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PrepareHOW is an Organization determined to guide and train students of FSc and A-Level for the undergraduate admissions. And counsel them about how important it is to figure out what are their interests and then selecting their respective fields.

We all should have some purpose of our life and aims to target and something which we all can count in our achievements. Paying forward is such a great thing which all juniors admire and are eager of. As we all have experienced that we all get to know what and how we got to know our interests after getting admissions in our universities, we would never want our juniors to face the same. And hence we with the dedication to let the students know how they can discover their interests and choose to do what they really want to when there really is time.

The organization is looking for Campus Ambassadors from all universities and colleges for the academic year 2020-21.
Be a part of this Youth Organization to help boost our cause and guide students related to admissions of the institutions you are enrolled in. For further details please contact us via

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