How do you annotate your data for analysis?
Hello! I am Andrea Pizarro Pedraza and I am a researcher in Sociolinguistics.
I am also the cofounder of a company ( where we have developed a software to annotate textual data.
At this stage of product development, it is very useful for us to get to know how other researchers annotate their data for their studies, in order to implement features that are really useful in our software.
Thank you very much for your answers and your time.

Andrea Pizarro Pedraza
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What is your research field?
What is the object of your studies in particular?
What natural language(s) do you work with?
What kind of texts do you work with?
Ex: Tweets, emails, reports... Don't hesitate to mention all types of text, including transcripts of spoken data.
Could you describe how you collect, store and prepare your data for analysis?
We are interested in all the tasks that you need to perform from the moment you find your data until the moment when you can start analyzing. If you feel that these steps don't apply to you, please explain your own process.
What software or tool do you use to perform your analysis? Could you explain the process of annotation?
Please give the product name (Word, Excel, Praat...). An example of annotation process would be: I use Excel to annotate. I use one line per example, I copy/paste the example in one column and annotate my analysis in the next column.
When using that software/tool, what difficulties or problems do you encounter in analyzing your data?
What would make the annotation task easier for you?
What features would be useful for you?
If you could find software that would fit your needs and make your work easier, would you be willing to pay for it (or have your university pay for it)? And if so, how much?
Would you like to be informed about how we advance with our software?
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