Copy of Eli Review Pilot @ University of Arizona: Student Survey
Goals of Eli Review
Two of the goals of this class were to help you give better feedback (to help your classmates improve their writing) and to get better feedback on your writing (to help you make effective revisions). Do you feel that Eli Review helped accomplish these goals? Did you get better at giving feedback, and did the feedback you receive get better? Check the item that shows how effective Eli Review has been this semester in meeting these goals.
1. Eli Review helped me to give better feedback to my classmates about their writing.
2. Eli Review provided me with better peer feedback that helped me to make revisions to my writing.
3. The peer feedback I gave improved during the semester.
4. The peer feedback I received got better during the semester.
5. My writing improved because of the feedback I received from classmates on Eli Review this semester.
Previous Experiences with Peer Review
You have had many experiences with peer review in your previous writing courses, both in secondary school and now at university. Obviously, your attitude toward giving and receiving collaborative feedback are influenced by those past experiences. COMPARED TO YOUR PAST EXPERIENCES in peer response writing groups, giving and receiving feedback in Eli Review change your perspective on the value of peer feedback? How so?
6. In the past, I found peer feedback to be . . .
7. With Eli Review I find peer feedback to be . . .
8. Receiving Feedback in Eli Review has been . . .
9. Giving Feedback in Eli Review has been. . .
10. Getting ideas after reading work of classmates in Eli Review has been . . .
11. Creating revision plans and revising my own writing in Eli Review has been . . .
12. Is there anything else you would like to share with us about using Eli Review in your class?
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