BAD TASTE - Performer Application
Thank you for your interest in performing with BAD TASTE! We are always on the lookout of daring new works of all kinds - nothing is too weird, too wild, too gross, too sexy, too silly, to ??? (well, except NO FIRE, but that's it).

At a BAD TASTE show, audiences can expect an evening of work that is ridiculous, challenging, nontraditional, grotesque, silly, queer af, absurd, campy - like if Divine had a YouTube channel (or a PornHub channel). All types of performance art encouraged - burlesque, drag, readings, sideshow, clown, sketch, stand-up, dance, puppetry, song, film, kink demos, shit no one's even invented yet, etc

BAD TASTE is on Wednesdays, and is currently on a bi-monthly schedule. All shows currently run at The Charnel House (3421 W Fullerton Ave). Performers will have access to a basic sound system, one wired microphone, an elevated stage with two back entrances, a side and back entrance to the audience area. Nudity is allowed! All performers are paid a small stipend as well as a tip share.

ACCESSIBILITY NOTE: The venue entrance, audience area, and backstage area are wheelchair accessible; unfortunately the stage is not (four stairs required) and the bathrooms are not accessible to those in chairs larger than standard issue. Performances that require a fully accessible performance-space can be accommodated by re-arranging the audience seating plan - please let us know if you would like this for your act. This venue provides two gender-neutral single-stall bathrooms. For any access needs or questions contact Mo Less at

We are an AFFIRMING SPACE for trans* people, POC, the disabled/ill/neurodiverse, and sex workers, and we are especially interested in content from performers in these communities; all are welcome to submit. BAD TASTE follows the BCAUS code of conduct.

We look forward to getting to know you!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Submissions received via this form are not for specific shows, but rather for general casting - that is why you will only hear from us if we are interested in booking you for a certain show. Anyone may submit work at any time, and will be considered for any and all future Bad Taste productions.
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