TECHNICAL SEMINAR PROGRAMME is specially designed for exhibitors of ProPak Vietnam event in order to give them the opportunity to maximize their exposure and get close to potential business partners through a 30-minute presentation of their latest products and services. The seminar room in open-space design is equipped with modern sound and light equipment. Booking is free of charge for the first slot and based on first-come first-serve basis. APPLY NOW!
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Upon completion of the form, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with maximum 2 (two) proposed time slots of your choice within 3 working days.
You are recommended to contact the Organiser directly in case no e-mails are received via:
T: +84 28 3622 2588 / Ext: 107 (Mr. Alex), 176 (Ms. Jenny)
Participation Condition
(1)   The participant please well note that this is a first-come first-serve basis and the booking form may be closed before the due date. An email confirmation and proposed time slot(s) will be sent to applicants within 3 working days starting from the completion date of their registration upon approval of the Organiser.

(2)   Booking is free of charge for the first slot and restricted to companies exhibiting at ProPak Vietnam 2019 only. From the second slot booking, applicants will be charged USD 200 per slot. Please contact the Organiser for further information.

(3)   The participants agree to adapt behaviors and actions that contribute to safety and prevention of injury of both themselves and others.

(4)   In choosing to participate in the activity, the participants acknowledge and freely accept that there is a risk of personal injury or loss. The participants understand and agree that they will not hold the Organiser of ProPak Technical Seminars or its officers responsible for any loss, injury or damage to themselves or their property as a result of participation in this activity.

(5)   The participants understand and agree that the Organiser reserves the right to change the contents, time, date, venue and cancellation of partial or full program without prior notice.

(6)   All participants must be in proper business attire. No shorts, no bermudas, no flip flops. The Organiser reserves the right to refuse participants not in proper business attire without prior notice.

(7) Participant should be mainly responsible for recruiting attendees for their presentation at Technical Seminar Programme, The Organiser of ProPak Vietnam 2019 will support by promoting the programme throughout online and offline marketing channels.

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