2016-17 Yearbook End of the Year Survey
The yearbook staff appreciates your feedback. Your input helps us improve our ability to make a book about YOU!
Did you buy a yearbook this school year?
If not, why?
Your answer
Are you planning to buy a yearbook for 2016-17?
Your answer
How important is each of these to you in a yearbook?
Equal coverage of all the students
Pictures of me
Pictures of my friends
Clubs/organizations coverage
Sports coverage
Coverage of my class/grade
Coverage of activities outside school
Coverage of dances/special events
The number of pages
Autograph space
Price of the book
What grade would you give this year’s yearbook on each of these things?
The yearbook overall
Equal coverage of all the students
Pictures of you
Coverage of sports
Pictures of your friends
Coverage of my class/grade
Coverage of school-related clubs/organizations
The price of the book
The number of pages
Coverage of activities outside of school
Autograph space
Coverage of dances and special events
Which of the sections within the book is your favorite?
Which of the sections in the book is your least favorite?
How would you rate the cover of this year's book?
Why is this your least favorite? How can it be improved?
Your answer
Which of the following titles/themes most appeals to you for the 2015-16 yearbook?
What types of colors would you prefer in the book?
What dominant colors would you like to see on the cover?
What suggestion do you have for the staff on how to improve the book?
Your answer
What are some events, ideas, or groups that you would like us to focus on in our next yearbook?
Your answer
What grade are you in?
What is your gender?
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