GreyT Products
We plan to sell GreyT products for the 2019 season to help teams as best as possible. Please take a moment to fill out this survey so we can better serve you.

There are two types of products we are interested in selling.

Year to year basic FRC systems such as elevators, arms, turrets, etc. These systems might require match drilling, sawing and minimal machining on arrival but the design would be finished and usable.

Game specific adjustable systems will be similar to the original GreyT Claw. They will similar to a highly configurable prototype where the core concept works, but there is still adjustment and configuration required before using. There is high chance they will be reusable for future FRC games as well (like the GreyT Claw)

We do not plan on selling any game specific systems that work out of the box 100% with no adjustment or integration.

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Would you pre-order a Greyt product within 1-3 days after the 2019 kickoff if conceptual CAD is posted that could change before shipping? *
Would you pre-order a GreyT product within 1-3 days after the 2019 kickoff if finalized CAD is posted? *
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