15 February 2018
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Lions Club Community Breakfast
Dear Parents/ Caregivers,

The Lion's Club Community Breakfast is on this Sunday (18th) in the school hall at 8.30am. Lions are hoping to strengthen community ties by getting us together for a regular breakfast event. It will be a chance for neighbours to meet each other, to socialise and to build strong relationships. As the community grows, it becomes increasingly important to maintain the strong ties between people, that have characterised the area.

The Lions are not looking to make huge profits from these events. Any modest profit will be channelled back into community projects. Lions have a stellar reputation for supporting this community. Please support this event.

If this breakfast is a success, the club will organise more.

Please invite and share as widely as you can.
It would be helpful if you registered for the event via this Facebook page. That will help the team with their supply orders.
Don't worry to print out the QR code.

Cooked breakfast.
Adult $20.00 each
Senior citizen, on presentation of Gold Card. $16.00 each.
Student 12 to 18 year old. $16.00 each.
Student, 5 to 11 year old. $10.00 each.
Pre-school age. No charge.

Adult 16.00 each.
Senior Citizen, on presentation of Gold Card. $12.00 each.
Student 12 to 18 year old. $12.00 each.
Student 5 to 11 year old. $10.00 each.
Pre-school age. No charge.

W‚Äče hope to see you there,

Remote Control Car - Race Day, this Thursday @ Lunchtime
Bring your remote controlled car to school and race it!
Timothy and Leon are organising an obstacle course.
Make sure that your car and controller are clearly named.
There is no cost involved.
Cultural Day and Meet the teacher. Mix and Mingle
Tuesday 2 March from 4pm-6pm

During inquiry time, students are learning about their own cultures and cultural diversity. We would like to celebrate all the cultures that we have at school by combining an informal meet the teacher event with a cultural celebration. More details about this will be posted in future newsletters. Meanwhile, do you know of any cultural groups that would like to showcase their talents in a 5 minute slot on stage? Any Irish dancers? Any Chinese performing troupes? Any Indian dancers? Any musicians? Someone who could play the bagpipes? Please let Mrs Stafford-Bush know.

From Home & School
Tickets for Footgolf available from the office now.
Congratulations to Marina Vujanic for having her art work published in Toi Toi Magazine.
Well done to Kayla Ormsby for having her written work published in Toi Toi Magazine.
Information for 2017 Y8's w.r.t. Un-enrolling your chromebook
Sports Calendar Term 1
Tuesday 27 February School Swimming Sports @ Tuakau Yr 5-8 (selected Yr 4's)
Thursday 1 March North Group Swimming Sports Yr 6 & below
Tuesday 6 March North Group Swimming Sports Yr 7 & 8
Friday 9 March Franklin Zone Swimming Sports Yr 6 & below
Tuesday 13 March Franklin Zone Swimming Sports Yr 7 & 8
Thursday 15 March Franklin Triathlon
Thursday 5 April Auckland Champion of Champions Swimming Sports
Well done Scout, we are all so very proud of you!
Fulton Swim School Triathlon
50 children have put their names forward as wishing to participate in the triathlon this year. I would encourage all children to act upon the chance to challenge yourself to complete this event. Parents must enter their children on the Fulton Swim School website and some children missed out last year because the numbers are limited to 400. Please enter your children and then email Mrs Rolfe: drolfe@bombay.school.nz to let her know. We have began running at school and will have a practice triathlon at school in week 4 on Friday 23 February.
Link to enter:www.fultonswimschool.co.nz/triathlon.htm
Orienteering-Free entry! Please let Mrs Rolfe know by Fri 16 Feb if you would like to enter any of these events, as she will be away after this date.
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