Digital Learning Feedback
As WCPS rolls out its Digital Learning Plan we need your help in collecting feedback, identifying challenges, and identifying solutions to those challenges. Thank you for your assistance and for your professionalism during these unprecedented times. Although WCTA is also aggressively advocating for continued pay and benefits, that is not the focus of this survey.  
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School/Work Location:
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Technology: Please rate the technology issues you are facing 1 being the least and 5 being the most frequent.
1- Not an issue
2- Infrequently an issue
3- Common issue
4- Very common issue
I do not have internet access
I have slow access or am using my phone as a hot spot
My students do not have access
I find myself IT troubleshooting with Parents
Glitches or crashing of certain web sites and platforms
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Are you comfortable using "Zoom" for real-time interaction with students?
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Have you had any issues with technology security or students/parents using technology in an inappropriate way? Please describe:
Are you recording student audio/video?
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Technology Challenges: Free Response
Technology Solutions: Free Response (Please suggest solutions to the challenges you listed above)
Parent/Teacher Balance:
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Parent/Teacher Balance: Solutions   Please list any possible solutions to this challenge. Ex. More flexible schedule, more recorded lessons, etc.
Teacher Work Schedule:
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Schedule Solutions: Please list any needs/potential solutions you have with regard to your school or position specific schedule.
Para Professionals: Many Para Professionals have indicated that they miss students and want to help.  What are some duties that you think Paraprofessionals could accomplish that would help you and your students. Please keep in mind that not every Para has internet access.
Parent Accountability, Participation, and the Digital Learning Curve. Please check all that apply.
How many of your families do NOT have internet access that you know of?
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Parent Participation: Solutions. Please add any comments, solutions, or ideas to any parent challenges that you are facing.
Special Education.  We know that there are increased challenges with Special Education. Please share concerns here:
Lessons Learned Moving Forward.  We will need to learn from this experience and WCTA has already requested the formation of a committee to focus on digital learning so we can learn and grow from this experience.  Please share if you have any thoughts or suggestions.
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