CAMI Survey
The interpretation of metagenomes relies on sophisticated computational approaches such as short read assembly, binning and taxonomic classification. All subsequent analyses can only be as meaningful as the outcome of these initial data processing methods.

The CAMI initiative is aiming at the “Critical Assessment of Metagenome Interpretation”. Its goal is to evaluate methods in metagenomics independently, comprehensively and without bias.

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(If not, we can provide limited resources for running your tool on the CAMI data sets. (See FAQ at
Reference Databases
To ensure reproducibility of results submitted to the CAMI challenge, we will provide reference data sets participants are encouraged to use. We will provide a snapshot of public datasets which participants can download and use in their analyses.
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If you need custom databases for your analyses, we will ask you to upload the databases together with you results. How large do you expect your databases to be?
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Availability of Pipelines
To ensure availability of analysis pipelines, we are asking participants to upload their analysis tools/pipelines as Docker containers together with their analysis results. This will enable us to reproduce all of the results we retrieve. Additionally, we can make the Docker containers available to the community to run additional analyses.
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Submission of Results
Please take a look at the CAMI submission file formats (
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