CONSUMER PANEL Recruitment Questionnaire (SA)
Good day, our company Topline Research Solutions (TRS) is a leading local market & social research company. We get commissioned by various public and private sector organizations to get people’s needs and opinions about various products and services. Research is the voice of the consumer through which products and service providers get to know your opinions and needs.

At the moment we are recruiting adult (18+ years)…...... South African people who are willing to be involved in various market & social research projects that we do from time to time. It is voluntary exercise but research is very important for decisions that affect and benefit people. The research process involves that you will be called on your mobile phone to answer a few questions, usually for between 5-10 mins. At times you will be sent a link on your Whatsapp or email with few questions for you to answer. Sometimes you are invited to participate in a group discussion either on Whatsapp or at a central venue. Many people find research to be fun, educational and informative. It all depends on the subject and your preferred method. Would you be willing to join a database of other thousands of citizens who are on our research database? If so please provide me with the following contact details. We only need citizens or permanent residents of this country.

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