were graduates of Haggai International.

Dates of training: 24th April to 16th May, 2021 (please refer to time-table below)

Testimonies of the participants from 2nd Virtual National Leadership Seminar.

1. "Hi Everyone. I'm Rev Rachel. I enjoyed the group very much. Awesome time learning and impacting. I enjoyed the teaching environment. It was a great team effort by Haggai to give us good facilitators. Thanks to CEO Rev Wong's testimony and his team to give us a good seminar. I love the impact about the Great Commission - to go and make disciples of all nations. Thank you to Haggai and all facilitators for impart which ignited us to spread the gospel. It's awesome. I learned a lot from Elder Ritchie also. Wonderful teaching." Rev Rachel.

2. “The leadership seminar was super engaging and encouraging. Love how we got to learn the HOW and the WHY to evangelism. Very eye opening. The seminar also helped to see how we can be a better disciple of God.” May Ee Liew.

3. “What caught my attention was the statement 'The Great Commission end Gospel Poverty'. It impacted me and made me realise nothing is more important and pressing than to reach out to the lost with the Good News of Salvation that they may have the abundant life here and in eternity. The Seminar has prepared and equipped me with what it takes to bear this responsibility as a believer.” Liza Low.

Registration fee is RM300 for the entire training.
*Graduation dinner costing to be advised subject to venue and dinner.

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All participants should have knowledge of Zoom. Otherwise, a special session on Zoom can be conducted if required. You should have at least a good smart phone or computer.

Certificates by Haggai International will be awarded upon completion of the seminar.

Curriculum is as follow:
1. Haggai Vision x 1 session
2. Biblical Mandate – The Lord’s last command is our first concern x 4 sessions
3. Discipline of a leader – Living a life of witness x 4 sessions
4. Effective ways of Communicating the gospel x 4 sessions
5. Ministering to the Next Generation x 4 sessions
6. Effective Christian leadership witness x 4 sessions
7. Biblical stewardship – to know how to raise indigenous resources for evangelism x 4 sessions
8. Goal setting – setting goals for evangelism x 4 sessions
9. Alumni in action – moving forward into the harvesting field x 1 session.

For more information please visit or contact 6011-28623538

Kindly note that your application is subjected to approval by the Seminar Committee. This is a Christian Leadership Seminar.
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