82nd Marine Regiment Application Form
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(Name used In-Game as well in TS3 & on the Website. First or last names, made up ones are okay. (Don't need to use your own, see rules in the bottom if unsure) Example: Ramirez, Dan, Jerry, etc.
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(Go here: https://steamid.io/ Type in your steam and put your SteamID64 below.)
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(We are a 16+ unit, if you are younger then you won't be accepted.)
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Background Information
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(Any Arma 3 or Milsim clan experiences goes here)
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(We have compiled a Mod-Pack which we use in all gameplay. It is important that you're willing to install this, and if you're not experienced with mods then we'll help you out. We also use Arma 3 Sync.)
Why do you want to join the 82nd Marine Regiment? *
(Describe your reasons for joining, what you're expecting from the unit, what the unit can expect from you and what you can bring to the table.)
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What is your desired role? *
(The role may not be available nor open at the time of your application. All MOS's require additional training and potentially higher rank.)
By submitting this application you allow the 82nd Marine Regiment to keep personal records (Name, D.O.B., Steam ID, email, timezone, nationality) and other information regarding your activity's inside the unit for an unknown amount of time. You also agree to follow our rules: https://tinyurl.com/Arma382ndMRRules
You can join our Teamspeak 3 Server via this link: https://tinyurl.com/82MRTS3
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