Student Organization Grievance Form
The purpose of this form is to empower members of the Middlebury community who may wish to report a student organization for any of the following: poor operating procedures, lack of advertising, meetings, or events, inactivity, discriminatory policies, improper conduct, inequitable power structures, failure to uphold purpose as stated in the organization's constitution or other issues a student deems necessary of review.

The submission of this form in neither guarantees nor suggests the inactivation of a student organization. All form submissions will be reviewed by the Student Government Association Student Organization Oversight Committee (SGASOOC) and a member of the Student Activities Office (SAO), and follow up decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis.
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Please note: Though your contact information is required, it will be used for follow up or elaboration purposes only and kept strictly confidential.
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Additional Contacts
Please provide us with both a full name and email address of any people you believe may help deepen our understanding of the issues identified above. Unless otherwise specified, your identity will not be revealed in any correspondence with anyone mentioned below.
Have you expressed your concerns, in an official capacity, to any other members of the SGA or the Middlebury College administration? If so, to whom?
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Are there any other members of the Middlebury community who could speak to the issues you discussed above? If so, who?
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