ICAR 2020 T-shirt design submission- due March 31, 2020: Designs should be *relevant to plant science and Arabidopsis research* and/or showcase unique aspects of Seattle, and/or University of Washington, design and culture.
Due March 31 2020- submit your idea for the official ICAR 2020 t-shirt! Please submit your idea in text, below (and/or email an image that you've hand-drawn or sketched out in some way, e.g. mock-up in powerpoint, etc. to the organizing committee: arabidopsisconference@gmail.com)

Images should NOT be copy-righted (if we can't confirm that any photo images are owned by you, then we can't use them). If you want to use a copy-righted image just for the design stage "mock-up", please indicate that this is what you are doing (in your email when you send us the image or in this google form, when you describe it). If selected, we'll need to develop the image in a non-copyrighted way.

Round 1: All ideas are reviewed by the organizing committee; those that pass Round 1 will be shown to a t-shirt printer for feasibility, and we may choose to do an online community opinion poll to choose between 2 or more options (optional Round 2). The organizing committee reserves the right to make final decisions.

--->If your design is chosen you will receive 3 t-shirts of your choice in size (once printed.) You will also receive $100 USD, and bragging rights for the Arabidopsis community! <--
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Guidelines #1: The final shirt design will include this somewhere: "The 31st International Conference on Arabidopsis Research, July 6-10, 2020, and either: Seattle, Washington or: University of Washington, Seattle. It is your choice to incorporate these elements in your design now, or leave them out, and we can add them later, if your submission is selected. *
Guidelines #2: your design image (size can be up to about 12 inches height/12 inches wide) can be placed on the FRONT or the BACK of the shirt. Note: Simple designs are the best, using 1-4 colors at most (when they're very intricate, they can't be easily printed) *
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Optional- email an image file or pdf (file size 1 Mb or smaller) to: arabidopsisconference@gmail.com (indicate below if you will be emailing an image)
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