University of Michigan: Sanctuary Campus
Mark Schlissel, President
Martha Pollack, Provost

Dear President Schlissel and Provost Pollack,

In the wake of the presidential election and policies proposed by the new administration, we the undersigned University of Michigan students, faculty, alumni, and members of the Ann Arbor community urge that you immediately develop a protocol for making the University of Michigan a sanctuary for undocumented students, staff, and family members. In doing so, we join university communities across the country that are demanding concrete action from administrators in heartfelt support of our undocumented students, staff, and their families. According to a 2011 Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) memo, officers face certain enforcement restrictions on college campuses (see The university is in a unique position to prevent ICE from removing students from our campus. We call for the administration to restrict Campus Police from inquiring about immigration status and collaborating with ICE. Such action is urgent and necessary for promoting a safe, inclusive, and diverse environment for teaching, learning, and research. We and our peers and colleagues are under a tangible threat that requires not just words and symbolic support, but concrete action from the University.

Alongside concerns expressed by other members of the campus community (, we also wish to express public support for DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) and otherwise undocumented students and others enrolled in the University of Michigan. With the inauguration of our next president, we anticipate that protections afforded under the executive order will end. We express concern for DACA students and their families and offer our public support.

On November 14, a flyer was posted on our Ann Arbor campus encouraging students and others at the university to anonymously report individuals to Immigration and Customs Enforcement. This message is a call for racial profiling and sows suspicion among the university community. The University of Michigan must make it clear, now, that ICE does not belong on our campus, and a person’s immigration status is a private matter. We ask the University to take the lead in protecting members of our community from unfair intimidation, investigation, and detention, as well as unfair prosecution.

We ask that the administration provide the assistance that is within their power to:

1) Restrict Campus Police from inquiring about immigration status and collaborating with ICE,
2) Ensure that student privacy remains guaranteed,
3) Continue in-state resident tuition to DACA students who have qualified previously,
4) Provide strictly confidential counseling services for undocumented students and DACA recipients regarding their educational situation,
5) Put in place options for online continuation of degree programs in the case that students are arrested, imprisoned, deported, or feel reluctant to appear on campus, and
6) Take these steps immediately to assure that all immigrant students, regardless of status, are offered institutional support towards continuing school in the Winter 2017 semester and beyond.

The University of Michigan must take leading steps in striving to be a safe and welcoming space for students of all backgrounds who might feel threatened under the incoming presidential administration. This includes members of indigenous, LGBTQ, women-identified, undocumented, Muslim and Jewish communities, students of color and their allies. We ask that the University of Michigan take steps to ensure that all students will be supported as they pursue their studies.

We await your action.


***Signatures will be posted as they are received. This may not happen immediately.***

John Doering-White, Joint PhD in Social Work and Anthropology
Amelia Frank-Vitale, Anthropology, University of Michigan
William Lopez, MPH, PHD. Postdoctoral Scholar, SSW
Nicolaus Espitia PhD candidate University of Michigan School of Social Work and Department of Sociology
Kathryn Berringer, PhD Student, Anthropology & Social Work
Tasha Rijke-Epstein
Ainash Childebayeva, PhD student in Anthropology and Toxicology
John Mathias, Social Work and Anthropology
Victoria Koski-Karell, MD/PhD anthropology pre-candidate
Linda Takamine, PhD Candidate, Department of Anthropology
Yuchao Zhao Anthropology department
Janaki Phillips PhD student in Sociocultural Anthropology
Lauren Whitmer, GSI and Ph.D. student, Social Work and Anthropology
Mary Pena, Department of Anthropology
Dawn Espy, alumni LS&A psychology
Min Hee Kim, Joint PhD in Social Work and Sociology
Meghanne Barker, Department of Anthropology
Emily Hornung, MSW Student
Babe Kawaii-Bogue, Social Work and Psychology, PhD
Logan Drummond
Andrew Gladstone- Highland, MSW student
Mikayla Bowen
Mary Kate Schroeter
Rahul Bonnerjee - Alumni
David J. Fulkerson U of M SSW 2016
Deborah A. Jones, Anthropology
Jonah Siegel, Dept of Sociology and Social Work
Jenna Harms
Elizabeth Boggs
Brianna Christy MSW Student
Melissa Perez, School of Social Work
Maritza Y Duran, University of Michigan School of Social Work Graduate Student
Sehar Minhas, School of Social Work
Bryan Frederick, MSW(c)
Brynne McCann--School of Social Work
Jesus Perez, Master's of Social Work Student
Micalah Webster, Dual Masters Candidate MPH/MSW
Lauren Beriont, School of Social Work
Kelsey Young, School of Social Work
Timothy Everhart, UMMAA
Amanda Champagne, School of Social Work
Katie Lopez, School of Social Work
Emily H Johnson, MSW Student
Elizabeth Werren, Departments of Anthropology & Human Genetics
Natalie Brown
Elizabeth M. Armstrong, doctoral candidate in Social Work and Sociology
Frania Mendoza Lua , School of Social Work
Jessica Wiederspan, Departments of Sociology and Social Work
Jeffrey SB Albanese, Dept. of Anthropology & School of Social Work
Nicole Buccalo, School of Social Work
Janelle Walwyn, School of Social Work, MSW Candidate
Samantha Cooley (School of Social work)
Ava Morgenstern
Emily Kraynak, School of Social Work
Maya Arellanes, MSW Student
Moniek van Rheenen, PhD Anthropology pre-candidate
Aroosa Ahmed, School of Social Work
Emily Thoreson, Student, School of Social Work
Tia Clinton, Sociology
Fatmeh Baidoun Masters of Social Work Student
Carrie Ann Morgan PhD Student Anthropology
Briana Starks, Department of Sociology
Cintia Huitzil, Dept. of Anthropology & School of Social Work
Francisco Velasquez, PhD, Developmental Psychology
Patricia Chen, Sociology
Celina Doria, School of Social Work
Giselle Pérez-Aguilar, School of Social Work
Lauren Caravello, MSW Student
Jessica Matczak MSW Student
Randeep Hothi, Department of Asian Languages & Cultures
Ashley Elliston, MSW Student
Valerie Taing, Social Work and Sociology
Mary Kelso, School of Social Work
Matan Kaminer, Department of Anthropology
Cortney Kiyo Bouse, School of Public Health alumna
Bruno Renero-Hannan, Anthropology and History, University of Michigan
Sarah Seelye, PhD Candidate, Department of Sociology
Emily S. Pingel, Alum, School of Public Health
Kathryn Kay Irish, School of Social Work
Spencer Garrison, Ph.D. candidate (Sociology/LGBTQ Studies)
Alyssa Van Hofwegen, School of Social Work
Cristy Cardinal, alumna and Merit Network
Michael Anthony Moore, Psychology
Richard Nunn, Ph.D. student, CSHPE-School of Education
Lauren Warsinske, School of Social Work
Robin Udell, School of Social Work, MSW
Laura M. Herbert, Romance Languages and Literatures
Kristine Gardner, School of Social Work
Lindsay Ahalt Champion, Department of Anthropology
Tamar Goldenberg, School of Public Health
Andrea Alajbegovic, LSA alumna
Leak Ly, PhD Student in Anthropology
Cookie Woolner, alumni, History and Women's Studies
Samuel A Robinson, Sociology
Ashline Hermiz, School of Social Work
Katie Dimmery, Asian Languages and Cultures, Department of Anthropology
Katherine Sorofman, School of Social Work
Samantha Brownlee, School of Social Work
Pilar Ingle, School of Social Work
Yeon-ju Bae, PhD student, Anthropology
Meghan Eagen-Torkko, PhD, CNM, alumna, School of Nursing
Allan Wachendorfer, Lecturer, School of Social Work
Melissa Diane Orr, School of Social Work
Matt Wright, School of Social Work
Dana Kornberg, PhD candidate in sociology
Claudia Kraus Piper, School of Social Work
Jeffrey Swindle, PhD Candidate, Sociology
Angela Cluley, School of Social Work
Lindsay Ryan, Institute for Social Research
Sargeant Donovan-Smith PhD Student, Anthropology and History
Mathieu Despard, Assistant Professor, School of Social Work
Ramiro Alvarez, student, Latina/o Studies
Harlyn Pacheco, Ross, Ford, LSA Alumnus
Ramona Perry - SSW & Psych
Natalia Truszczynski, LSA Alumna
Joshua Skodack, Rackham, LS&A, Education Alumnus
Jordan Cooper, MSW
Lillie Scribner, School of Social Work
Calley Marler, School of Social Work
Kathryn Kosnik, School of Social Work
Elise Hernandez, School of Social Work
Mandie Maurer, School of Social Work
Stacy Fowler, MSW Candidate
Vanessa Cruz Nichols, PhD Candidate, Political Science
Elizabeth Mosley, PhD Candidate School of Public Health and Population Studies Center
Emma Klein, School of Social Work
Dominique Crump, LSA Alumna
Isaiah Sypher- PhD Student, Psychology
Jaclyn Cohen, Lecturer, School of Information & alum
Samantha Montgomery, Psychology and Women's Studies, PhD
Naomi Wilson, PhD Student, School of Education
Bruno Vanzieleghem, University of Michigan Energy Institute, Mechanical Engineering and Ross alumni
Kevin Goodman, PhD in Psychology and Women's Studies
Harry Anbender, LSA Alumnus
Rebecca Espitia, LMSW, School of Social Work
Colleen Reidy, School of Social Work
Jodi Greig, Lecturer, Slavic Languages and Literatures
Farah Erzouki, LSA & SPH alumna
Channing Mathews, Combined Program in Education and Psychology
Rachel Smith, School of Social Work
Austin McCoy, Mellon Humanities Postdoctoral Fellow
Chanelle Miles, Psychology
Erin Rogers, School of Public Health
Dylan Nelson, Sociology and Statistics
Molly Brookfield, PhD Student, History and Women's Studies
Maia Gleason, School of Social Work
Nadia Karizat, Junior in the College of LSA
Shelby Andersen-Holt, School of Social Work
Mercedez Dunn, MPH-PhD Student, Sociology
Jacob Zuiderveen, LSA Philosophy and Computer Science undergraduate
John Petoskey, UM Law School
Joseph Cialdella, LSA alumni
Greg Sollish, LSA Alumnus
Hakeem J Jefferson, PhD Candidate, Political Science
Effee Coello, Alum, Ford School of Public Policy
Mikell Hyman, PhD Sociology
Alejandro Pineda, PhD student in Political Science
Constanza Contreras, PhD student, English Language and Literature
Matt Schissler, Department of Anthropology
Cosmo Pappas, LSA 2016 Grad
Severina Scott, joint PhD program History and Women's Studies
Charley Sullivan, Doctoral Candidate in History, now at UCSB, where much of this is in place.
Alix Gould-Werth, alumna
Oto Alves da Silva, Dept. of Anthropology & School of Social Work
Ryan Freeland, MPH Candidate, Health Behavior & Health Education
Joshua B. Friedman, Department of Anthropology, alum.
Clarissa Donnelly-DeRoven, Women's Studies Undergraduate
Victor Abla
Arielle Goodman, School of Social Work
Christine Chalifoux, PhD Student, Sociocultural Anthropology
Allison Caine, PhD Student Anthropology
Michael Pascual, PhD candidate, Department of American Culture
Grace Pusey, PhD History
Rebecca Hixon, Phd Student, English Language and Literature
Ana Vinea, Near Eastern Studies
Lauren Clarkson UMSN
Steven O. Roberts - Psychology
Duygu Ula, PhD Candidate, Comparative Literature
Mohamad Bazzi, Junior in the College of LSA
Elisabeth Brennen, BA LSA 2017
Andy Rafael Aguilera, PhD, History
Javier Contreras-Uribe, Undocumented School of Engineering Student
Trevor Kilgore, PhD Candidate--History & Academic Advisor--LSA Newnan Academic Advising Center
Alena Aniskiewicz, PhD Candidate, Slavic Languages and Literatures
Melissa Roberts
Xeno Washburne, PhD student, English and Women's Studies
Lauren Anthony, MSW Student
Caitlyn Brennan, LSA
Beatriz Lozano, Alumna, Stamps School of Art & Design
Ben Johnsrude, sophomore in the college of LS&A
Diana Sierra Becerra, History and Women's Studies
Phoebe Rusch, English department writing program lecturer
Zach Carlson, LSA Junior
Matthew Liberti, PhD student in English Language and Literature
Shannon Gilson, School of Social Work
Elizabeth Daligga, JD
Samantha Brown, Master's student, Social Work
Chelsea Baytemur, LSA 2016 Grad & School of Social Work
Sloka Krishnan, alumnus, School of Information
Paige Safyer, Joint PhD Psychology & Social Work
Ebere Oparaeke, LSA Women's Studies
Molly Keran, PhD student, English Language and Literature
Rebecca Christensen, CSHPE Alumna
Heather Tidrick, PhD Candidate in Social Work and Anthropology
Jesús Arroyo, Department of Statistics
Alma Worthy, SSW and LSA Alumna
Kevin Gouge, PhD Candidate, History
Katherine Hammond, School of Social Work
Stephen Sullivan, School of Nursing
Linnea Evans, School of Public Health
Gerson A. Rosales, PhD History
Raul Gamez, PhD Student, School of Education
Jimmy Schneidewind, MBA/MPP 2015
Mariana Argüelles-Alcázar
Miguel Rivas, LSA Alumnus (2012)
Richard Hoffman Reinhardt, PhD Student, Anthropology and History
Jill Schaefer, School of Social Work
MicKenzie Fasteland, PhD student in English and Women's Studies
Genta Nishku, PhD Student, Comparative Literature
Anne Blumenthal, PhD Student, Sociology & Social Work
Haydar Amin, LSA
Kathleen Wroblewski, PhD Candidate, History
Ozge Savas, PhD candidate, Women's Studies & Psychology
Jaime Gaulzetti, College of Engineering Junior
Sam Shuman, PhD Student in Anthropology
Kelly Garland, LSA Anthropology
Mayra Orozco, Alumna
Racquel Maxwell, BA Psychology '13
Nora Dolliver, joint MA Russian and East European Studies/MS Information
Teia McGahey
Shalmali Jadhav, Graduare Student in Comparative Literature
Talya Nakash, LSA - Residential College alumna
Dominique Canning, PhD Student, Linguistics
Batia Snir, PhD Candidate in Linguistics
Maya Dalack, LSA 2018
Emily Yang, PhD pre-candidate, Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering
Kaitlin Bonfiglio, M.A. School of Education
Matt Villeneuve, PhD Student, History
Salem Elzway, PhD Student, History
Jeffrey Middents, Rackham alumnus (CompLit '01)
Maren Spolum, School of Natural Resources and the Environment
Connie Chang, Alumna, JD Law 2013 & BA LSA 2008
Sergio Barrera, PhD Student, American Culture
Lauren Pruitt, Alumna, School of Education
Mayra Gomez (MD candidate c/o 2019)
Noam Schafer, MBA '12
Puneet Singh, PhD Candidate, Aerospace Engineering
Huatse Gyal Ph.D student, Anthropology
Magdalena Marzec, School of Social Work
Taylor Stanton (Screen Arts & Cultures, LSA '11)
Forrest Holden, History
Britain Woodman, ITS
Lolita Moss, PhD Student, Joint Program in Social Work and Psychology
Finn Bell, PhD Candidate in Socisl Work and Sociology
Narith Ta, Department of Asian Languages and Cultures
Alyssa Reiman, PhD candidate, History
Phillip Bianco, LSA alum
Petal Grower, Developmental Psychology PhD Student
Moira Birss, BA 2014
Jessica Joslin, PhD candidate, Center for the Study of Higher & Postsecondary Education
Andrew Bean, MPP 2016
Kyle Southern, Ph.D. Candidate, Center for the Study of Higher and Postsecondary Education
Anne Clark, PhD student, Sociology
Bess Anderson, MA Japanese Studies & MS Information Science
Tyler Hein, PhD student,
Lauren Eriks Cline, PhD Candidate, English Language and Literature
Chelle Jones, Sociology & LGBTQ Studies
Jenny Ostergren, PhD Candidate, School of Public Health
Danielle Czarnecki, Sociology
Christa Lindemer, MSW candidate
William Knight, LSA Freshman
Judy Idrovo , Women's Studies Alumni
Joseph Viscomi, LEO Lecturer I, Center for Middle Eastern and North African Studies
Nicole Lockwood, LSA & SPH Alumna
William Burstein, LSA '16
Lisa Raymond, alumna Residential College, English and Creative Writing
Mike Halerz, SMTD alumnus
Nayeli Langarica- Alumna
Hena Ashraf, LSA 2008
Alexander Stephens, PhD student, History
Kirsten Weis, MD/PhD Candidate, Anthropology and UMMS
Rachel Pad, LSA Alumna '15
Brad A. Palmertree, School of Social Work (2014)
Erin Martinez, School of Social Work
Joanna Smith, MSW candidate
Maryam Aziz, Ph.D. Student in American Culture
Sara Katz, PhD candidate, History Department
Chelsea Noble, MA student in Higher Education
Emmanuel Solis, LSA '20
Max Salvatore, MPH, Epidemiology
Alison Brokke, Master's Student, School of Social Work
Cynthia Wu, PhD 2004 in American Culture
Elizabeth Snook, School of Social Work
Stephanie Moore, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Ross School of Business
Naomi Pomerantz, School of Social Work & School of Public Health
Edward Borninski, LSA 2016 Grad
Emily Kuret, LSA
Ali Al Momar, BA Student, Ford School of Public Policy
Julia Timko, SMTD
Jessica Albee, School of Social Work
Michelle Jendry, Masters Student, School of Social Work
Margaret Cassetto, LSA & School of Music alumna
Jean-Pierre Seguin, LSA and RC alumnus
Iris Wang, PhD Candidate, Psychology
Jeff Grim, Ph.D. Student in Higher Education
Kat Brausch, MLaw
Alexis Stanton, School of Public Health
Liz Zhang, Graduate Student, MSW & MHSA
Roxanne Chang, School of Social Work
Malini Sridharan, alumnus, LSA and Rackham
Amber Hughson, Community Member
Colleen Towler, Master's Student, School of Social Work
Dominique Bouavichith, PhD Student, Linguistics
James Torpy PhD Student, Anthropology
Analidis Ochoa, Social Work & Sociology
Adedolapo Adeniji - LS&A and RC
James K. Munene, PhD Pre-candidate Anthropology
Andreea Marinescu, 2010 Alum, Romance Languages and Literatures
Tian Jun Gu, BA LSA '11
Kathleen Gorski, School of Social Work
Laurel N. Billings, PhD Student, English & Women's Studies
Joseph Bayer, Ph.D., LSA Alumnus
Wendy Sung, PhD American Culture
Jordan Sabolish, Alumnus
Gabriela Hybel, JD, MSW Candidate
Christine Tardy, LSA Alumnus
Cassie Barnhardt, LS&A, SMTD, & SOE alumna
Pat Mobley, LSA 2005, Law 2010
Meg Showalter, PhD Student, History
Erica Carballo, M.D. Candidate, 2017
Catherine Daligga, American Culture Ph.D.
Kevser Pinar Ustel, PhD Student, Social Work and Sociology
Vikrant Garg, Master's Candidate, School of Public Health
Kevin Donovan, Anthropology & History
Megan Yanik, MD candidate
Shanda Eisel, Alumni
Serene Arena, BGS/BFA
Jennifer Sattler, MSW Candidate, School of Social Work
Dominique Hollis, MSW Student, Social Work
Erika Mosyjowski, PhD student, Education
Sardar Ansari, Emergency Medicine Research Fellow
Ahliyah Kim, Stamps School of Art & Design
Salman Hussain, PhD student, History & Anthropology
Lisa Jong, PhD candidate, English Language and Literature
Orian Zakai, alumna, Comparativee
Sara Alqaragholy
Sam Grabowska, PhD candidate, Taubman College of Architecture & Planning
Josh Morrison, PhD Candidate, Screen Arts & Cultures
Sean Donovan, PhD Student, Screen Arts & Cultures
Emma Park, PhD Candidate, History
Moira Saltzman, PhD Student, Linguistics
Eliza Cadoux, LSA Women's Studies & Comparative Literature
Amit Ray, Ph.D. English Language and Literature, Associate Professor of English, Rochester Institute of Technology
Amanda Beardall
Sean Hickey, M3 Medical Student
Nicolette Azzaretti- School of Social Work
Peter Felsman, PhD student, Social Work and Psychology
Vanessa Barrios, LSA Alumnus
Chelsea Del Rio, PhD, History
Tonya Kneff, School of Education
Zoe Russick Steinfield, School of Social Work
Maya Barak, Assistant Professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice (UM-Dearborn)
Meizi Li, MPP/MA Candidates, Ford School of Public Policy and LRCCS
Elizabeth Baskerville, alumna, School of Natural Resources and Environment 2016
Shannon Wait, LSA & SI Alum
Amanda Borbonus, MSW student
Brittany Maugeri, PhD Candidate, History and Women's Studies
Emily Gutman, MSW Candidate School of Social Work
David Wyman, alumnus, College of Engineering
Lance Hicks, School of Social Work
Sahana Prasad, LSA Alumnus (2014)
Aleksandr Sklyar, PhD Candidate, Sociocultural Anthropology
Hector Galvan, Alumni
Kelly Kundrat, MSW Student
Nicole Hentrich, PhD Candidate, Communication Studies
Carla A. Pfeffer, PhD, Sociology
Matt Oches, PhD 2015 English, LEO Organizer
Tala Taleb, Ross School of Business
Joanna Leung, LSA PPE Senior
Sumana Palle, Ross School of Business alumni
ToniAnn Treviño, PhD Candidate, History
Nuha Mahmood, Statistics
Lakyrra Magee, LSA '18
David J. Martineau, MSW School of Social Work, 2000
Robert Vuichard, BMus '08
Wenyu Shi, LSA Sophomore
Padma Chirumamilla, PhD Candidate, School of Information
Tara Weinberg, PhD student, History
Lindsay Pals - MSW Student
Natalie Burr, LSA PitE & Philosophy Sophomore
Tina Woods, MSW Candidate, School of Social Work
Arianna Dixon, School of Education
Irene Suh, LSA Alum & MSW Candidate
Kate Kollars--MD Candidate
Armaity Minwalla, LSA Women's Studies
Emily Levy, LSA Freshman - Psychology
Michael Ho, Medical School, 2019
Cynthia M. Arevalo, LS&A alumna 2006
Rachel Elizabeth Weissler, Ph.D. Student in Linguistics, expected graduation 2021
Mary K. Gallagher, LS&A alumna 2015
Regan Richards, LSA Cognitive Science, 2018
Manuela Stewart Sifuentes, MPH, MPA, 2011
Rachel Long, LS&A alum 2011
Regev Nathansohn, Anthropology
Reema Kaakarli, LSA Economics, Junior
Caroline Van Liere, School of Music, Theatre and Dance
Ben Grimshaw Alumna 2007
Devin Jones, LS&A Senior
Courtney Davis, Political Science,
Daniel Vargas-Leon Sociology 2017
Jad Elharake, LS&A Junior
Enrique Gamez, Ph.D. Student, Physics
Kaley Siegel, LS&A, English 2016
laura hollander--LSA Junior
Diala Khalife, LSA Alumna
Carly Marten, LSA Sophomore
Madinah Luqmaan, School of Social Work
Sheila Dardon, LS&A, Psychology
Erica Liao, LSA Political Science
Sabrina Bilimoria, LSA 2017
Dana S. Levin, PhD, Social Work and Developmental Psychology, 2010
Ciara Hancock, LSA Sophomore
Patrick McLinden, LS&A Sophomore
Iden Baghdadchi
Abigail Batista, School of Social Work
Sarah Peterson, COE - Electrical
Dawn Kaczmar, PhD student, English Language and Literature
Taylor A. Sims, PhD Student, History
Jessica Longe, LSA History Senior
Najeeb Amini, LSA, 2018
Rebecca Marks, Psychology & Education
Ian Robinson, Lecturer IV & Associate Research Scientist, Sociology & Residential College Social Theory and Practice Program
Sura Shlebah, MSW 2017
Maria Robins-Somerville, LSA 2017
Zachary Kolodziej, Stamps School of art and design, school of music theater and dance, Interarts Performance Bfa major, senior 2017
Isaiah Zeavin-Moss, LSA, 2018
Adam Stone, LSA History and German '17
Laura Casaregola, Scripps College '17
Christiana Allen-Pipkin, MSW 2016
Keysha M. Wall, STAMPS School of Art & Design
Maize Woodford, BA 2016
Sarah Prensky-Pomeranz, LSA 2011
Jennifer Todd, School of Social Work student
Mary Jane McCully(retired)
Belquis Elhadi, PhD Student, American Culture
Nikole Koszarycz, School of Nursing 2017
Adrienne Lagman, PhD Candidate, Anthropology
Jessica Parent, LSA 2017
Brittney Williams, MSW '17
Gabriel Canter, LSA (Anthropology) 2019
Meenu Deswal, Department of History
Travis DePrato, COE, Sophomore Computer Science
Andy Bui, LSA
Vaness Cox, Psychology
Yonah Lieberman
Kathrina Robotham, PhD Pre-Candidate, Psychology
Sebastian Lyos, LSA
Hannah Hoelscher, Master's of Higher Education Candidate
Kevin Refior, PhD student, Economics and Social Work
Daniel Reyes, MBA '12
Yeshua Tolle, PhD Student, English L&L
Katrina Hamann LSA Women's Studies
Darin Thomas, School of Social Work
Skyler Tarnas, LSA English & Residential College Drama and Creative Writing
Karan Singh- CoE Student 2017
Smadar Brack, PhD candidate Department of Anthropology
Agnieszka Zajac, LSA Freshman
Sivanthy Vasanthan, LSA 2018
Elizabeth Platte, alumna, Greek and Roman History
Nicole Navarro, PhD Student, History
Maria Ibarra-Frayre, Masters of Social Work Student
Youngkyun Choi, PhD student, Romance Languages and Literatures
Patty Mullally, MSW 2004, MA Cultural Anthropology 2000, AB Psychology 1994
Niraj Patel, LSA Physics
Edgar Taylor, Anthropology and History, PhD, alumnus
Jessica Deese, Mechanical Engineering
Nicole Brisch, alumna, Near Eastern Studies
Simeneh Gebremariam: Anthropology/AfroAmerican & African Studies/World Performance Studies
Irene Wu, MS Psychology 2015
Jennifer Tucker, PhD student, Social Work and Anthropology
Elena Hubbell, LSA Asian Studies
LSA 2019 Raven Eaddy
Nolan Bona, Athletics
Jennifer Frederick, PhD Candidate, Psychology and Women's Studies
Erica Lehrer, UM Anthropology PhD 2004
Emily Halling MSW '16
The Rev. Jonathan Vanderbeck, M.Div, M.S.W.,
James Herbin, COE
Howard Tsai, Ph.D., Center for Latin American & Caribbean Studies
Tiffany Smith, MS
Auriella J. Lewis, MSW candidate
Damani J. Partridge, Anthropology and Department of Afroamerican and African Studies
Hayeon Lee, School of Social Work
Jeremy Balch, Medical School
Ashley A. Mendez, LMSW, CAADC, Alum, School of Social Work
Giselle Riker, School of Social Work
Kenneth Heindel, UMSI BSI 2017
Jill constantino, PhD Anthropology
Shafaq Akhter, alumna school of education
Nama Khalil, PhD candidate, Department of Anthropology
Elizabeth Rauh, PhD candidate, History of Art
Daniel Dormer, Alumnus, Political Science
Raymond Arroyo Alum
Ann Rall, Ph.D, Social Work and Anthropology, '05
Jane Lynch, LSA Anthropology
Naomi Joseph, MPP, Ford School of Public Policy, Alumnus 2013
Mollison Morgan community member
Loren Dobkin, NP, Clinical Instructor, School of Nursing
Elizabeth Tinsley Johnson PhD Candidate Department of Anthropology
Bett Weston, Secretary EECS
Brett Seabury Emeritus Associate Professor of Social Work
Leslee Przygodski, 1999 CoE
Jessica Garrick, Sociology
Katarzyna Pieprzak, alum, professor of French and Comparative Literature, Williams College
Jayanthi Reddy, LSA & School of Education Alum
Thomas J. Powell
Yang Ni, School of Social Work
Jerika Nguyen, PharmD Candidate 2017
Jessica Hoffman, BA Political Science & MENA Studies '08
Amanda Said, LSA alumna
LaMar Thompson-Hightower Master's Candidate at The University of Michigan School of Social Work
Charlotte Karem Albrecht, Assistant Professor, American Culture and Women's Studies, Program in Arab and Muslim American studies
Eric James McMahon Witham, BSE 2000
Gabriela Vasquez, BA PolSci/Int'l Studies 2015
Melissa Cox, MSI '11, Staff at University Library and UMSI Recent Grad Victors for Michigan Campaign Co-Chair
Amelia Runco, 2016 BS PitE BA German
Everardo Olide, PhD student Applied Physics
Carlos Garcia, Digital Media Commins
Tracy Neumann, LSA alumna (1998)
Shawn Bost, School of Social Work
Anjali Gundeti, LSA Alumna 2015
Madeline Higgins, School of Public Health
Ari Weinberg, American Studies alumnus
Andrea Wright, BA 2000, MA 2008, PhD 2015
Lilly Estenson, School of Social Work
Julius Buzzard
Margaret Levasseur, MSW Student
Emily Marker LSA alum
Jacqueline Antonovich, PhD Candidate, History
Elizabeth Dickey, Helen Zell Writers' Program, Fellow
Jason LaFave, LSA RC 2016
Victoria Andriessen, BS Biopsychology Cognition Neuroscience 2018
Tatiana Calixto, Romance Languages and Literatures
Laika Simeon, UMMS 2018
Daniela Guzman, Alumna
Maya Grumeretz LSA 2016
Catherine Cassel, Lecturer, Sweetland Center for Writing, EDWP
Andrew Stewart, School of Social Work
Paul Fleming, PhD, MPH, School of Public Health
Jacqueline Alvarez LSA Alumnus
Haley Mullins, BBA 2008, MPH 2015
Adelia Davis, LSA BCN
Aaron J. Stone, PhD Student, English Language & Literature
Juan Carlos Gutierrez, LS&A Environment '18
Raina LaGrand, MPH/MSWc
Chani Hodonsky, BS, LS&A and MPH, School of Public Health
David Frye, Lecturer, Anthropology
Sarah Graham, senior in LSA and SOE
Emma Sartwell, School of Social Work
Adam MacDonald, LSA Alumnus
Nora Drummond, DNP CNM/FNP Student, School of Nursing
Yasmin Cole-Lewis, PhD Candidate, Psychology
Sarah Scheinman, Law '17
Chris Campbell, PhD student, Political Science
David Gagnon, Masters of Urban Planning
Reena Bajowala, '05 UMLS graduate
Jordan Mizell B.S. BCN 2016
Mario Medina, CoE, Ph.D CandidateD
Gina Goldfaden - LSA Social Theory & Practice, Spanish 2016. Current Employee
Katherine Hummel, Ph.D. Student, English Language and Literature
Jessica D. Moorman, PhD Communication Studies 2018
Niharika Tiwari, LSA 2018
Neel Swamy, LSA BCN '18
Jake Emberling, MSW Candidate
Danielle Vivio, BFA '99
Angie Perone, JD, MSW, PhD Candidate in Social Work and Sociology
Helene Steck Ivie, BA Anthropology 1999, MA Elementary Education 2001
Brittany Sandefur, LSA 07 & SSW 11
Caitlin Lawson, PhD candidate, Communication Studies
Elizabeth Marquez - Alumna - BSE Mechanical Engineering
Citlalxochilt Ramirez-Lopez, DACA student
Sindhu Sreedhar, College of Engineering, 2017
Ian Cook, LSA Spanish and Cognitive Science
Miriam Schachter, Law '16
Patricia Mellen BSIOE 1982
Na'kia Channey, LSA Freshman
Jennifer Bronson, JD 2013
Douglas-Wade Brunton, GSI Communication Studies
Sierra Hillebrand, LSA 1998
Ronald Domholdt, PhD Climate Sciences
Annemarie Iddins, Communication Studies
Alia Wesala, School of Social Work
Henry Tyler, LSA 2008
Theresa Tran Kouo, MSW 2010, BA Psychology 2006
Jacob Kidd, UMSI MSI 2017
Courtney Kolb
Lesley Wexler, LSA English 1998
Lauren Murphy, BSI
Sharath Kumar Anand, LSA 2017
Laura Sanders, LEO Instructor, U of M
Michael Kaspark, LSA '16
Pamela Baker, M.A. Education 2010, B.A. History 2006
Stuart Richardson, LSA 2016, German
Sarah Erickson, PhD Student, Communication Studies
Kaitlyn Saslow, LSA and RC 2016
Jedidiah Carlson, PhD candidate, Bioinformatics
Emily Weber, MSW '17
Denise M. Heberle, community member
Amanda Merkwae, JD '16
Nancy Willard, alum
Elana Graf, LSA Alumna 2015
Grant Mandarino, PhD Candidate, History of Art
Kristina Brooks, PharmD, LSA and College of Pharmacy Alumna
Lakshmi Gopal, Law School
Rennie Pasquinelli, Weinberg Institute for Cognitive Science
Dylan Margalit, BBA 2014
Michelle Joyner, PhD Candidate, Psychology
Westley Montgomery, SMTD, Voice
Charlotte Wilson, Program in the Environment, Masters of Urban Planning
Briana Akani, LSA/Residential College, 2016
Nicole Bedera, Sociology
Stephanie Tillman, 2007, Global Health and Medical Anthropology
Ruth Behar, Anthropology
Laurie Smith, LMSW, UMSSW-Alumni 2004
Peter Benedetto, AB Philosophy 2011
Amy Pistone, PhD Candidate in Classical Studies
Karalena Guerrieri, J.D 2014
Katie Forsythe, MA in Higher Education, 2015
Geoffrey Hughes, LSA 2015
Erica Goble, MSW candidate, School of Social Work 2017
Molly Sweeney, LSA Alumnus '09
Andrew Brower, MBA '15
Chad ONeil, B.A. 2002
Sarah Keovongsak
Rachel Paterno-Mahler, PhD, Postdoctoral Researcher, Department of Astronomy
Olivia Strauss, School of Social Work
Mary Zinn, LSA '18
Arvind Reddy, Alumnus, Chemical Engineering 1994
Christopher Barttelbort LSA Communication Studies
Kayla Grant, PhD student, English L&L
Celina Flegal LSA BS '15
Adam Goldberg, 2003, BS Chemistry
Justin Gawronski - CSHPE - MA 2017
Rachel Hawkins, MSW alumni, UMHS social worker
Noah Greco, LSA
Yuki Nakayama, Phd Candidate, Screen Arts and Cultures
Grace Lambert, LSA 2013
Sarah Mass, PhD candidate, History
Nicolas Suarez, LSA Neuroscience and Japanese Studies
Ashley Snyder, BSE & MPH Alumni, UMHS Statistician
Carlton Hunter, Ross BBA '18
Ann Bolotin, PhD Candidate, English Language and Literature
Hilary Bond, School of Social Work
Montinique-Lynch MSW 2016 candidate
Anna-Maria Cornel, PhD Student in Classical Studies
Emily Cornish, History of Art
Katherine Eyster, Master's Student, Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy
Bryan Terrazas, PhD candidate, Astronomy
Kristen Glasener, PhD student, School of Education
Cheryl Lee, MD 2007
Megan Harper, LSA alumni
Ahmed Alawami, Ross (2010, 2011) and Ford (2015) alum; Former Lecturer with IGR and CGIS
Bonnie Huang, School of Social Work
Ben Tift, LSA BS '15
Anna Watkins Fisher, Assistant Professor, American Culture and Residential College
Joseph Flynn, J.D. '14
Rachel Wright, Master's Student, School of Education
Kristin Schroeder, PhD Candidate, History of Art
Yi Wang, PhD Public Health
Joss Kiely, PhD Candidate, Architecture, Taubman College
Stephanie Kao, BBA 2006
Antoine Traisnel, Faculty, English and Comparative Literature
Sydney Garlick, MSW/MPH candidate
Deborah L. Michaels, alumna, Ph.D. School of Education
Kaila Graham, LSA Senior
Kristin Essary, BA LSA
Dan Lane, Communication Studies
Eileen Dzik, alumni
Janelis Lopez, LS&A, Psychology
Nora Krinitsky, Department of History
Spencer Schaefer, School of Music, Theatre & Dance
Margo Kolenda, PhD English Lang and Lit
Desiree Salazar UM Alumni
Joseph DeLeon, PhD Student, Screen Arts and Cultures
Dominic Sweeney, LSA Alumnus 2016
Bruce Mannheim, Department of Anthropology, LS&A
Marion Berger, Program Coordinator, Semester in Detroit, Residential College
Kaileen Kersting, School of Social Work
Olivia Robertson, LSA and RC 2016
Alexandra Olsen, '07
Jason Stonehouse (1999 - College of Engineering)
Kate O'Connor, PhD Student, American Culture
Joshua SHapero, Doctoral Candidate, Department of Anthropology
Amanda Armstrong, History and Society of Fellows
Justin Mayer, LSA BA '08, Ross MBA '15
Adrianne Miller Oldham, RC and LACS '07
Mary Mattson - School of Social Work
Alyssa Penick, PhD Candidate in History
Mikaela Zamarron, LSA, '19
Alicia Elizabeth Enciso, MA, Anthropolgy '00
Emily Hall, Biology, University of Michigan
Tezra Osthus, MSW 2012
Cristobal Galan - LSA BA '16
Andrew Walker, PhD Candidate, History
Megan Jacobs - LSA BA '07
Yezenia Sandoval- LSA, Political Science
Heather Rubeski, 2004 Creative Writing, Residential College
Angela Berkley, Lecturer II, English Department and Sweetland Center for Writing, PhD '12
Lynn Bobovski - LSA Alum 2000
Morgan Jerald, Psychology
Katherine Fultz, BA 2007, MA 2009, PhD 2016
Jessica Stephens, Interdepartmental Program in Greek and Roman History, PhD '16
Mary Switalski, BA '97
Dana Nathanson - LSA 2019
Dana Beck, PC-FNP '17
Molly Talo, MSW candidate 2016
Julia Skubis, JD
Katie Proudman, MSW Candidate, School of Social Work
Anthony Gillum, PhD student, English L&L
Haidar Al-Mohammad, School of Social Work
Ariana Fink, BA '08, JD '13
Clare Croft, Assistant Professor, Dance
Becky Malinowski, BSE 2011
Angie Pae, Masters of Accounting, Ross School of Business
Anna Kirkland, Arthur F Thurnau Professor and Associate Prof, Women's Studies
Sonali Devarajan - LSA Alumna 2013
Sean Kramer - History of Art
Kathryn Murphy, LSA '17
Faith Sparr, Lecturer III, Communication Studies
Matoaka Kipp, School of Social Work
Sherrie Kossoudji, Associate Professor, School of Social Work
Cachet Colvard, MHSA/MBA School of Public Health & UM-D College of Business
Marisa Diamond, BFA '17
Matthew Rosso, MPH, UMHS Adolescent Health Initiative
Rheagan Martin, PhD Student, History of Art
Angelina Zaytsev, Associate Librarian, MLibrary
Margot Finn, American Culture PhD 2011, Lecturer in LSA
Gillian White, Associate Professor, Drpartment of English Language and Literature
Justin Read, PhD '02
Malissa Durham, JD '14
Thomas Leach, PhD Candidate, Asian Languages and Cultures
Silvia Lindtner, Assistant Prof, Information
Emma Hays, BBA and International Studies '18
Rachael Kerr, LSA BA '17
Michael McAtee, MLibrary
Toni Wang, LSA RC 2017
Paige Andersson, Ph.D candidate, Romance Languages and Literatures
Emily Thompson, Studio Librarian University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, MSI 2011
Efrén Cruz, Electrical Engineering PhD
Shana Schoem, LSA alumnus
Tapsi Mathur, PhD Candidate, History
Aswin Punathambekar, Communication Studies
Gaurav Paruthi, PhD Candidate, School of Information
Andrew Foldesi, BA 2008, current employee
Victoria Villegas- LSA Undergraduate (2020)
Ellen Compernolle, Sociology PhD
Mike Evitts, M.S. 2013. PM&R
Jacqueline Stimson, PhD Candidate in Classical Studies
Nikolas Sweet, PhD Candidate, Anthropology
Nia Shumake LSA Senior
Emily Sheridan-Fulton, MSW/MPH Candidate
Kate Freeman, MS Sustainability '16
Janum Sethi, Assistant Professor, Philosophy
Danae Ross, MSW Candidate and Graduate Student Staff Assistant, School of Social Work
Meg Erlewine, LSA alumnus
Laura Yakas, PhD candidate Social Work and Anthropology
Stephan Bobalik, B. Mus '04
Katharine Campbell, PhD candidate, History of Art
Emily Baecher, BS '09
Maria Lasonen-Aarnio, Associate Professor, Philosophy
Brian Weatherson, Marshall M. Weinberg Professor of Philosophy
Alana M.W. LeBrón, PhD 2015
Lanora Johnson, PhD student, Sociology
Conner Darling, music undergrad
Irene Inatty American Culture PhD student
Matthew Blanton, PhD, American Culture
Rachel Edelman, LSA, 2000
Scott Trudeau, LSA BGS '01
Sara Pizzo, Urban and Regional Planning
Callie Heller, JD 2014
Amanda Rybin Koob, Helen Zell Writers' Program Fellow
Mary Witherspoon, Social Work
Annette Bryson, PhD Candidate, Philosophy
David Patterson, PhD student, History
Michael Leese, Interdepartmental Program in Greek and Roman History Alumnus
Carly Pollack, MSW Candidate
Daniel Nelson, Medical School
Sarah Kucemba, LSA '12
Saida Caballero, LSA '05
Annie Jacobson, RC Alumna
Rebecca Ametrano, BA, Psychology '07
Dominique Horne, BBA 2017
Molly Dickinson, Helen Zell Writers' Program '17
Sarah Cissell, MSW Candidate
Leah Chung, LSA 2018
Ozan Kuru, PhD Candidate, Communication Studies
Megan C. McNamee, PhD History of Art 2015
Robin Fowler, lecturer, CoE
Jennifer Szad, LSA/RC '07
Colin Gunckel, American Culture/Screen Arts and Cultures
Adrianna Spindle, MSW Candidate 2016
Nancy Lucero-A, MSW Candidate
Jane Fisher, LSA History and French '17
Iván Chaar-López, PhD Candidate, American Culture
Lillian Li, Helen Zell Writers' Program '16
Deborah Allen, School of Social Work
Jonathan Janego, BS, Computer Science '02
Darren Miller, JD '14, Michigan Immigrant Rights Center
Nathaniel Lichten, Research Associate, School of Natural Resources and Environment
Justine Luttrell, BA 2007
Rebecca Kosick, Residential College '04
Nicholas Hartigan, PhD History of Art 2016
Rachel Gonzalez Greene, MFA '14
Amanda Onwuka, PhD Candidate, Epidemiology
Navaneetha Mokkil, Alumnus, English Literature and Women's Studies
Susana Ortega, LSA 2020
Meagan Collins, MSW, Alumna '16
Tamara Convertino, EEB '04, Education '08
Mika Kennedy, PhD candidate, English Language & Literature
Michael Ohlrogge, BA '07
Alan Wald, H. Chandler Davis College Professor (Emeritus)
Claire Taigman, Ford School of Public Policy (BA, '17)
Sheng Long, Department of Anthropology
Michael Parmelee, MFA Dance Choreography, 2016
Alexander Duncan, BA '06
silke weineck, professor, comparative literature
Susan Nourse, MD Candidate 2019
Orquidea Morales, PhD candidate American Culture
Virginia Sheffield, MD Candidate 2017
Kris Hernandez, Grad Students, American Culture
Ali Shapiro, Lecturer, Sweetland Center for Writing
Laurie Hoose, BS 2001
Emily Macgillivray, PhD Candidate, American Culture
Autumn Soucy, alumna School of Social Work
Suzi F. Garcia, LEO Lecturer, LSA
Valerie Shaffer, MSW Candidate
David Martin, Comparative Literature
Amanda Greene, PhD Candidate English Language and Literature
Garrett Felber, American Culture
Mary Camille Beckman, MFA '13
Vivian Truong, PhD Candidate, American Culture
Rachel Cawkwell, PhD student, English Language amd Literature
Emanne A. Johnson, LSA Neuroscience '18
Kristin Nelson, MFA Fiction candidate and GSI
Victor Mendoza, Women's Studies and English
Sara Stein, Phd student in Social Work and Clinical Psychology
Mariane Stanev, Ph.D. Student, Comparative Literature
Scott Beal, Lecturer, Sweetland Center for Writing
Amy Sara Carroll, Assistant Professor, American Culture, Latina/o Studies, and English
Colin Walker, MFA Poetry
Debra DeFord-Minerva, BA English & psych, '95
Kristin Green, BBA '17
Elizabeth (Pratt) Trudeau, BA '02
Shelby Massingale, School of Social Work
Kelly Sprouse, BA Women's Studies '17
Zach Fair, Ph.D. Climate/Space Science
Charles Loelius, AFT #6196
John Paul Hampstead, PhD candidate in English Language & Literature
Francis Santana, MFA Creative Writing, 2016
Sean Harris, School of Public Health
Taylor Field, PhD student, Sociology
Nick Fleury, BS '00
Wendy Sepponen, PhD Candidate, History of Art
Mariel Martinez Alvarez, PhD student, romance languages
John F. Buckley, BA '92, MFA '14, English Lecturer
Lucy Hartley, Professor, English Language & Literature
Christopher Fort. PhD Candidate, University of Michigan
Taylor Mortorff, BS '15
Tish O'Dowd, English
Kathryne Bevilacqua, Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of English
Malcolm Tariq, PhD Candidate, English language and Literature
Karla Taylor, English
Esha Biswas, Student Affairs Coordinator, Residential College, LSA Alumna '16
Ryan McCarty, PhD student, Joint Program in English and Education
Ralph D. Story, DA, English Language and Literature, 1984
Matthew Countryman, Associate Professor of History and American Culture
Julia Lippman, Ph.D., Communication Studies
Anne Marie Creighton, PhD Student, Anthropology
Mira Shackelford, MSW/MPH candidate 2017
Mike Higgins, Ph.D. student, Nuclear Engineering
Riya Kumar LSA '19
Mackenzie Caple, LSA alumna and staff
Aaron Stark, M.S. 2005
Jenny Boychuk, MFA '16, Helen Zell Writers' Program Fellow
Elizabeth Tacke, Joint PhD in English and Education
Andrew Surratt, BA '92
Lazarus Belle, English Language & Literature PhD
Rachel Walts, BS '02, BSN '05
Charisse Willis, PhD Candidate, English and Women's Studies
Catherine Papachristou, BA '07, MSW '11
Emily Delius, Taubman College of Architecture, BS
Corey Smith, BM '14
Enoch Brater, Professor of English
Naomi Silver, Sweetland Center for Writing
Stephanie Shimko, Institute for Social Research
Jay Cook, Professor of History
Amrita Dhar, English
Rachel Webb, LSA 17
Ian Bassingthwaighte, MFA '15, Helen Zell Writers' Program
Rebecca Berkowitz, JD 2014
Maya Barzilai, Near Eastern Studies & Judaic Studies
Andres Pletch, History
Edward Utter, BFA '14
Hannah Foster, BM '05, MS '10
Martin Menz, Anthropology
Youngeun Yook, MFA candidate, Helen Zell Writers' Program
Jonathan Senda, MSW Candidate
Megan Wilson, PhD student, Classical Studies
Cody Walker, Dept. of English Language & Literature
Alexander Golden, PhD candidate, Applied Physics
Derek Palacio, Research Fellow
Nicole Yadon, BBA 2017
Caroline E. Arnold, LSA political science '96, Brooklyn College
Kelsey Fox, LSA 18
Stefan Aune, American Culture
Dominique Hollis, MSW Student
Julie Ellison, American Culture and English, LSA
Anita Norich, Professor, English Language and Literature; and Judaic Studies
Laura Maihofer, UM ADVANCE Program Staff
Natasha Abner, LSA 2005
Jesse Hoffnung-Garskof, Associate Professor of History and American Culture (Latina/o Studies)
Christopher Popecki, J.D.
Gina Brandolino, Lecturer, Sweetland Center for Writing and Department of English
Kat Finch, MFA 15, Helen Zell Writers' Program
William R. H. Alexander
Shefali Sood LSA 17
Rachel Feldman, LSA 2007
Simon Rivers, BA 2015
Elizabeth Campbell, 2005 LSA graduate, 2011 Law graduate, Assistant Clinical Professor of Law
John Vandermeer, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Erica Concors, school of public health class of 2015
Derek Frasure, PhD student, English Language and Literature
Yeidy M Rivero, Professor, Department of Screen Arts and Cultures, Department of American Culture, Director-Latina/o Studies
Shachar Pinsker, Near Eastern Studies & Judaic Studies
Tarfia Faizullah, Visiting Professor in Poetry, Helen Zell Writers Program
Ruby MacDougall Ph.D. student, ALC,
Alexandra Nassif, MSW '15
David Lamb 2006 BS from RC/SNRE and 2014 MA from Education -Middle School Teacher
Douglas Trevor, Director, Helen Zell Writers' Program
Amber E. Ykimoff, MSW '15
Conner Wood, alumnus (BA 2016)
Jacqueline Scott, BME Alumni, Class of 2013
Haleigh Bauer, LSA and Ross
Amanda Lupsha, UMFT
Lauren Schmitt, PhD Student, School of Natural Resources and Environment
Joshua L. Miller, Associate Professor of English
Maria Annichia Riolo, Postdoc, Complex Systems
William J. Davis, postdoctoral researcher, Dept. of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Tony Reznicek, Herbarium
Daniel Lyons, MD/PhD Student, EEB & Medical School
Jennifer Stone, BA Secondary Education '07
Sasha Bishop; PhD Student, EEB
Marcella Nidiffer, PhD candidate
Sarah Westrick, Biopsych PhD student
Alison King, PhD SNRE
Lilly Fink Shapiro, MPH graduate and SNRE staff
Rachel Cable, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Eric Dirnbach, PhD 2000
Clara Shaw, PhD candidate Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Craig Smith, research investigator, CHGD
Lindsey Wedow English Language and Literature PhD
Julia Malette, BA '06
Gina Balibrera, Lecturer, English
Anat Belasen, PhD Candidate, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Susan Burke, staff
Emily Bright, community
Gary Beckman, Near Eastern Studies
Sarah Barney, MS student School of Natural Resources and Environment
Kelly Jauregui, JD (2014)
Alexandra Jason, alumna
Lucas Michelotti, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Destiny McMillin '17
Anna Benson, BA Psych '14, MA Ed '15
Vidhya Aravind, MSI Candidate
Leslie Decker, PhD Candidate, EEB
Lhea J. Copeland, BA Philosophy 2006
Taryn Westra, LSA Alumni 2004
Tim Freehan LSA '95
Linda Smith-Brecheisen, LSA 2005
Carlos Munoz, PhD(c), Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Marian L. Schmidt, PhD Candidate, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Kris Harmon, MS student, School of Natural Resources and Environment
Chris McCormick, Lecturer in English
Wesley Bickford, PhD Candidate EEB
Fatema Haque, BA (2009), MA (2015)
Ashleigh Shiffler, BSN '13, MSN '17, Staff RN, UMHS
Michael G. Dickler, BA '96, JD '99
Amanda Meier, PhD Candidate, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Paula Harlen Doering - spouse of Professer Charlie Doering
Raul S. Vargas, Social Work Resident, School of Social Work
Emad Ansari, BA '10, JD/MPP '15
Ying Zhang, PhD 2010, History and Women's Studies,
Maria Lopez, LSA '17
Sarah Turkomani, Taubman College of Architecture undergrad 17
Sarah J Fick, MS '12 (SNRE), MA' 12, PhD '14 (Education)
Jill Horn
Bridget Sharphorn, BA '95
Sean Silver, Associate Professor of English
Theresa Ong, PhD Candidate, EEB
Joshua Jackman, Ross School of Business '18
Manan Kocher, PhD Candidate, CLaSP
Liliana Cortes Ortiz, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Hannah M. Bredar, PhD Candidate, English L&L
Jamie Budnick, BA (2009), MA (2013), PhD (2018) - LSA Sociology
Anastasia Pacifico LSA 2018
Soraya Giaccardi, PhD Candidate, Psychology
Barry M. OConnor, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Beatriz Otero-Jimenez, PhD Candidate, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Yin-Long Qiu, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Paola Mendez, BS '15
Pamela Murillo, Ph.D candidate , EEB
Katie Willingham, MFA '15, LSA Lecturer
Arcelia Gutierrez, PhD Candidate, Romance Languages and Literatures
Helen J. Huang, MS 04, PhD 09
Manan Desai, Assistant Professor, American Culture
Jae-Jae Spoon, PhD, LSA 1997, Rackham 2005
Elizabeth Makuch, BA Public Policy '18
Katy Peplin, BA '05, PhD '16, Screen Arts and Cultures
Jon Massey, PhD Candidate, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Stephanie Triplett, PhD History of Art
Rebecca Marie Fortes, MFA, Creative Writing
Hannah Davis
Clement Hawes Professor of English and History Univ. of Michigan
Jessica A. Robinson, School of Natural Resources and the Environment
Steve Herrick, School of Information (2001)
Mariana Cecilia Valencia Mestre, Ph. D. Candidate, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Daniel C. Fisher, Museum of Paleontology, Earth & Environmental Sciences, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Lauren Reiser, MSW 2015
Jared Aslakson, School of Natural Resources and Environment
Simone Sessolo, Sweetland Center for Writing
Peter Ho Davies, Professor of English
Olivia Ordoñez, English L&L
Sophie Schanck, English Language and Literature
Anders Villani, Almuni
Greg Schutz, Lecturer II, English Language and Literature
Nicholas Richie, PhD Candidate, English Language & Literature
Jessica Hartman - Alumna
James Brancho, Graduate Student - Department of Chemistry
Kaylie Johnson, MFA, creative writing
Lorena Bolanos, PhD Romance Languages and Literatures
Jose Gomez, LS&A Senior
Melissa McGivern Sanko, BS 2004
Brittany Dowe, School of Public Health
Senia Vasquez, English Department
Mark S. Rosentraub, Bickner Endowed Professor of Sport Management
Martin J. Murray DMartin Murray DAAS and Urban Planning (Taubman)
Gail Kuhnlein, EEB staff
Tara Sheena, BA English/BFA Dance, 2011
Trevor Caughlin, School of Natural Resources and Environment
Joshua Duval, LSA, Helen Zell Writers' Program, School of Information
Erin Essenmacher, LSA, 1997 and former Business Manager, Michigan Daily
Ian Bratcher, PhD Candidate Sociology
Sagar Anupindi, School of Music, Theatre, and Dance
Bolívar Aponte-Rolón,M.S. Candidate, School of Natural Resources and Environment
Brittany Batell, MSW/MPH student
Elliot Popoff, School of Public Health
Mona Belsare, Alumni
Marcus White - Alumni SMTD
Diego F. Alvarado Serrano, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Howard Brick, Professor of History
Nell Koring, MFA, Helen Zell Writers' Program
Michael R. Penskar, Asst. Research Investigator, Herbarium
Meredith Martin, Alumna
Kate Samra, LSA '19
Nicole Mueller, LSA 2012
Anna Forringer-Beal, Alumni LSA
Tyler Schaafsma, M Arch Candidate
Louisa Kane - LSA senior
Hannah May, Sociology and Women's Studies
Julie Fassnacht, LSA Alumna
Celeste Goedert LSA '17
Catherine Golden, LSA
Emma Beyers-Carlson, PhD candidate in Developmental Psychology
Tyler Grinn, LSA 2017
Lauren Clark, MFA in Poetry, 2014
Mariah L. Kenney, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Joseph Lewis, LSA 2006
Jacklyn Thomas, 18'
Joseph M. Myers OD University Health Service
Jonathan Holland, MFA candidate
Adrian Melo Carrillo, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Mejdulene B. Shomali, Alumi
Larissa Heap, Alumna SMTD, LSA, SSW
Patricia Lorena Solórzano, MFA - Alumni SMTD
Cameron J. Breither, MA Higher Ed, CSHPE '12
Helene Yen, BSE '02, MBA '09
Lynne Raughley, University Library
Amy Myers, alumna
Kelly Russell, PhD Candidate, Sociology
Mira Vale, Sociology
Michelle May-Curry, PhD student, American Culture
Mejdulene B. Shomali, Alumi
Larissa Heap, Alumna SMTD, LSA, SSW
Patricia Lorena Solórzano, MFA - Alumni SMTD
Cameron J. Breither, MA Higher Ed, CSHPE '12
Helene Yen, BSE '02, MBA '09
Lynne Raughley, University Library
Amy Myers, alumna
Kelly Russell, PhD Candidate, Sociology
Mira Vale, Sociology
Michelle May-Curry, PhD student, American Culture
Francesca Napolitano, '19
Drew Larson, PhD Student, EEB
Jennifer Rubin, PhD Candiate, Gender and Feminist Psychology
Ambalila Hemsell, MFA candidate, Helen Zell Writers' Program
Nishita Trisal, PhD Candidate, Anthropology
Olivia Brinks, LSA 2018
Purabi Devi, Alumna
Marisol Becerra, M.S. SNRE '13
Steven E. Morris, PhD Alumnus, Department of Chemical Engineering
M. Raquel Marchan-R, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Amanda Krugliak, Institute for the Humanities
Jim Le Moine, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Katy Beckstrom, BSE Mechanical Engineering
Anne U Jackson, Biostatistics staff
Aaron Iverson, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, PhD '15
John Guittar, PhD Student, EEB
Kelly Finzer, CSHPE MA'13
Judith Grant Long, Associate Professor of Sport Management and Urban Planning
Nicholas Williams, School of Social Work, Facilities/AV
Colin Corrigan, Lecturer, Sweetland Center for Writing
Sascha Nemseff, Political Science '16
Mia Mazer, Alumna
Allie Tova Hirsch, MFA in Fiction 2016 & Zell Fellow
Kristel F. Sanchez, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Nora Corrigan, Lecturer, English Department
Juliet S. Erazo, alumna (PhD in Anthropology and Natural Resources & Environment)
Sara Rimer, PhD student Civil and Environmental Engineering
Varuni Bhatia, Asian Languages and Cultures
Maureen S Martin, LSA '80, Ross '99, University Development
Deborah Starr, Comparative Literature Alumna, Ph.D. '00
Christian Kroll, PhD (Romance Languages UM, 2012)
Kevin Li, SNRE 2015
Sheira Cohen, Phd Student, IPCAA
Jillian Myers, PhD Student, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Ines Ibanez, SNRE
Sharmi Sen, PhD Student, Anthropology
Fernanda Cross, PhD Candidate, Psychology
Scotti Parrish, English and PitE
Morgan Fett, School of Social Work
Charlotte Cally, MSW Student School of Social Work
Charles Gushue, graduate student Museum Studies, MFA in Dance 2016
T Hetzel, Lecturer, Sweetland Center for Writing
Sheila Murphy, Screen Arts and Cultures
Yihui Sheng, Ph'D student, Asian Languages and Cultures
D'Arcy Hearn, MSW Candidate 2016
Mary Mikha, LSA RC Senior, Economics
Joshua Kupetz, Postdoctoral Fellow, English Language and Literature
Barbara Cordingly Burden, Anthropology
Phil Witte, PhD Candidate, English Language and Literature
Darian Razdar, Undergraduate Student, Social Theory & Practice, French & Francophone Studies
Shabrin Salam, BBA 2019
Chauncey Smith, PhD Student, Education & Psychology
Pamela Skiles, LSA alumna
Sonia Rupcic, PhD Candidate, Anthropology
Nadia Olga Johnson-Lisk, University of Michigan LSA Class of 2009, joint degree in Political Science and Biological Anthropology
Julie Winningham, alumni, staff, Anthropology
Roxana Maria Aras, PhD Student -Anthropology and History Program
Philip A. Christman, Lecturer, English Department Writing Program
Jaime Ziegler, MBA
Deborah Dash Moore, Frederick G. L. Huetwell Professor of History and Judaic Studies
Clarence J. Stone. (Romance Languages, Communication Studies, 2015)
Pieter Kleymeer, alumnus - BSEE, MSI
Jose Guzman
Erin Brightwell, ALC
Lauren Prastien, MFA in Fiction '15; Lecturer, Department of English Language and Literature
Amanda Rodriguez-Newhall, PhD student, Social Work & Psychology
Claire Schu, '06 alum
Mark Hunter, Professor, EEB
Stephanie Alcala, EEB, MS Student
Noah Blan, PhD Candidate, History
Todd Gerson, MSW Graduate Student
Catherine Zhang, LSA '13
Luis Escareño, Office of University Development
Alice Schmitz, Economics and SMTD
Jordan Dalton, UMMAA
Katharine Pan, MUP/MS SNRE 2012
Fern MacDougal, master's student, School of Natural Resources and the Environment
Lauren Britt, School of Nursing Class of 2017
Hema Karunakaram, CoE Alumna (2014)
Zaryff Razali, LSA 2018
Ben Lee, PhD Student, SNRE
Alexandria Sookhai, LSA BS '10
Karen Rosentraub, Research Associate Professor , Social Work
David McCarty-Caplan, Professor of Social Work at Cal State Northridge, U of M class of '03, Anthro & Spanish,
Anthony O'Rourke, LSA Alumnus '01
Emily Dittmar, MA, CMENAS
Ellen Cole Lee, PhD (Classical Studies UM 2016)
Anthony Alterio UofM Alum MFA Dance 2016
Blake Mackie, School of Social Work
Todd Ziegler, School of Public Health
Santiago J. Muinos, Alumni (LSA '99)
Karen Faulk, PhD (Anthropology, 2008)
Amanda Nelson, LSA senior
Erika Murcia, MSW '17
Lauren Hickman, PhD Student, School of Education
Amy Weatherford, BM '06
Katherine Hunsberger, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Magdalena J. Zaborowska, Professor, American Culture and Afroamerican and African Studies
Ellen Moodie, Anthropology PhD 2002
John Finkelberg, PhD Student, Department of History
Katherine McLean, PhD student and GSI, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Christine Modey, Sweetland Center for Writing
Feng Han, LSA '15
Jordon Tourville, MS, SNRE
James Shaheen unoh
William A. Calvo-Quiros, Assistant Professor, American Culture,
Hadrian Kinnear, MD/PhD Student
Katherine Irani, LSA RC 2016
Gordon Fitch, PhD student, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Jun Nakamura, PhD Student, History of Art
Sam Hobson, PhD Student, Department of Sociology
Elizabeth Michaelson, Earth and Environmental Science '18
Erica Watson, Social Work Grad Student 2018
Brenna Larson, PhD Student, History of Art
Felipe Gomez, PhD (RLL 2004)
Hannah Horobin, Ford School BA
Julia Ruth Brennan, MD candidate c/o 2018
Hannah Webster, MFA candidate
Sergiy Sychov, PhD (Slavic Languages and Lit, 2009)
Grace van Velden, MPH, School of Public Health, 2017
Ksenya Gurshtein, Ph.D. alumna 2011
Byron J. Smith, PhD Candidate, Dept. of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
R. Bruno, LEO Lecturer I, LSA
Anastasia Gusakova, PhD Student, Psychology
Hani Zainulbhai, MS Survey Methodology '18
Ellen Endres, lSA class of 2018
Fatimah Asghar, MFA, Helen Zell Writers Program, '18
Adrienne Malley, School of Music alumna 2002
Renee S. Siegan, LSA 1970, & parent of current graduate student
Sarah Belanger, Alumna
Alice Wright, PhD, Anthropology 2014
Alexandra Fraser, History of Art
Katie Eddins, MPP 2016
Adam Reichenberger, School of Natural Resources and Environment
Robert Frazine BA 1996
LaVelle Ridley, PhD, English and Women's Studies
Alisse Portnoy, English Language and Literature
Nina Jackson Levin, MSW
Triana Kazaleh Sirdenis, Project Director, School of Public Health
Amanda Alexander, Assistant Professor/Post-doctoral Scholar, DAAS, Law, Society of Fellows
Rosemary Sarri, Institute for Social Research.
Robert Payne, EEB
Latisha Ross, PhD Education and Psychology 2016
Lindsay Cannon, Master's Candidate, Public Health & Social Work
Arnav Shah, MPP 2016
Ananda Cohen-Aponte, LSA Alumna 2004
C. S. Bick, Ph.D. Candidate, Dept. of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Kimberly Daley, LSA Chem PhD Candidate
Aisling Zhao, MD candidate
Alice Goff, MSI 2008
Taylor Mann, MPH Candidate
Denise Bailey, Department of Sociology
Rita Seith (School of Public Health)
Ayesha Ghazi, MSW 2010
Chandani Wiersba, BA 2018, Ford School of Public Policy
Dan Hiaeshutter-Rice, Comm Studies
Emily Wilson, PhD Student, Joint Program in English and Education
Jeannie Sandefer, LSA Alumnus
Shelley Manis, Sweetland Center for Writing
Audrey Armitage, MSW
Joseph Eschweiler, Ph.D. Candidate, Chemistry
Alejo Stark (Astronomy and Astrophysics)
Angie Baecker, PhD candidate and GSI, Department of Asian Languages & Cultures
Kathleen Hurley, LSA & Residential College
Christina Sampson, UMMAA
Trevor Griffin, SMTD 2014
Hayley Bowman, PhD Student, History
Leah Schneck, Residential College C/O 2018
Rachel Burrage, Doctoral Candidate, Social Work and Psychology
Rabindar Subbian, MSW, MBA 2008, School of Social Work
Anne Ruggles Gere, English, Sweetland, and School of Education
Jennifer Proctor, Language, Culture and Communication (UM-Dearborn)
Eric Haynie, PhD Student, Asian Languages and Cultures
Christopher Cook, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Omer Sharir, PhD student, Department of History
Rosa Moore, LS&A and Residential College 2010
Jamie Parsons, PhD Candidate
Eric Raynal, ChE '12 & M.D. Candidate
Jessica Fripp, PhD, 2012
Shebani Rao, PhD student, Sociology
Elizabeth Spilman, LSA 2017
E.J. Westlake, Associate Professor of Theatre & Drama, English Language and Literature
Alejandra Cuspinera, MSW 2016
Kyla Boyse, BA '90 LSA, MS '13 Nursing
Caitlin Tully, Residential College, BA 1998
Anna Hansen, Masters Candidate, School of Public Policy
Kimberly Williams-Guillen, Visiting Scholar, SNRE
Ashley Dimmig, PhD Candidate
Erin Grimm, Residential College 2009
Larissa Sano, Sweetland Center for Writing
Isadore Dodard-Friedman, MD Candidate
Jen Kullgren, School of Natural Resources and Environment
Sara R. Zobl, BA (2014) PhD Student (current), LSA Sociology
Jeff Shi, Ph.D. Candidate, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Natalie Bakopoulos, English Language and Literature
Andrew Cornell, BA 2000
Victoria Allen, Law School
Arianna Gard, Department of Psychology
Karin Martin, Sociology
Maureen Callahan, alumna, School of Information 2008
Suzanne Drapeau, Summer Bridge Scholars and Wolverine Pathways
Laura De Palma, MSW, 2014 and BA, 2005
Jason C Grant, PhD student, French Studies/Romance Langauges & Literatures
Meagan Chuey, School of Nursing, PhD student
Deborah Goldberg, Professor, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Gabriel Baker, Residential College 2008
Zainab Bhindarwala, LSA Sophomore
Sabiha Zainulbhai, Ford School of Public Policy Alumni
Molly MacInnes, Ph.D. pre-candidate, chemistry
Cassie Schmitt, School of Information alum
Marissa Houston, Alumna 2014
Noah Gardiner, PhD 2014, Dept. of Near Eastern Studies
Kristin Roberts Kinesiology Senior
Paul Hebert, PhD 2015, University of Michigan Department of History.
Savannah O'Neill, Social Work 2015
Claudette L. Grinnell, PhD, Social Work and Psychology, Class of 2014
Tara Castellano
Sundar Sharma, MPP Candidate 2017
Eric Couillard, Lieberthal-Rogel Center for Chinese Studies
Brandon Rumsey, DMA Candidate/Music Theory GSI, School of Music, Theatre and Dance
Leslie Rogers, Michigan Society of Fellows, Assistant Professor, Stamps School of Art & Design
Aubrey Sitler, MPP/MSW 2016
Betsy Williams, School of Social Work
Sarah Dougherty, English, LSA
Harry Kashdan, PhD Candidate, Comparative Literature and Judaic Studies
Nick Cobblah, PhD Candidate, English Language and Literature
Michelle Cheever MFA
Aaron Proctor, PhD student, Chemistry
Anthony Mora, American Culture, History, and Latina/o Studies
John Bell, PhD Candidate, Electrical Engineering
Lara Finkbeiner, Law School, Class of 2013
James Mossner, MD Candidate UM Medical School
Paige Wood, LSA and Ross School of Business Alumna
Matthew Henley, PhD Candidate, Chemical Biology
Carol Lopez, LS&A Psychology
Jennifer Eusebio, Residential College 2008
Anne Pitcher, Professor, DAAS
Jasmine Cuenca, Pinkerton Academy High School Student
Angelina Camilleri, Anthropology and Gender Studies 2016
Jacqueline Donnelly, Class of 2016
Leah Bernardo-Ciddio, PhD Pre-Candidate, IPCAA
Kaitlin Schuler, LSA BA 2015
Sarah Huff, PhD Candidate Psychology
Rimsha Iqbal, LSA 2013
Max Anthony Doyle, LSA 2018
Adriana Rendón; Alumnae 1999
John Simpkins, ITS staff, School of Information alum
Jacqueline Saldana, SMTD 2017
Madelynn Carter, LSA Freshman
Pamela Stewart, PhD, History of Art, 2015
Melissa Charles, School of Education, MA 2016
Aiko Fukuchi, LSA 2015
Sara Soderstrom
Catherine Olson, Alumna
Nicole Patrick, BFA BM 2016
Nick Rinehart, Ford School, Class of 2016
Sally Amilcar, Student, Nursing
Samuel Francey, LSA/RC Psychology, Women's Studies
Philip Chacko, Engineering 2019
Sean Laurencelle, BA, LSA, 2009
Shireen Smalley, MPP & MA 2017
Julie Lambert, Lecturer, Literature, Philosophy and Arts
Lawrence Chen, LS&A 2016 Alumnus
Mayra Munoz, LSA, 2019
Austin Gorsuch, MFA Candidate
Cassie Miura, Ph.D. Comparative Literature
Antonia Crews, Material Science Engineering 2020
Kwan Leung, PhD pre-candidate, Chemistry
Marsha Feder, Alumna 1973
Lilia Zhu, LSA 2020
Aresha Martinez-Cardoso, Doctoral Candidate, Health Behavior and Health Education
Barbara Diaz LSA 2018
Jennifer Pan
Janelle Davis, PhD Candidate, Psychology
Monica Dollive, LSA Senior
Elyakeem Avraham, BFA-SMTD 2018, BA-LSA 2019
Samuel Poznak, CS-E & SAC, 2018
Megan Pirooz, Alumnus
Anna Johnson PhD Candidate, Asian Languages and Cultures
Ariel Binder, Economics 2019
Kallan Larsen, LSA Junior
Heather Simpson, BA Psychology, Philosophy, Women Gender Studies
Lindsay Stern, MFA alum, School of Art & Design 2009
Donald Lyons, Alumni '16
Kristen Roupenian, MFA
Allison Milen, LSA Senior
Ariel Hunter, Alumna
Katie Lennard, PhD Candidate, American Culture
Morgan Daniels, School of Information, 2014
Melanie Odeleye, Alumna
Jacqueline Wolf, Web Project Manager, HITS
Michael Wayne Harris, MSI 2014
Irisa Arney, Anthropology
Matias Beverinotti, Post-doctoral Fellow
Tejaswi Velayudhan, PhD Candidate, Economics
Samantha Taylordean, Student, Mechanical Engineering
Zachary Levinson, PhD student, Economics and the School of Public Health
Maia Gersten, BCN and RC Drama 2017
Michelle Butts, LSA Senior
Roxana Taginya - Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Inc., ALMA, UMWRFC
Rebecca L.R. Garber, Alumna, German Languages and Literatures
Emily Canosa, alumna and staff
Emily Wu, Alumnus
Molly Choi, PhD student, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Skylar Woodman, Community Action Network, partnering agency with UM
Dyanne Vaught, PhD Student, Economics
Clare Hogan, MFA Candidate, Helen Zell Writers' Program, '18
Mickey McNeece, School of Social Work - MSW Candidate
Anna Monkmeyer, School of Social Work
Dominique Brown An American Citizen
Anne Bast Davis, MSI 2009
Rasha Almulaiki, Guest Speaker
Toby Hartman, LSA Biology
Cassandra Van Dam, LSA 2016
Sofia Carlsson, staff
Giavanna Accardo, LSA Sophomore
Katelin Toporski, LSA Senior
Margaret Dewar, Professor of Urban & Regional Planning
Jessica Worl, PhD candidate, School of Natural Resources and Environment; MPP Gerald Ford School of Public Policy
Celeste Bocchicchio-Chaudhri, MA 2007, South Asian Studies
Anna Skinner, BA 2004, MSW 2016
James Proctor, Department of Material Science and Engineering
Vivian Luong, PhD candidate, SMTD
Madeline McIlhon, alum, Ford School of Public Policy
Kyle Hunt, MFA, Helen Zell Writers' Program
Renee Hudson, LSA, Women's Studies
Claire Shea, University of Michigan Medical School
Mary Anne Perrone, School of Education 1975
Kelly Davenport, MSI, 2013
Benjamin Malley, MSI '09
Polina Hristova, Alumna
Preeti Mohan, B.S. Computer Science, B.S. Cognitive Science, Class of 2017
Murphy Van Sparrentak, Alumni
Jasmyne Jackson, MD Candidate
Luis Baldomero, PhD Candidate, Department of Economics
Peggy Korpela Masters of Public Health UM SPH alumni
Anna Maria Pokriefka, BSN 2016
Sam Krowchenko, MFA Fiction
Rosalie Kingwill Cape Town Sout Africa - participant at an African Srudies Centre/History Dept workshop at University of Michigan
Stephen Joy, Postdoctoral Fellow, Chemistry
Kristine K. Ronan, PhD, History of Art, 2016
Petra Kuppers, Professor, English and Women's Studies
Miranda Ojeda, Alumna
Anne Thomason, School of Information alum 2008
Rachel Goldberg, Screen Arts & Cultures BA 2015
Heather Schmidt, LSA 2003, SMTD 2019
Ethan L. Menchinger, PhD, Near Eastern Studies
Susila Gurusami, BA 2009
Kristen Connor, PhD student, Anthro-History
Kristen Shirkey, Alumna
Lauren Day, Alumna and staff member
Asha Burns, LSA Sophomore
Irina Thompson, School of Information alumna
Genesis Pablo, LSA Sophmore
Laurinda Weisse, MSI '13
Joshua Atkinson, LSA 2012
Druha Karunakaran, 2016 alum of LSA
Katherine He, Medical School 2018
Michelle Martinez, 2003 2008 Alum
Megan Behrend, PhD student, English L&L
Abigail Celis, Romance Languages and Literatures
Andrea Claire Morningstar, School of Art and Design Alum 2001
Jordan Solano-Reed, MA Urban Planning, 2018
Eric Szkarlat, BA English/BTA Performing Arts Management 2013
Srividhya Sridhar, COE senior
Julie Piacentine (School of Information, 2008)
Ander Erickson, PhD, Mathematics Education, 2015
Josephine Tan- LSA Senior
Oksana Malanchuk, Retired, ISR
Erin Baker, PhD. (BA 2006)
Irina Bondarenko, SPH, Biostatistics
Isabel Cusack, Class of '18: RC, Classical Langauges and Literature/Linguistics
Elayne Thomas, B.S. Materials Science and Engineering, Class of 2016
Jennie Alfaro, MPP '16
Leena Soman, LSA Alumni
Brooke Harris, BA in English 2008
Allan Lumba, Society of Fellows
Mara M. Watson, Nuclear Engineering Alumna 2013
Michael Pulte, BS Biology '17
Joshua Speiser, MS '95, School of Natural Resources
Fabiola Torralba, Dance MFA Candidate 2018
Melissa Duhaime, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Bryan Heyboer - alum - School of Art & Design
Margaret Lindman
Adelaide Byrum, MA, Near Eastern Studies, 2013
Philip Deloria, History, American Culture, Environment
Graham Ives, 3rd year Medical Student at U of M
Julia Bernstein
Jose Lopez, LSA
Michael Elliott, Professor, School of Public Health
Adrienne Smith, LSA and RC alum 2010
Sarah Carlson, MSW '12 MUP '12
Kyal Berends, PhD Student, Economics and Public Policy
Anne Elise Stratton, PhD student, School of Natural Resources and Environment
Benjamin Glass, PhD candidate (economics)
Kirisitina Sailiata, PhD American Culture, 2014
Steven Cullinane, PhD student, English Language and Literature
Shannon Dowd, PhD Candidate, Romance Languages and Literatures
Jessica Vu, LSA Sophomore
Lesli Hoey, Assistant Professor of Urban and Regional Planning (Taubman)
Elizabeth Dorgay, School of Natural Resources and Environment alumna
Elizabeth Gazley- LSA '17
Andrew Jones, Assistant Professor of Nutritional Sciences
Ellen Bernacki, LS&A Alumna
Macklin Smith, Department of English, Retired
Rebecca Frank, PhD Candidate, School of Information
Leslie Schuman, BA Comm Studies 2017
Trevor Thomas, BSE Aerospace Engineering, MUP Urban Planning
Sameer Bhagavatula, LS&A '16 alumni
Susan Nakley, PhD, LSA '98
Gratiana Fu, MHI '18
Trisha Barua, LSA/RC Alumni
Alex Potts, Professor, History of Art
Jennifer Stevenson, LSA 2014
Maria Camila Peña, SAC alum & Center for Political Studies staff
Ryan Stayton, BSE '00, MS '01
Dhiren Patki, PhD candidate Economics
Dimitrios Pavlounis, Lecturer, Screen Arts & Cultures/American Culture
Denny Chan, BA, Sociology, 2008
Dayna Appiah, School of Social Work & School of Education
Lorraine M. Gutierrez, Arthur F. Thurnau Professor, School of Social Work, Department of Psychology, Latino Studies, M.S. 86, PhD 1989.
Mallory Sprague, alumni as of 2014
Caryn Burtt, LSA 2000
Aisa Villarosa, LSA '08
Allison Knox, LSA Junior
Brianne VanBuskirk, MSW student
Emily Suran, J.D. 2015
Stephanie Barger, MPH Candidate, HBHE
Ann Chen, Law School, Class of 2003
Geoffrey Iverson, MSI '13, BA '09
Tory Stephans, PharmD '20 LSA '14
Patrick Mullen-Coyoy; LSA, Honors Latina/o Studies, History, Spanish; UROP; 2017
Sierra Brown MFA Poetry Student
Kristina Perkins, LSA RC 2018
Emily Joy Bembeneck, BA '07 PhD '13
Megan Cook, LSA '03
David H. Kaplan, School of Law, 2003
Samuel L. Esarey - Chemistry PhD candidate
Tahmid Chowdhury, LSA, BA '16
Katie Gibson-Ledl | School of Social Work staff, MSW '14, & Adjunct LEO Lecturer
Emily Hanna, MSW '16
Stefanie Block, MS psychology doctoral candidate
Evan J. Swinehart, LSA Freshman
Tanvi Desai, BS, Computer Science, 2001
Val Kutchko, Psychology & Women's Studies graduate student
Zena Lapp, Bioinformatics
Shailushi Ritchie, MPH '00
Katherine Li, LSA Economics and Statistics
Amanda Burnside, BA '12, former Department of Psychiatry employee
Dorian C Banks, MSW Candidate '17
Kristina Zlatareva, SMTD BA '17
Wesley M. Brown, Professor Emeritus, Depts. of Biology (MCDB & EEB)
Ruhi Kumar, Michigan Law grad 2003
Ashley Brady, SSW 16'
Michelle Gibson
Elizabeth King, Assistant professor SPH
Ashley Rockenbach, PhD Candidate in History
Laura LeeLun, BA '99; JD '03
Jordan Braun, BFA 2011
Julie MacDonald // BA Political Science, BA Communications Studies '13
Kelly Clark, LSA Linguistics
Jeff Walls, Art and Design '07
Samidha Visai, CoE Senior
Jason Enos, MUP
Logan Murphy, Earth and Environmental Sciences 2019
Shannon Dawdy, PhD 2003
Clarisza Runtung, BFA SMTD, Theater Performance 2016
Eugene Bondarenko, Lecturer I Slavic Department
Joanna Barlow, MSW '16
Toby Singer, School of Music, BA '05
Jonathan Levine, Emil Lorch Collegiate Professor of Architecture and Urban Planning, Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning
Max Risch, PhD Candidate in Economics
Jerry Davis, Ross School of Business professor
Stephanie Kim, LSA alumna '04
Hadi Katebi
Pedro Fialho, LSA Senior
Jisoo Lee, PhD student, History
Brian Lu, BSE 2015 Chemical Engineering
Celso Cardenas, BA '03 LSA
Elizabeth Luther, MUP '09
Megan Boczar, BA Class of 2015
Fisher Diede | PAT & CS '18
Gabby Fitzsimmons MSW '17
Logan Weidman, LS&A Alum '15
Jean Leverich, Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at UM
Brendon Holloway, MSW Candidate '17
Emily Fairbanks, BA '92 BSN '17
Jennifer Noble, LSA 15, MSI 17, University Library
Sarah Ring, SMTD '11
Monique Fiscelli, BSN-RN, C.S Mott Children's Hospital
Roxanne Ilagan, LSA 2016
Magdalena Zegarra Anthropology, PhD student
Yiran Emily Liu, LSA Senior
Lawrence Gross, B.A. 2012
Michael Topper, BS '2003
Amy Guilmette, Department of Dance
Elise Nagy, PhD student in English and Women's Studies
Lisa Martin, Associate Professor, WGST, UM-Dearborn
Rachel Saban, Movement Science Alumna 2013
Valentina Montero-Roman, English Language and Literature PhD Candidate
Jimmy Draper, Communication Studies
Elizabeth New, UM-D student
Genevieve Borg Soule, LSA Alumna 2007
Amee Patel LSA 2008
Daniel Katz, Postdoctoral Fellow, School of Public Health
Kristen Schoettle, BS Environment 2013, MA Education 2015
Krista E Strenski, MSW student, School of Social Work
Jennifer DeGeus, MD- BS 1995
Abhilash reddy
Shelly Jarenski, Associate Professor of English University of Michigan Dearborn
Jesse Carr, U.M. PhD in American Culture (2015)
Andy Eggleston, MD Candidate 2019
Kate Gonzalez
Gabrielle Rubinstein, School of Education
Irhe Sohn, PhD candidate in Asian Languages and Culltures
Kelsey Griffin, B.A. Health Policy '17
Zarabeth Gerling Knapp, alumni
Sarah Emeritz, School of Social Work
Karen Schultz Iverson alumna, Residential College
Hannah Gannon, Senior The College of Engineering
Shannon Van Gundy, MA Higher Education 2016, LSA Staff
Leah Payne, UM-D Psychology student, On-Campus Coordinator for Women In Learning and Leadership
Kevin Gamboa , Lincoln Park High School ,Senior Student
Sarah Walsh, LSA 2000
Yuridia E. Hernandez Osorio, MSW Student 2016
Duygu Ergun, Comparative Literature Student
Emily Talbot, PhD Candidate, History of Art
Jennifer Choate - LSA '13
Eiji Jimbo B.S. Architecture 2012
Jeffrey Veidlinger, Joseph Brodsky Collegiate Professor of History and Judaic Studies
Travis O'Sullivan, Alumni '11
Yong Kim
Oluwatobi Eboda, Rackham Graduate School Alumni
Anthony Darin, Accounting CoB '17
Kara Marsallo O'Brien, BA 1997
Jacob Talbot, Alumnus 2015
Kayla Sall, CAS&L student, UM-Dearborn
Aimee Estrellado, LSA '09
Amel Omari, MPH '13, Health Behavior/Health Education PhD '19
Alison Pereida Knapp, LSA '98, Staff - Health System Development
Joseph Keckler, Alum & Witt Artist in Residence 2015/16
Elizabeth Feldman, LSA 1995
Louis Cicciarelli, Sweetland Center for Writing
Jimmy Ramirez
Joseph Brown, Postdoc, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Stephanie Chang, LSA 2005, SSW/Ford School 2014
Kate Schnur, Phd in English Language & Literature
Laura Matson, MS/MUP 2013
Inger Bergom, School of Education alum 2015
Valerie Traub, Adrienne Rich Distinguished University Professor, English and Women's Studies
Madeleine Jennings, JD Candidate '18
Stacy Mates, SNRE alum (MS 2010)
Gordon Palmer, PhD Student, School of Education
Jason Young, LSA 2019
Brittany Galisdorfer, MPP 2011, BS 2005
Elena Ross, LSA, 2016
Olivia Perfetti, B.S. candidate LS&A 2019
Michael Medina, Graduate Student, Combined Program in Education & Psychology
Aimee (Saling) Bergquist, LSA alumna
sarah-marie belcastro, Ph.D. Mathematics 1997
Alyssa Picard, PhD in History, 2004
Roger Frank, LSA Alumnus
Neil Meredith, M.Arch 04
Stephanie Skinner, School of Social Work
Richard Murphy, BSE '02, MUP '06
Grace Denney, B.S. Neuroscience, LSA 2017
Seth A. Wiley, Doctoral Program In Chemical Biology
Lee Palmer, BA in Political Science and Spanish 2001
Rebecca Wren, LSA 2017
Kevin Hogan, LSA 1992. MA Telecomm 1995.
Alison Piech, LSA 2008
Tiffany Houser, BA in Kinesiology 1997
Jee Chang, founder of UME
Nazarina Mwakasege Minaya MSW-MPH Student
Rebecca Wren, LSA 2017
Kevin Hogan, LSA 1992. MA Telecomm 1995.
Alison Piech, LSA 2008
Tiffany Houser, BA in Kinesiology 1997
Jee Chang, founder of UME
Nazarina Mwakasege Minaya MSW-MPH Student
Doug Shaw, Ph.D. Mathematics, 1995
Benita Robinson, BA 2015
Vivienne Hazzard, PhD Candidate, Nutritional Sciences
Zehra Hashmi, Anthropology and History
Susan E. Shink, BA Polical Science '89, JD '94, MS Resource Policy and Administration '95
Margaret T. Hicken, Institute for Social Research
Daniel Ghastin, BFA 2016
Miriam Gleckman-Krut, PhD in Sociology
Emilia White, Lecturer, Stamps School of Art & Design
Jacqueline Saplicki, LSA 2017
Anna Hing, MPH 2013
Sumer CASL
Kathleen Abenes, LSA 2016
Minha Noh, LSA
Sophie Lemisch, LSA 2017
Felicia Gray, PhD Chemical Biology '15
Chris Swinko, School of Education Alum 2010
Mindy Misener, MFA '14, Lecturer of Technical Communication
Emma Mathis, LSA 2017
Natalie Diehl, BA in Art & Design, BSI '17
Elizabeth Walz, PhD student, Romance Language & Linguistics
Shay Elbaum, JD 2014
Samiah Haque, MFA '15, Weiser Center Staff
Tesneem Alkiek, LSA
Ashley Manci, BFA in Dance 2014
Nancy Torres, LSA 12'
Cristina Castillo, Molecular Integrative physiology, Biomedical Engineering & Cell Molecular Biology
Patricia L Farrell-Cole, Michigan citizen
Ashley Gomez, LSA 2017
Michael Chin, JD '08
Maximillian Alvarez, PhD in Comparative Literature & History '18
German Morales COE 16
Daniela Lewin, Undergraduate in CMB:BME
Corey C. Miles, BA Political Science '17, BA Economics '17
Gavin Taylor, spouse
Rabeea Malik, BS Biology, 2000
Shelbey Puppe, MSW Candidate
Robert Jansen, Assistant Professor of Sociology
Brian Antonio Garcia, BFA '16 - Stamps/SMTD
Scott Gallagher, JD Candidate '18
Connie Gao, LSA 2016
Pau Nava, PhD student American Culture
Robert Alexander, Design Science PhD '15
Kelly Allen, MFA '98, Lecturer in English, Comprehensive Studies Program
Stephen Colon, MD 2015, Resident Physician UMHS
Prash Naidu, PhD Candidate, Anthropology
Sarah Wingo
Claire Miller, MA in Educational Studies 2014
Alexandra Beller, Dance
Christie Schichtel, MSW alumna '11
Rebecca Dean, MSW, 2016
Hanna Dougherty, LSA 2018
Julian Carmona, LSA Alum '16
Peter Solenberger, Institute for Social Research
Sean Kinlin, BS 1996, LSA
Lauren Darnell, Romance Languages & Literature
Sam Haltenhof, PhD in Economics
Lauren Schandevel, LSA 2019
Rodrigo Moreira, PhD Candidate Visiting Scholar, SNRE
Veronica Gonzales Stuva, MPP 2013
Elana Cohen-Khani, ISR
Cosette Kathawa, LSA 2015
Alexa Borromeo, BFA Art & Design and School of Social Work '16
Ambika Raina, SMTD/LSA Alum '15
Michael Bourke, BS Neuroscience '16, Post-bac Graduate Med Sci '17
Júlia Miyahara, community
Tiya Miles, American Culture, LSA
Amanda van Brenk, LSA 2004
Megan Sweeney, Arthur F. Thurnau Associate Professor of English and Afroamerican and African Studies; Director of English Department Writing Program
Eric Klomparens, LSA 2013
Nicholas Weinberg, LSA Mathematics
Elise Woodard, LSA
Stuart Inahuazo, BA in Political Science'17
Sofia Fall, LSA English and PitE
Sonalee Joshi, LSA Psychology and Sweetland Minor in Writing `17
Ava Purkiss, Assistant Professor, Women's Studies and American Culture
Hector Dominguez, College of Engineering, Electrical Engineering
Michael Merriweather
Julia Triezenberg, LSA 2019
Jessica Knapp, MBA 2015
Ian Dickinson, LSA '07; Law '11
Dory Fox, PhD student, English Language and Literature
Molly Moroz, EEB and EES
Kimberly Hess, PhD student, Sociology
Molly Lester, BFA Art and Design 2014
Hannah Agnew, LSA
Peter Rogan, LSA History and Economics, '77
Rosemary Perez, PhD Higher Education, SOE '14
Emily Rogoff, Ford School of Public Policy, 2012
Hassan Ahmad, LSA 2018
Marcella Bolen, MSW Candidate
Amna Akbar, Law School '04
Nancy Linthicum, PhD Candidate, Dept. of Near Eastern Studies
Mark Wilson, School of Public Health
Nancy Workman
Angelika Kurthen, LSA PitE and German '17
Olga Lopez Cotin
Scott Tsuchiyama, BA '07, MSI '12
Christopher Rapisarda, BA and MSW alum
Adam Kramer
Suzanne Torgerson, education, 1968
Sara Feldman, BA 2001, MA 2006, PhD 2014
Larissa Siregar, School of Social Work- MSW Student
Daniela Romero Vargas LSA 2017
Kyle Tylutki
Alex Hirdler, Athletics
The Rev. Jonathan Vanderbeck, M.Div, M.S.W., '16
Hannah Schon, SMTD Alum '15
Madi Wachman, LSA 2008
Sophie Goldberg, BFA Interarts Performance
Andrew Haxby, UMICH Department of Anthropology
Zoey Thill, MD, MPP, 2013
Leslie Hempson, Department of History
Eduardo García
Rachna Reddy, Ph.D. Candidate, Anthropology
Jennifer Piemonte Joint PhD in Psychology & Women's Studies
Megan Holmes, Professor, History of Art
Evan Marie Allison
Kathleen Telfer, SMTD '13
Marie Milliken, MSW Candidate
Sarah Hekmati
Laurie White, Community Member and Activist
Kristyn Sonnenberg, MIS '16
Michael L. Bloom, Clinical Assistant Professor of Law
Robert E. Heald, MFA Poetry '17
Mark Stock, Ph.D. Engineering, 2006
Leila Hekmati, BA, Alum
Margaretha Sudarsih, Former Indonesian Lecturer
Robin Wilson, Associate Professor of Dance, School of Music, Theatre &Dance
John Zhu, BS Electrical Engineering '09
Vinnie Ahuja, BSE '97, MSE '00
Ini Ubong, LSA DAAS and Chemistry
Cydni Seifert, LSA '16
Salim O. Huerta Jr. LSA 2018
Ilya Mikhailovich Beskin, LSA Undergrad '17
William van Geest, Ph.D Student, Music Theory
Xi Huang, UMSI Alum
Jennifer Kostrzewski, LSA 2003, EEB Staff 2006-2012
Nola Sporn Smith, BFA Dance '14
Liana Reading, BA & MA Alum
Hoai An Pham, LSA 2018
Monika Black, MHA, MA, PhD
Joseph Letner, BSE '15, MSE '16
Haley Bash, BBA 2014
Nora Dagher, LSA 2014
Faiza Khan
Nagla Fetouh, LSA and SOE alumnus
Ella Tutlis LSA '18
Houda Saghir BSN,RN- University of Michigan Health System
Traci Johnson, Ph.D. candidate, Astronomy & Astrophyics
Brande Guisbert - LSA Alumna
Marga Belle White
Colt Rosensweig, BA History/Creative Writing '09
Susan Kashubeck-West, BA psychology and women's studies, 1984
Swapna Nelaballi, PhD Student, Anthropology
Cathy Cao, BA Alum
Laurel Domino, MSW 2017
Willie Filkowski, Stamps School of Art & Design/School of Music, Theatre & Dance '15
Erin Markey, BA, Alum '03
Talha Mirza, Bachelor's of Arts in Public Policy
Ryan Kalsbeek, BA 2016
Matthew Shur, LSA Alum '15
Noor Ahmad
Ian Rios, BSE Mechanical Engineering 17'
Emily Post, BS Architecture '18
Michael R. Jackson, Clinical Psychology
Madison Nightingale
Erin Fischer, LSA 2014
Isaiah Pettway, School of Education
Rohith Pentaparthy, LSA Data Science '18
Arwa Raza, LSA 2017
Lincoln Faller, Professor Emeritus of English
Chris Jenkins, BS Computer Science, RC '15
Michelle Donnelly, staff, UMHS
Ruth Shamraj, SPH, Biostatistics
Nicole Dear, BS 14, MPH 16
Helen M. Faller, MA 1998, PhD 2003
Stuart Strange, assistant professor Yale-NUS College
Ryan Henyard, HITS Education Informatics & Technologies Analyst
Amber Miller, MUP Alum
Greggor Mattson, Visiting Assistant Professor of Sociology 2011
Noureen Dharani
Stephanie Olen, M.S. Earth and Environmental Sciences 2010
Elizabeth Bizer-Cox, LSA alumna
Chris Walling
Steven Mullaney
Rebecca DeKorne, MSW '18
Caitlyn Pisarski, MSW '09
Liviu Chelcea, Ph.D. Anthropology, 2004
Daniel Bass, PhD, Anthropology 2004
Esra Ozyurek, Associate Professor, European Institute, London School of Economics Alum '01
Trevor Vert, Engineering, Alum '96
Jordan Bemmels, PhD candidate, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Robert E. Zieger, Residential College, 1988
Elizabeth de la Portilla, Ph.D. Anthropology 2002
Melvin Parson
Tim Moriarty, MA Higher Education Administration '02
Cynthia Buckley, Ph.D. Sociology 1991
Daniel Bair, DDS candidate 2017
Kathryn Babayan, History & Near Eastern Studies
Nkemka Anyiwo, PhD Candidate in Social Work and Psychology
Cristhian Espinoza-Pino, Spanish Dept Residential College
Daniel Herwitz, Comparative Literature, History of Art, Philosophy
Danielle Belen, Associate Professor of Violin, School of Music, Theatre & Dance
Vivian Valencia, Research Fellow, SNRE
Carrie Rheingans, BS (2005), MPH (2011), MSW (2011), lecturer in the School of Social Work
Christopher Goosman, Medical School Staff; lecturer in the School of Music, Theatre, and Dance
Jordan VanderZwaag, LSA Alum, 2014
Scott Berkley, MSI (2009)
Dawn L. Low, LSA 2003
Claire Koerschner, LSA
Jaymin Kim, PhD Candidate, History
Susan Wiant Crabb, School of Social work
Dana Veen, MSW '16
Aran Kathleen Ruth, PhD candidate, English
Alexandra Husted
Allison Miller, BA English Language and Literature, 2004
Emma Stout, BA 2017
Caroline Wesley MSW Candidate
Anna Putnam, MSW 2017
Stephanie Sheffield, Lecturer, College of Engineering
Susan Dine, PhD Candidate, History of Art
George Dong, LSA 2009
Desiree Gerner, Romance Languages and Literatures
Mindy Thill
Sam Ozminkowski
Genese Sodikoff, PhD Anthropology, 2005
Christina Arnold, LSA 2013
Jacqui Hinchey, Research Process Manager, Survey Research Center
Louisa Buatti, AB '90, Res.College
Susan Rusinowski, College of Engineering 2016
Ricardo Wiesner, BA 2015
Rogerio Pinto, Social Work
Pat Simons, Professor, History of Art
Caitlyn Hayes, MSW, 2017
Rachna Pannu, EEB
Elisabeth Cooper, Alumni
Ashley Rosa
Melissa Kaye Richter MA 1995, MSW 2001
Carolyn Blessing, MSW Student
Andrew Bernard, Anthropology
Lillian Ellis, EMU doctoral fellow
Ayse Ozbay
Aurora Kamimura, PhD student, Center for the Study of Higher and Postsecondary Education
Nicole Kravitz-Wirtz, Postdoctoral Fellow, Population Studies Center
Melissa Neal, LSA 2018
Art and Design
Vanessa Will, PhD 2012 Anthropology
Robin Zheng, PhD Philosophy, 2015
Claire Zimmerman, History of Art (LSA) and Architecture Program (Taubman College)
Hong Tran, PhD Chemical Biology, 2015
Bridget Vial, College of Engineering 2018
Jessica Best, BA 2011
Julia Liao, Ph.D. Student, Psychology
Nicholas Harp - Lecturer, English
Maria Arquero de Alarcon, Associate Professor, Taubman College
Daniela Lopez, Project Director, School of Nursing
Sharon Haar, Professor, Taubman College
Lou Ecken Kidd, Career Services Coordinator, Taubman College/ MPH MSW alumna
Celeste Brusati, History of Art, Women's Studies, Penny W. Stamps School of Art & Design
Loren Powell, UMSPH 2017
Mariama Weaver, School of Information - MSI
Elena Rosario, PhD Student, History
Aubrey L. O'Neal, BA 2016
Teal Harrison, Masters Student, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Ariana Hall, PhD student, Chemistry
Merrie Fuller, BA 2002, University Library
Matthew Biro, Professor of Modern and Contemporary Art
Ramya Kumar, PhD candidate, Chemical Enginering
Kathleen Howe, School of Public Health
Malavika Sahai, Grad Student, School of Natural Resources and the Environment
Max Lubell, LSA 2018
Maham Shaikh
Clark McCall, UM engineering alum
Rachel Hirsch, Master's Student, Center for South Asian Studies
Andrew Zick
Elizabeth Locker, JD, UMLS 2003
Kate Grandfield, Administrative Specialist, Taubman College
Dustin Brugmann, Lecturer, Taubman College
Kathleen Coulborn Faller, School of Social Work
Jennifer Robertson, Professor, Anthropology & History of Art
Marisa Xheka, MSI 2017
Anjuli Dasika, MPH 2016
Alexandra Minna Stern, LSA
Mireille Roddier, Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning
Rachel Miller, Phd Candidate, American Culture
Obed Garcia, PhD Candidate, Anthropology
Vishal Khandelwal, PhD student, History of Art Department
Tracey Easthope, MPH, 1989
Glenn Wilcox, Associate Professor, Taubman College
Luis Mendez, Ph.D. Student, Psychology
QueenTesa Fuggett, LSA 2016
Carolyn Yackel, PhD, Mathematics 1998
Benjamin Finkel, PhD Student, Anthropology
Annie Turpin, Stamps BFA 2018
Asli Gur, 2004
Joseph Paki, PhD Candidate, Physics
Monica Eileen Patterson, PhD, Anthropology and History 2009
Sarah Rovang, Lecturer, Taubman College
Isaac Levine, WorkBench Supervisor, Digital Media Commons
Matt Bellamy, PhD candidate, English
Margaret Wheeler, BSN 2009
Charity Hoffman, MSW 2012, PhD Candidate, School of Social Work
Laada Bilaniuk, PhD Anthropology, 1998
Megan Mullins, Doctoral Student, Epidemiology
Katherine Ansell, LSA 2008
Audrey Pallmeyer, MSW 2016, MS Candidate (SNRE), 2017
Velma Lopez, MPH, School of Public Health
Linda Novitski, LSA 2002
Ian Bernstein, MLA 2019, SNRE
Paige Nong, School of Information Staff
Sunny Lin, PhD Candidate, School of Public Health
Kazumi Tsuchiya, PhD candidate, School of Public Health
Cria Kay, Masters Student, School of Natural Resources and Environment
Rebecca Himmelstein, Department of Health Behavior and Biological Sciences, School of Nursing
Eeshin Chang, LSA 2015
Michael Evangelist, Social Work and Sociology
Aishe (Ashley) R.S. Chan, MPH 2009
Jennifer Green, Librarian, University Library
Shohei Kobayashi, MM student, SMTD
Emma Wasserman, School of Social Work
Kathy Velikov, Associate Professor, Taubman College
Sienna Fasel, BS 2017
Andrea Titus, PhD student, School of Public Health
Craig Borum, Professor of Architecture, Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning
Joshua Flickinger, M.S. Student, School of Natural Resources and Environment
Thomas F. Duda, Jr., Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Qiu Fogarty, CSHPE Master's Student, School of Education
Kira Berman, Museum of Natural History
Gabriella Boufford, MSW Candidate
Rachel Ruderman, BS 2013, MPH 2014
Annemarie Navar-Gill, Communication Studies
Jourdan Sutton
Geneva Langeland, staff, School of Natural Resources and Environment
Kathryn Chapman, MBA 2016
Ben Fitzhugh, UM PhD 1996
Nathan Chesterman, SNRE
Katie Hayes, University of Michigan - Dearborn
Olivia Herbert, LSA 2017
Wei Liu, University of Michigan MSE 2018
Max Joseph, MBA 2014
Anjelica Jones, UofM Alum (MBA, Class of 2016)
Zachary Eisenberg, MBA 2015
M'Lis Bartlett, Post Doc SNRE
Lily Ihilevich Usman RC 1989
Alexandra Belinky SNRE '04
Megan Williams, JD 2014
Evelyn Adkins, PhD 2014
Anthony Quail, LSA 2018
Gabby Sarpy, PhD candidate, English Lang & Lit
Whitney Kastner-Besneatte, MSW Candidate, School of Social Work
Matthew Bertrand, Master's Student, School of Natural Resources and Environment
Smriti Sakhamuri, Alumna 2012
Anca Trandafirescu, Associate Professor, Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning
Joshua Meisler, UM LMSW (2014), UM BGS (1999)
Chaaru Raghavan, Student, Aerospace Engineering
Kirstie Hostetter, M.S. Natural Resources & Environment
Adler Merveille, MBA 2013
Courtney Burns, MBA 2014
K. Arthur Endsley, PhD 2019
Sara Deneweth, SNRE 2000
Alexandra Smith, BS MSW
Marsha Benz, School of Public Health
Charisma Thapa, Taubman College
Daniel Baide, ME 2012
Cassandra Parks, School of Public Health
Robin Schultze, M.S. Natural Resources & Environment
Erica Galvan, MSW Candidate 2018
Jana Cephas, Michigan Society of Fellows, Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning
Jillian Mayer, M.S., School of Natural Resources and Environment
Andrea Hodgins-Davis, LSA Dept of EEB
Joanna Frye PhD 2015
Bruce Conforth, PhD - American Culture Lecturer II
William Cron, MSI 2008
Katie Dover-Taylor, MSI 2009
Jerry Graham, LSA 2017
Aniefre Essien, MBA 2013
Frances Choi, MFA Candidate
Meredith Kahn, Associate Librarian, University Library
Trish Leung, MBA 2015
Jennifer Carman, Doctoral Student SNRE
Olga Semenova, BA 2008, MPH 2010
Elizabeth Strehl, Undergraduate in College of Engineering
Stockton Bullitt, Law 2018
Ken Ludwig lecturer LS&A
Regina S Baucom, Assistant Professor, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Ryan Bates, LSA-RC 2006
Maya West, MFA '14
Sadie Lehmker, MFA Candidate
Dahlia Rockowitz, SNRE 18
Nick Iannarino, Language, Culture and Communication (UM-Dearborn)
Kelly M. Steele, LSA 2000
Anne Mecklenburg, PhD candidate, English Language & Literature
Skylar Burkhardt, LSA 2019
Tsz Yan Ng, Assistant Professor, Taubman College
Linda J Kato
Laqueta S. Stemen MSN, RN, CNL University of Michigan BA in psychology 2004
Linda Song, J.D. Candidate
Anna Knutson, doctoral candidate, Joint Program in English and Education
Tara Ward, Lecturer, History of Art
Steven Schmatz, Engineering 2018
Sophia Paul, MS Candidate SNRE
Aidyn Osgood, PhD student, Joint Program in History and Women's Studies
Thea Marriott, UM Law 2019
Timothy Reed, LSA '04
Ling Lin, MSW candidate, School of Social Work
Jamie Tam, MPH, PhD Candidate, Health Management and Policy
William F. Taylor, BS 1972
Ellie Homant, LSA Communication Studies & Linguistics
Cierra Strawder
Catie Newell, Assistant Professor of Architecture, Taubman College
Brandon Warrington, J.D. Candidate
Catherine Bolten, PhD 2008
Xiao Bin Pan, Mechanical Engineering 2018
Alison Doyle, J.D. Candidate
Elana Buch, alumna (BA, MSW, PhD Anthropology and Social work).
Rochelle Robertson, MBA 2015
Justin Kingsley Bean, BA Anthropology 2007
Jen Maigret, Associate Professor, Taubman College of Architecture & Urban Planning
Katherine Livo, BA 2000
Mikaela Rogozen-Soltar (PhD Anthropology '10)
Kate Waggoner Karchner, PhD Candidate, History
Duncan Abbot, EE '17
Irene Syriac, LS&A undergraduate
Judy Stone School of Social Work 1986
Cody Croletto, Undergrad, Computer Science, CoE
Carson Covell
Ditas Amry, Mag.Phil. German, Spanish and French
Robert K. Reed, DMA 1997
Alyssa Cudmore, School of Natural Resources and the Environment and Taubman School of Urban and Regional Planning
Elizabeth Dover, LSA
Mathilde Finnegan, MSW, MSI '18
Veronica Garcia, LSA 2010
Jessica Lawrence, JD 2003, MUP 2004
Matt Gacicoh, MS/MBA (SNRE/Ross '17), BS (LSA '10)
Claire Nagel, J.D. Candidate 2018
Gavin Hollis, former PhD student, English
Carol Tell, Sweetland Center for Writing
Lorpu Jones, MBA 2014, Ross School of Business
Jennifer Nelson, J.D. Candidate
Nolan Marsh
James Carson, BA 2008
Mario Romero, LSA 2010
Kelly Conlon Bertilrud, BA Psychology, MA Elementary Education
Theresa Nguyen, Ph.D., College of Pharmacy
Sean Liu, Alumnus CoE 2015, BSE in ChE
Catherine Heitchue Reed, LSA '00; JD '03
Paul Webb, Professor Emeritus, EEB, SNRE, PitE
Alan Oviedo
Ana Sperling
Consuelo Juliette Morales, PhD
Rebecca J. Scott, Professor of History and Law
Mark Kamimura-Jimenez, PhD '10 Education/Rackham
Rachel Cultice, Psychology 2017
Saba Abebe, LSA '00
Laura Murphy, UM Mechanical Engineering 2017
Luz Viviana Meza, MPP 2017
Susanna Campbell, Masters student, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
John He, J.D. '18
Hayley Currier, Master's Student, School of Natural Resources and Environment
Victoria Adkins
Angelica De Jesus, MPP 2018
Lauren Rovin, LSA 2012, SecMAC 2014
Sarah Syed, J.D. Candidate
Kelly E. Slay, PhD Candidate, Center for the Study of Higher and Postsecondary Education
Michael Jefferson, Lecturer, Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning
Rebecca Wyss, J.D. Candidate
Daniel Muenz, PhD candidate, Biostatistics
Isabella Isaacs, RC 2018
Lily Shipp, evolutionary anthropology '17
Weixin Li, J.D. UM Law School
Peter Calloway, LSA and Law School alumnus
Jennifer McLaughlin, MS/MBA, 2010
Sarah K. Pethan, masters student SNRE
Ginny Lee, Law
Hira Baig, JD Candidate 2019
Laura Dietrich, J.D. Candidate 2017
Jamie Kessler, JD Candidate 2019
Greg Young, J.D Candidate
Julie Babcock, Lecturer II, Sweetland Center for Writing
Sarah Kolarik, Masters candidate in Environmental Justice, School of Natural Resources and Environment
Meena Krishnamurthy, Philosophy, LSA
Alissar Langworthy, LSA 2017
Adrian Rakochi, LSA Psychology
Farzana S
Tara J. Yosso, Professor, School of Education
Nadine Abdallah
J.J. Burchman, LSA 2000, Law 2003
Rosanna Rios-Spicer
Yuri Ramocan, LSA/School of Information 2017
Karly Thomas
Christopher Reynolds, M.S.E. College of Engineering '17
Kyle Dymond- Alumni
Katherine D. Hoffman, SNRE staff
Serenity Lee, LSA 2017
Emma Flores-Scott, Rackham Graduate School
Lauren Heinonen, LSA '17 Evolutionary Anthropology
Roxana Galusca, Sassafras Tech Collective
Katie Williamson, M.S. Candidate, SNRE
Amanda Grill, J.D. 2017
Daniel Herbert, Screen Arts & Cultures
Geneva Addison, BA Anthropology & History, 2017
Kaitie Conrad, University of Michigan Ross School of Business
Catalina Kaiyoorawongs
Catalina Kaiyoorawongs, MBA/MA in Ed Leadership & Policy
Ava Damri, Ross MBA
Hayley O'Malley, PhD student, English Language & Literature
Elina Salminen, PhD Candidate, Classical Archaeology
Noran Alsabahi
Kevin Craven, PhD Student, Philosophy
Austin Martin, Master's Student, SNRE
Amy McGregor, LSA History and German '17
Paulina Alberto, Associate Professor, History & RLL
Monica Chen, BS, School of Information
Ilina Krishen, LSA 2019
Michelle Cao, LSA 2020
Sueann Caulfield, Department of History and Residential College
Caleb Z. Pratt, BSE Computer Engineering 2016
Lauren Zinn, Rev., Ph.D. Religious Identity and Family Life
Alicia Alvarez, Clinical Professor of Law
Ken Miguel-Cipriano B.A. '10
Maria Cotera
Mara Ostfeld, Assistant Professor, Political Science
David Halperin
Emilia Gutierrez, LLMSW 2015 Alum
Courtney Gardner
Ellie Abrons, Assistant Professor of Architecture
Nydia Cardenas
Daniel Birchok, SE Asian Studies '04, Anthro-History '13
Roman Vershynin, Professor of Mathematics
Shreya Shah, BA in Political Science, 2000
Sara Helmer, MSW Candidate '17
Awilda Rodriguez//Asst. Prof.//School of Education
Julia Kessler, B.A. 2010
Emma Kennedy, MSW 2012
Jennifer Chuang, BS Asian Studies and Biopsychology, Cognition, and Neuroscience, LSA 2015
Cristy Watkins, School of Natural Resources and Environment
Nick Johnson, MSW '17
Ryan Perkins, BSE Mechanical Engineering
Yadah V. Ramirez, School of LSA Biopsychology, Cognition, Neuroscience (BCN) '17
Ariel Friedlander, History of Art
Katherine Satterfield, MPH candidate
Lindsay Green, LSA 2017
Janak Rai Alumnus 2013
Molly Aronson, Ford School of Public Policy
Kevin Goldberg, School of Music, Theatre, and Dance
Chelsea Welsh, MFA Helen Zell Writers' Program '18
Hrishikesh Rao, MSI 2018
David St. John, CSE major, Class of 2019
Una Koh
Amy Kanouse, MPH '10
Raivynn Smith, LSA undergraduate
Peter Railton, University Professor, Philosophy
Maggie Van Dop, Law Student
Nathan Love, M.S., MPH Candidate '18
Jessica Hill, Center for Middle Eastern & North African Studies
Michael Popielarz
Kenneth Garner, PhD, History, 2012
Jarrid Rector-Brooks, Computer Science '17
Ravenna Smith
Lesia Fedorak, J.D. Candidate 2018
Joris von Moltke, LS&A Philosophy, Politics and Economics
Hossein Tamaddoni
David Mack
Amberlene De La Rocha, Master's Student, MCDB
Michelle Lin-Luse, SNRE 2003
Marina Haque, Medical School
Carol Fan, Ph.D., Mathematics, 1997
Adolfo Ivan Gomez-Delgado, Frontiers Masters Student, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Ashley Soto, LSA 2020
Janelle Jajou
Tahany Alsabahi, LSA PICS & MENAS
Erica Meyers, LSA RC 2020
Eric Swanson, Associate Professor, Philosophy and Linguistics
William Olvera
Milagros Brito, LSA '19
Rosy Chiu, Ross School of Business
Tsukumo Niwa, SMTD/LSA 2017
T. Deniz Erkmen, PhD 2009
April Halloway
Katherine Martineau, BA & PhD
David Chan, Asian Languages and Cultures
Molly Wilson, '16, Math Department
Elizabeth Szurpicki
Kara Naseef, MLaw '18
Calin St. Henry, LSA Philosophy & Classics
Naitnaphit Limlamai, Joint Program in English & Education
Lauren Shirey Ogledzinski
Edward Murphy, PhD, Anthropology and History 2007
Denise Galarza Sepúlveda
Esteban Romero, LSA 2020
Simeon Newman, doctoral candidate, Department of Sociology
Meredith Miller, Assistant Professor, Architecture
Hedieh Alavi Tamaddoni, Phd student, BME
Jessica Bonenfant, SMTD MFA alumna
Jennifer Fike, BBA '89
Maria Militzer, PhD candidate, School of Public Health
Diarmaid Ó Foighil, Professor & Chair, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, LSA
Sarah Womack, PhD History
Simon Jo-Keeling, PhD 2011
Riley Linebaugh, BA '13
Melody Bagby, MSW Candidate '16
Gabriel J. Duque, Associate Librarian, University of Michigan Library
Sarah Moss, Associate Professor, Philosophy
Deirdre Hirschtritt, MSI, School of Information
Alix Keener, Digital Scholarship Librarian
Jamie Vander Broek, Librarian for Art & Design
Diana Perpich, Librarian, alum
Rachel Maddix, University of Michigan Library
Trevor Dobias, University Library
Rebecca Welzenbach, University of Michigan Library
Kathleen Dow, Archivist and Curator, Special Collections Library
Suzanne Meller
James Eng, University Library
Matt Carruthers, Associate Librarian, University Library
Sunny Smith, Scanning Coordinator, MLibrary Document Delivery
Jessica Mihalik, University Library
Bridget Kennedy, LSA '02 and University Library
Shannon Moreno, Staff, University Library
Vicki Kondelik, Information Resources Assistant Senior, University Libraries
Lori Tschirhart, Senior Associate Librarian, U-M Library
Zilan Taymour, MLibrary Document Delivery
Leigh Gialanella, MSI, School of Information '17
Kate Hutchens, Reader and Reference Services Librarian, Special Collections Library
Jeremy Morse, Director of Publishing Technology, University Library
Amy Neeser, Research Data Curation Librarian
Anne Elias, University Library
Christopher Dick, Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Victor Caston, Professor of Philosophy and Classical Studies
Sarah Cohn
Melissa Stek, MSW, 2016
Stephanie Rosen, University Library
Meghan Sitar, Librarian, University Library
Jacqueline Freeman, Assistant Librarian, MLibrary
Mona Logarbo Information Resources Technical Specialist
Emily Nagin, LSA 2015
Theo Eggermont MBA/MS 2017 Candidate
Layan Charara
Molly Mahony, Tanner Librarian, Philosophy
Anna Lemler, MSW student
Kyle Grady, PhD Candidate, English Language & Literature
Meg Green, MSI '17
Kamolika Das, MPP '16
Calli VanderWilde, M.S. Natural Resources & Environment
Meredith Norwich, University of Michigan Press
Daishar Young
Tarlise Townsend, PhD Student, Health Services Organization and Policy (SPH)
John A. Garcia Res. Prof. Emeritus ISR
Rachel Boswell, SNRE/TCAUP Graduate Student
Ethan Grier B.A. Psychology and Women's Studies '17
Emily Puckett Rodgers, Library
Jean Henry
Breanna Hamm, Instructional Technologist, University Library
Heidi Burkhardt, University Library
Amy Samida
Emma Bergman, BFA Interarts Performance '17
Mary Morris, University Library
Madeline Diehl, proud Ann Arbor citizen
Megan Muma, BA '09, MSW '13
Sara Grosky, Biophysics
Canyon Bosler, PhD Student, Economics
Arielle Schoenburg, LSA 2016
Eryn Rosenthal
Beth Cron, MSI 2008
jacob saphier, bs, mecheng '16
Deanna Parham
Michelle Fearon, PhD Candidate, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Joshua Kochis, BFA Penny Stamps School of Art & Design 2015
Katrina Humen, School of Social Work
Rachel Vacek, Head of Design & Discovery, Library IT
Corey Wellik, LSA '17
Shira Lehmann
Rebecca Wilden, MSI Candidate - School of Information
Jaime Munoz-Velazquez
Masiha Khan, MSE Mechanical Engineering '15
Kenny Fennell, Master Student, Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy
Geoffrey Brown, Performing Arts Technology 2020
Carol Bardenstein, Department of Near Eastern Studies
Matthew Medina, Earth and Environmental Sciences
Talia Clarick, Architecture '17
Jon Okey - MLDD
Stephanie Fremont
Anne Marie Ellison Miller, LSA 1998
Elizabeth DePentu, Political Science and Environmental Studies
Amina Hussein, PhD Applied Physics 2020
Hope Doucet, School of Social Work
Eva-Marie Dubuisson, PhD Anthropology '09
Francis Cody, PhD 2007
Elizabeth Settoducato, MSI '17
Peter Halquist, Lecturer in Architecture
Nicole Novak, PhD, Postdoctoral Scholar, Population Studies Center
Stephanie Campbell, MS Candidate, School of Natural Resources and Environment
Eleanor Gamalski, BA in International Studies, Residential College
Natalia Kondrashova, PhD Linguistics
Kyle Frisina, American Culture
Alexandra Paradowski, LSA '20
Jamy Lee
Georgette Eaton, Materials Engineering, BSE '03, MSE '05
Anthony Green, BS, '15
Siddharth Soni, School of Information '15
Terrence Haugabook II
Kitae Kim, Architecture 2016
Kristin D'Souza, JD Law '18
Justin Schell, Shapiro Design Lab, University Library
Bertram Schnitzer, Professor of Pathology
Patrice Kahn Aaron, BS '81
Rima Berzin, alumni parent, Engineering '16
Ryan R. Thomas, University Library
Evan Kanji, Ann Arbor resident
James Tuttle, BSE '02
Jessica Hatrick, University of California San Diego '16
Megan McGuire LSA '14
Thalia Maya, School of Social Work
Jamaal May, English and Literature
Jessica I. Ramirez, MPH/MSW c
Erika Fox, School of Social Work 2011
Bhavani Raman, History 2007
Sarah McLusky, School of Information, MSI '16
Domenic DeSocio, PhD Student German Studies
Elizabeth Grobbel, B.S.E. '13, M.S.E. '14
Gustavo Serratos, Masters of Urban Planning 11'
Myra Stark
Mina Hong, School of Social Work
Lenny A. Ureña Valerio, Ph.D., History
Thomas Willette, Lecturer IV
Ray Carpenter
Dana Ziegler, Law 2017
E Riley Peterson, BS Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Lija Treibergs, Earth and Environmental Sciences Staff
Peter Littlejohn, SMTD Performing Arts Technology '17
Krista Landis Public Policy BA '16
Erin Marsh Rosenberg, LSA '98
James Andrews, Earth and Environmental Sciences
Nicole Carbonari, School of Social Work '15
Derrick Darby, Professor of Philosophy
Kelly Witchen, University of Michigan Library
Michael Shapiro, LSA '18
Andrea Mazzariello, Music '02
Timothy C. Hart, PhD Candidate, Greek and Roman History
Pamela Lee Lieberman, Alumna, Ph.D program, Comparative Literature
Erin Ashmore, MSW '09
Jose Casas, Assistant Professor of Playwriting, University of Michigan
Kathleen Parks, Alumna, Stamps School of Art & Design
Christina DiFabio, Interdepartmental Program in Classical Art and Archaeology
Heather Wilhelm-Routenberg
Julie Burnett, Staff, International Institute
Pierre Boncy, MBA Alumnus
Susan Montgomery, alumna and faculty member, Chemical Engineering
Elizabeth Harlow, PhD student in English Language and Literature
Beatrix Balogh, B.S. Mathematics 2013
Shelby Stuart, MSI '16
Kunal Bailoor, MD Candidate, University of Michigan Medical School
Dana Schlegel, Kellogg Eye Center
Benedicte Veillet, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, UM-Flint
Marieka Kaye, U-M Library
Illiana Falkenstern, B.A. 2010
Joanna Connelly
Kadija Deen, BA '08 (current staff)
Colin Rankin, BA Communications '17
Nina Scheinberg, MA Secondary Education
Oscar Vargas, EEB
Richard Valitutto
Jonathan Brennan, Assistant Professor of Linguistics
Kyle Stark
Sophie Grillet, UMMA Docent, Ann Arbor resident
Aubrey Byerly
Andrea Berthet, MSW Student
Andrea Steves, MBA ('09), BFA School of Music ('05), BS Engineering ('05)
Laura Ruetsche, Philosophy
Gene S. Kopp, Mathematics Ph.D. candidate
Rachel Karpman, PhD Mathematics '16
Joshua Smith, LSA 2006, MArch 2011
Mark Greenfield, Graduate Student, Mathematics
Christina Czuhajewski, MSI '16
Daniel Hast, Mathematics alumnus 2013
Jennifer Gleit, BS '16
Samantha Godlewski, College of Engineering
Mike Mei, PhD Student in Economics
Cortney Sanders, Graduate Student, MPP'17
Michael Manansala, MPP '17, Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy
Jan Wright, PhD (Alum)
Noelle T. Onyemaechi, Women's Studies BA '17
Sara Anderson, B.A. (LSA/RC) '12
Sarah Hiltner, BS '16, UMHS staff
Chalse Okorom, BS Cognitive Science '16
Nili Blanck, JD '18
Kenneth Sexauer, M Law '19
Jason Searle, JD '18, UM Law School
Eva Richardson, Law 2019
Adriana Tzalel, LSA '17
Emily Puckett Rodgers, Library
Ciara Davis, UM Law School
Erica Searcy
Alexander W. Walling, Law, 2019
Cheryl Valentine
Cathleen Conway-Perrin, LSA Staff Member
Tara Sumrall, MA in Educational Studies '15
Arianna Demas, MLaw '19
Brad Rodgers, Postdoc, Mathematics
Asha Canady - School of Education alumna 2016
Rachel Liang, LSA
D. Riley Nicholson BA BS MM
Bethany Lewis, MSW '18
Anna Hall, Law Student, University of Michigan Law School
Walter R Greene III
Taylor Johnson LSA Evolutionary Anthropology 2018
Hafsa Kanjwal, History and Women's Studies
Lauren Birks, MSW Candidate 2017
Kathleen Kilgore, School of Social Work, MSW Candidate
Allison Horwitz, Law Student
Natali Rodriguez
Kathy Brodhag '02 Kinesiology
Francis Tom Temprosa, Master of Laws '17
Mark MacEachern, Senior Associate Librarian, University Library
Kristin Froehle, JD Candidate 2019, Michigan Law School
Molly Devine Bachrodt, BA Political Science, 1985
Laura Olsen, Arthur F. Thurnau Professor of MCD Biology
Allison Kappeyne van de Coppello, MUP candidate 2017
Daniel Smolkin, BS '13
Melanie Yergeau, Assistant Professor of English
Ana Enriquez, University Library
Megan Peters, M.ARCH 2016
Joe Walts, BSE 2002
Rebecca Epstein-Boley, School of Music, Theatre & Dance
Kathryn Zamarron, School of Music, Theatre and Dance; School of Education
Phoebe Wu, School of Music, Theatre, and Dance
Alica Smith, BS '09, MS '12, library staff
Elizabeth J Wilson, BS '85, MFA '96
Alayna Baron, Department of Dance 2017
Marisa Gies, College of Pharmacy & LSA German/RC Alum
Danielle Livneh, School of Information 2017
Sigrid Anderson Cordell, Library and American Culture
Maxx Passion- alumni
Jhena Vigrass
Gabe Colman, Sociology: Law, Justice, & Social Change ('18)
Ansel Neunzert, PhD candidate, physics
Deborah Faigenbaum, LSA Alumna
Robin Berry DVM, 1986 Alumna
Alyson Grigsby, Political Science
Jason Wright, American Culture
Oliver Honderd, BS '11
Lindsay Merchant, BS Mathematics and Economics '08
Sara Hakeem Grewal, PhD Comparative Literature '16
Marena Dieden, LSA '19
Bryce Hayes Pope, MFA, Creative Writing
Roddy Wares Rackham Graduate
Lisa Napolitan, BS 1975 School of Ed, Retired Public School administrator
Michigan Dreamers
Brittany Fulton, MSW 2016
Olivia Mendelson, PhD student History of Art
Alexis Zirpoli, Law Library
Ana Sabau, Assistant Professor, Romance Languages and Literatures
Laura Distel, Alumna
Valerie Kivelson, History
Minh Chau N. Ho, M.S. '19, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Ariel Mallett, Alumni '14, LSA Staff, School of ED MA 19'
Sarah Pauling, alumna and staff member
Andrea Smith-Ruff
Karthik, alumnus
Andrea Neuhoff, MSI '13
Ana María León, History of Art and RLL
Heidi Bennett, staff
Salik Farooqi, PhD, Sociology
Katherine Kidd, English and Women's Studies alumna
Tamarae Hildebrandt, PhD student, Linguistics
Shanna Kirschner Hodgson, PhD, Political Science
Kat Hartman, MFA '08
Colleen Templeton 2004
Andrew J. McGaffey, Ph.D. Student, History
Edward L. Platt, PhD student, School of Information
Benjamin Lempert, PhD Political Science
Hamid Eftekhari, PhD student, statistics
Luis Flores, Dept. of Sociology
Patrick Lagua, School of Dentistry
Madeline Conway, LSA/RC '11
Jennifer Alzate, PhD candidate English Language and Literature
Jessica Muir, PhD candidate, Physics
Noah Weaverdck, PhD Precandidate, Physics
Andira Ramos
Ryan Whitcomb, PhD Student in Applied Physics
Natasha Sachdeva, Graduate Student, Physics
Orion Sauter, Physics Graduate Student
Evan Goetz, PhD Physics 2010
Alexander Linsalata, MD/PhD candidate, CMB
Alexa Rakoski, PhD student, Physics
Evan Smoller
Deirdre de la Cruz, Associate Professor, History
Samuel Barbash-Riley, School of Social Work, MSW Candidate
Beth McJunkins
Midhat Farooq, LSA Physics Candidate, 2018
Emma Haldy, BA 2010, MSI 2013, University Library

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