Form to List your Ukulele Group, Club, Session or Class in the North East or Cumbria


 - Someone who runs or organises the Group/Club/Session, or someone delegated to do so on their behalf. This ensures that the information submitted is accurate.

- If you attend a Group/Club/Session that is not listed, please feel free to pass on the information to an organiser so they can decide if they want to be included.

- If your Group/Club/Session is already full to capacity, or you have a "waiting list", you can say so in the "Extra Information" section.


- If you submitted the original information then you will have received an email confirmation with a link to the form you completed. You can use that link to get back to your form and you can update the information.

- If your have lost the link to your original form, or someone else completed it and they have since "moved on", you can start a new form. If it is just a minor amendment, you can send me the details and I will do the update for you:


I started this collaborative spreadsheet in 2011 for a couple of reasons and it has proved useful in other ways since then..

1) Firstly, to save time when answering emails from people who are looking for local uke activities in the North East and as far away as Carlisle - it is very hard to keep up to date when there is so much going on! In reply to these enquiries, I email links to the Spreadsheet and the Map. People can then choose which Sessions/Groups/Classes they want to follow up.

- Please feel free to use the Spreadsheet and Map this way if you would find it helpful to do so.

- If you do so then I would recommend that you also include a link to the "Landing Page" on the Ukes4Fun website. That way, people will understand how the information has been generated and will know how to get in touch with me if they have any questions:

2) Secondly, because we were getting ridiculously over-crowded at Ukes4Fun sessions at The Cumberland Arms at that time but were aware that other clubs were keen to increase attendance.

3) It has also been useful for clubs wanting to "network" with each other, to arrange visits by members, to invite them to take part in events, etc.

4) We also encourage ukulele tutors to let their students know about the huge variety of uke groups, clubs and sessions in the area. There are so many now and they are all very different. What suits one person might not suit another so it is worth exploring different clubs and sessions. Many people go to more than one.

Many thanks in advance for your help with this.

Best wishes,

Liz Panton


1) The information submitted on this form will be made publicly available on the internet in a spreadsheet and on a map.

2) If you want to update or amend the information submitted but you cannot access your Form to edit the details, please email the changes to me and I will sort it out for you:

3) Please do NOT use this form just to submit information about uke bands, gigs or individual tuition. If you are a club/session that ALSO gigs and/or you ALSO provide individual tuition then you are VERY welcome to give details in the "Other Information" section.

4) There are some clubs and groups missing from the Spreadsheet. They have either chosen not to submit information or they do not know about the Spreadsheet. I have contacted all the ones that I know about and have invited them to submit information.

More info about this collaboration on Ukes4Fun blog:
Short URL:

As info has been submitted from as far west as Cockermouth, the Form and List names have been changed to cover all of Cumbria as well as the North East.

Please see this Facebook Group for online networking with individual ukulele players across the North East, North Yorkshire and Cumbria:
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